A.Belyatsky: CEC announced by the numbers do not stand up to scrutiny

Guest "Night of Freedom", a human rights activist, an observer at the elections with broad international experience Ales Bialiatski. He comments on the progress of and announced the results of the presidential elections on 19 December.

Znatkevich: Those election results were announced, and the results that have been obtained in the areas that are more or less controlled by the observers — how strong differences between them and what they reveal?

This is a rather strong differences. We have several areas where members of the Commission did not exceed its powers, and observers were present almost all the time early voting and Last Day, (In Minsk there are several such sites) and there Lukashenko is not gaining more than 40 percent. His opponents have 20, 15 percent, indicating that the Lukashenko in Minsk is not scored that half of that would guarantee him the presidency. Moreover, it is not the best in terms of the electorate for the Democratic candidates areas. Regarding the situation in equal, it is more understandable, but still the figures announced by the CEC that are not subject to any criticism … "

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