A dozen knives in the back of vaccination

Vaccinate or not? This question facing every woman who became a mother. Under the legislation, each parent has a choice for this type of immunization is a right, not an obligation. But in fact it turns out that this choice is ephemeral because it hides not only the most important information about vaccination, but the fact that they are not necessary. Parents are the most brutal pressure and intimidation from the health system, the administration of kindergartens and schools, as well as countless relatives and friends.

Vaccination of infants in the maternity ward — a crime against the people of Russia.

And you want to, of course, to believe that all these people act only for the good and they also guided … but causes confusion maloosporimy one fact: if vaccination — absolute good and the salvation of mankind, so why all of its history — from the origins of the day yes — accompanied by such a shameless amount of lies and manipulation? Why to promote vaccinations use facts, not confirmed by any test and approval privivochnikov often not just illogical, but designed for the complete ignorance of the parents?

Finally, why the main graft Organization WHO their hands regularly publishes data that indicate the inefficiency of this method of "saving"?

Thus, the most popular beliefs of the average grafting modern mom, on which she makes a decision to vaccinate a child — let's see if they can withstand the test of facts, logic and common sense.
1. Vaccinations have saved mankind from many terrible epidemics, because of them disappeared horrible diseases that could die out all of humanity.
Last night in the square
Inquisitors someone burned,
Couples danced in the firelight,
And then a voice shouted, "Fire!"
Typical of a new era —
Triumph of progressive ideas …
This is usually the first and most powerful argument that comes to mind is the supporters of vaccination. After all, that could mean there any complications or even death of individuals to salvation of all mankind? To the question of what exactly disease vaccines have saved the human race, most surely calls … and smallpox plague and cholera (not surprising — many psevdomeditsinskie Wikipedia shamelessly assert that the plague and cholera were also defeated by mass vaccination). But global vaccination against smallpox, and the disappearance of the disease on the ground by 80-years of the last century — is an indisputable fact … is ambiguous only connection between these two phenomena.
Let us briefly examine the history of vaccination against smallpox — as presented by non-Russian medical textbooks, and some foreign authors.
Edward Jenner, a vague and based on unconfirmed rumors, collected among the peasantry, that people recover from cowpox, not smallpox sick man, instilled his 1.5 year old son — has made him a pus under the skin of the bubble on the skin of the pig, repeating this very procedure 5 times. What does a pig have to cow pox — history is silent, however, Jenner could easily confuse the animals — because it is the only scientific work was devoted to medicine and not even veterinary medicine, and life cuckoos. Medical degree, he bought himself later.
Reaching the apparently desired effect, after 2 years of Jenner continued to mock your own child, this time instilling his cow pus. "Erysipelas develop strong hands that required the most vigorous treatment. Although the child was cured from erysipelas, later he became a frail, sickly creature with mental retardation. At age 21, he died of tuberculosis. "
What have tuberculosis if vaccinated against smallpox? Despite the fact that many scientists of the time argued that the introduction into the body of the human and bovine lymph often causes tuberculosis, syphilis and leprosy. Indeed, lymph and pus were introduced into the human body completely cleared!
Not reassured by this, the great "doctor" instilled new victim — 8-year-old son of his gardener, James Phipps (the boy in many medical articles is listed as the first graft from smallpox, the experiments on his own son, most sources silent — too act ethically ambiguous even to save humanity). Poor child, he instilled cowpox about 20 times. Do you think what happened to this boy now? Strange coincidence — he died at age 20 of tuberculosis.
Third grafted boy, 5-year-old John Baker, TB did not wait — he died at once (from sepsis after vaccination). The next couple of children vaccinated bovine and human lymph, were stronger and survived. True, Jenner was once find out how strong immunity against smallpox were the children and the consequences for their health were vaccinated — he was in a hurry.
Jenner rushed to a report in London — beat "loot" for his "great discovery." And he did it not once, but failed, as defined by a group of doctors quickly realized that vaccination can be an extremely profitable business. While Jenner stated categorically that a single vaccination provides lasting immunity for life. However, the extremely high morbidity and mortality of vaccinated eventually forced vaccination to a new point of view — "vaccination should be carried out for as long as the vaccine is no longer to take root." This formulation was extremely convenient ill vaccinated — so little planted! And what is necessary — no one really knew. However, multiple random booster did not help — people still get sick and die en masse from smallpox, and vaccination. From the general public, these facts are hidden in the same way as in our time. Many prominent scientists of the time criticized the "discovery" of Jenner, but he fought very cleverly. A vaccine has proved to be extremely beneficial and has rapidly spread around the world — enterprising people were found everywhere.
However, every year less and less people agree to be vaccinated — their futility became more obvious, moreover, increased the number of serious complications, graft died of erysipelas, tuberculosis and syphilis, received heavy damage to the nervous system. No statistics complications, of course, there had been no formal — they spoke only decent doctors. Revenues fell vaccination, but they podnapryaglis and in 1867 was dragged in England the law of mandatory vaccinations for children up to 3 months, as well as all previously unvaccinated and 14 — parent's refusal was punished by a fine or imprisonment, the fine could be countless times — not yet grafted child. Parents also have the right to refuse to turn your child into a donor vaccine: the first request they had to allow vaccinators to take material from the pustules formed after vaccination for immunization other children. And free vaccinations were only babies, for older children, vaccination of people obliged to pay. Complications from vaccines also considered inevitable and treated only at their own expense. The money for all this to earn for the state treasury for vaccinators nemeryanyh.
It was then in England (and later, after the adoption of a similar law — and in Prussia) appeared antiprivivochnoe movement. Was founded the "League against mandatory vaccinations," began publication antiprivivochny magazine regularly publish data on complications after vaccination. Here is one of the cartoons of the time for vaccination against smallpox:

