7 most curious reasons why the airline did not allow passengers to fly


Suffering Tourette Michael Doyle repeated hundreds of times the word "bomb"

In April 2013, going to the airport, Michael Doyle, just in case took with him a medical proof that he is suffering Tourette syndrome — a neurological disorder that can be expressed in an uncontrolled speech.

Unfortunately, the fears were confirmed: Michael began to shout the word "bomb" during his registration. Later he told me that at that moment the mind of him was a tragedy that occurred during the Boston Marathon. The longer, the more nervous he was and the more often yell "bomb".

However, presenting the medical records management staff transport security, Michael managed to be on board the aircraft before take-off where it is not going into the situation, expelled the pilot. However, later the pilot was forced to admit that the situation was completely harmless, and Michael flew the next flight.

A woman who incessantly singing Whitney Houston's hit "I Will Always …"

In May 2013 the plane of American Airlines, flying from Los Angeles to New York was forced to make an emergency landing in order to expel a fan of Whitney Houston, who brought passengers to despair, because without stopping good mate screamed famous hit "I Will Always love you "and flatly refused to shut up.

The woman began to "performance" in a few minutes after the plane took off from Los Angeles and was soon on her singing howled and the passengers and crew. Six hours later, the pilot decided to make a detour and make an emergency landing in Kansas City, where the local police brought songstress from the cabin. This time you can see in the video below.

After the talk, a woman in police custody were released without any sanctions, but American Airlines refused to allow her to continue the flight.

Babe, who kept repeating "bye-bye, plane"

In July 2007, a resident of one of the suburbs of Atlanta Penlend Kate was flying with his half old son Garrenom from Atlanta to Oklahoma. The plane was preparing for take-off when the baby suddenly started repeating "Bye, bye plane", again and again.

Flight attendant offered to give a child benadryl, that he calmed down and stopped repeating "bye-bye". The mother refused, even at the risk that it will be removed from the flight. As a result, an aircraft that has already left the runway, and Kate returned to Garrenom put out.

DeShawn Marmal was barred from flying for the pants in the style buggy

In June 2012, the 20-year football team of the University of New Mexico kicked out of the plane, because according to the rules for the flight are not permitted "indecently dressed passengers."

Marmal pants hanging somewhere between the buttocks and knees, fully revealing underwear. The police asked the young man to pull up pants, he flatly refused, after which he was deported.

Robert Seye twice cursed

In June 2011, 37-year-old Robert Seye from Brooklyn kicked out of the plane, because he twice used the word "fuck", referring to the people who sat next door. Departure was delayed by 45 minutes and Seye was indignant that the flight attendants "as long potter, closing the luggage racks. "These remarks I heard one of the flight attendants, reported to the pilot who immediately called the police, which is shown the door and disaffected man won.

Seye later told journalists that he had just head spinning with a hangover.

Richie Wheatley was terrified of flying

In July 2011, Richie had to take off with her sister to her father, who recently suffered a heart attack and was in need of care. Once on the plane, Wheatley was suddenly bursts into tears, explaining that is scared to death to fly.

She tried to fight fear, ordered a glass of red wine, but the flight attendants thought she was drunk and expelled a woman from the plane. As a result of a misunderstanding resolved, the airline paid for a hotel room, and extended a free meal tickets for the next day.

Too high passenger

In March 2011, the passenger was removed from the flight for Portland Ontario that was too high (206 cm) for standard seats. Passengers who witnessed the incident, said that the high passenger asked to transplant it to the aisle to be able to stretch my legs.

Then it turned out that the long legs prevent the crew move about the cabin and demanded from the man somehow fit them into believing him space. The passenger tried to politely explain that when buying a ticket operator assured him that the problem can be settled directly to the aircraft and that he would find a suitable location, but all to no avail.

In the end, he was presented with an ultimatum — either he removes his foot from the passage, or do not fly anywhere. A man had to leave the plane.

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