30 years old with a day or lifting Navy flag on the guided-missile cruiser Moskva

The Black Sea Fleet is the 30th anniversary of the day or lifting Navy flag on the flagship of the fleet — the guided-missile cruiser (GRKR) "Moscow", said the press service of the Southern Military Area.

Head missile cruiser codenamed "Atlas" was laid on the slipway Nicholas Shipyard named after 61 Communards November 4, 1976 Ship, received the name of "Glory", was launched on July 27, 1979 In December 1982 the factory was completed and municipal tests cruisers, and 30 January 1983 it was raised Navy flag, and ship was included in the structure Black Sea Fleet.

First, in December 1989 missile cruiser "Glory" took part in securing the first meeting of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Misha Gorbachev and U.S. President George W. Bush on about. Malta.

In 1990 "Glory" put on the slipway to Nicholas plant for the partial upgrade, and June 22, 1995 on the initiative of Russian capital management order of the Commander of the Navy cruiser got a new name — "Moscow" and was awarded the Guards zvaniya.V the Black Sea Fleet ship has performed more than 15 combat services, making firing cruise missiles into the ocean area, participated in the operational-strategic exercises "Vostok-2010" and the strategic command post exercise " Caucasus-2012 ". Battlestar not once visited Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Defense Ministry leaders, heads of foreign countries.

Prazdnichek own flagship of the Black Sea Fleet met in the Mediterranean, where does the tasks of the detachment of warships of the Russian Navy.

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