Especially famous Leicester small industrial town, whose residents in 1872, after the epidemic, during which many died of graft, rebelled and generally abandoned in favor of mass vaccination and sanitary control and early isolation of cases. These failures continue as long as in 1890, the number of vaccinations has dropped to 5 percent of the births. After that, the city once and for all stop the epidemic of smallpox.
In 1871, despite the wide vaccination coverage, there was a pandemic of smallpox — worldwide died 8 million people, and 97.5% of them were vaccinated. Crushing collapse of vaccination? And here and there: the vaccinators did not panic and came up with the excuse that they use to this day — to blame the objectors and not 100% coverage, we must increase the number of boosters, and all will be well.
The struggle of the public and many progressive doctors compulsory vaccination against smallpox in England lasted until 1898, when a law was passed authorizing the rejection of grafts with the phrase, "for reasons of conscience." As a result, by 1905 smallpox vaccination annually received only 53.8% of British babies, and by 1921 — about 40%. In this case, the incidence of smallpox declined every year.
There is a lot of research and evidence that the incidence in many countries increased with increasing number of vaccinations against the disease and decreased with reduced "coverage" vaccine (eg, Britain, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines.) Where could improve sanitation human habitation, smallpox invariably waned, regardless of vaccination. In addition, one of the reasons why the incidence of smallpox is considered today, it was a gradual displacement of the U.S. and Europe virulent species variola virus (variola major), the other, softer varieties of it (variola minor or whitepox).
The incidence of smallpox in the 19th century began to decline rapidly, and by the mid-20th century, virtually disappeared from the developed countries — regardless of having been in these countries adopted laws on compulsory vaccination or not. Smallpox remained only in developing countries (Brazil, India, Indonesia, Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan), completely ignoring the fact that in all these countries (except Brazil) vaccination was compulsory.
Smallpox incidence and death rates in Russia has declined steadily since the late 19th century, the law is mandatory vaccination have been adopted only in 1919. However, in the 1920s in Russia was reorganized medical system and introduced stringent sanitary control of the disease. As a result, by 1937, smallpox in the Soviet Union was nearly wiped out — which, of course, deserves credit for only one vaccination.
However, in 1960 in Moscow was brought smallpox from India. As a result, 46 people fell ill, all of us — graft (after vaccination was mandatory), and 23 of them were vaccinated directly in the same year. Three died.
Finally, in 1966, WHO has been started and in 1980 the company has successfully completed the final remnants of smallpox eradication (by the way, has put forward the idea of the USSR). Let us turn directly to the source — materials WHO vaccination helped you finally defeat smallpox?
"Before 1967, the strategy for the eradication of smallpox was based on mass vaccination. This strategy led to the eradication of smallpox in some countries, but not successful in densely populated areas, such as the Indian subcontinent, and these inaccessible and remote areas such as parts of the Horn of Africa, where more effective were the measures to contain the virus (see prevention and surveillance .) aim was to end the prevention of infection by identifying people who have had close contact with infected people and their treatment, which helps prevent the transmission of infection separately and thus localize the outbreak. "

