2011 has already become a U.S. record number of disasters

According to statistics, in the United States last year was so much natural disasters, it was a real record. About 700 people were killed by hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and forest fires in the U.S. alone. Authorities say that the damage exceeded $ 25 billion, and the year is not over, and that America is waiting on, no one can say. Climate scientists are sounding the alarm, but one voice insists that this has never happened.

This year set a record for the highest possible temperature (sometimes it reached up to 55 degrees) and the precipitation brought by the East Coast storms Lee and Irene. Rainfall in Virginia and Pennsylvania resulted in the exit of the river banks Suskehanna and other local rivers, which caused severe flooding in the region. Also coming out this year from the shores of the Missouri, then flooded nuclear power plant in Nebraska and even flooded with water storage of nuclear waste. Fires in Texas horrified America, burned over a thousand houses, no measures have helped the city and burnt out completely.

Scientists have linked these phenomena to various factors, some global warming, others — pollution and change the nature of the geophysical processes. For example, the subject of much controversy event — the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, which, according to some scholars, led to abnormal heat and fires in Russia, as well as a record cold winters in Europe. Also talk about stopping the Gulf Stream.

The public also spoke of the approach of Planet X and the end times. Most sites in one voice warning of natural disasters and the end times. On the Internet with the keywords "2012", "Nibiru" you can find a lot of sites on this topic, screaming about the end of the world and the global threat to mankind. Space was so interested in the public consciousness that there are even some interesting projects, such as Radio Nibiru, offering space to listen to music. But if the average person it is suitable such explanations of all earthly troubles, numerous scientists continue to look for problems in the world.

But it is not only scientists and the public are given such matters. Very interested in the business owners who have suffered huge losses this year, people have lost their property, as well as insurance companies, which are increasingly risk being bankrupt.

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