Let's go back to the plague and cholera. Vaccination does not have the slightest relation to the termination of epidemics of these diseases. Vaccines were really developed in the 19th century and is still improving, but medical advances in this field is still small — get the vaccine is too reactogenic, the validity period is extremely small, the effect is unstable so that it can not even be a stretch to prove during the tests. So even the main organization proprivivochnaya WHO and even during epidemics not impose mass vaccination of the plague and cholera, a leading role in preventing the spread of these diseases belong to sanitary measures. In addition, cholera has long been successfully treated by re-hydration of the body, and the plague — antibiotics.
As for diseases such as polio, diphtheria, measles, etc. — Here "in the testimony of the defendants confused": according to some articles, the diseases in the world long ago conquered by vaccination, others write that "absolutely all the diseases that are vaccinated against the still widespread."
So let's leave the issue of global human redemption through vaccination open …

2. All diseases that are vaccinated — terrible, terrible, horrible, threatening imminent death, disability, deformities and infertility per sick
Burst like a soap bubble,
Worst nightmare …
Most moms, due to many years of competent and well-organized educational activities of pediatricians and the press, have to "graft" diseases not just fear and panic, completely shut off the brain and push to flee to vaccinate children, the grandmother and the cat just because of the fact that in the next found in one case.
Tricks to declare any disease "terrible-terrible-nightmare ', are quite simple and straightforward. Look at how it's done
Admission number 1: Take the statistics of morbidity and mortality from a time when no adequate medicines, diagnostic methods and treatments for the disease existed. It is best suited for this purpose the Middle Ages, when living conditions, hygiene and medical care were such that any disease was virtually incurable and claimed tens of thousands of lives, especially children. 18-19 Age, however, is also nice. Information should be collected as follows: "In the past, before the invention of vaccines, disease X was one of the main causes of infant mortality, she was sick one in four children, half of them died." The reader is given to make their own simple conclusion: if it were not for the vaccine — children continue to die from the disease, and to this day in the same amount.
Admission number 2: Having dealt with the past, it should be a real scare. Civilized countries not worth mentioning, everything somehow frivolous, too rarely get sick and often cured. It is better to take the statistics of the poor developing countries in Africa and Asia and carefully extended to the whole of humanity. As a result, for example, we find the following: Measles — is a serious disease with high mortality, lasting in some countries up to 10%. The fact that 10% of measles deaths up in the developing world in the absence of medical treatment, and mortality in the civilized countries of 0.1-0.3% (which can hardly be considered a high level of mortality, the flu, for example, mortality 0 ,01-0, 2%), specify optional. After all, the main thing that was scary.
Admission № 3: Of all the possible complications of the disease choose the worst of the effects of complications — the worst. Next we equate one of the consequences of one of the complications of the disease.
Example: One of the possible complications of mumps (mumps) in men — orchitis. If orchitis sick teenager or an adult male, and orchitis necessarily heavy, double-sided (the probability of which about 10%) — as a result may not necessarily infertility. Free to skip the entire logical chain and write: "Mumps often leads to infertility in men."
Admission number 4: In the resulting text boldly Sui haphazardly value of 100%. Good value, convenient, there is in it a certain hopelessness and horror. For example: Mortality 100%. 100% of patients with poliomyelitis disabled. Measles affects 100% of the unvaccinated. 100% recover from mumps facing infertility.

There are many other methods of manipulation of data and other verbiage, the more effective that we hear them from childhood and permeates so much that at the mention of the names of these diseases there is a reflex of fear. Meanwhile, to get adequate information worth reading on these diseases in older medical reference, not an article, ending hysterical urgently vaccinate everyone.
In the near future, to all appearances, will be introduced to the calendar from chickenpox vaccine inoculation. I am afraid that the process of declaring chickenpox terrible-terrible, dreadful disease to the above scheme, we will see first hand in the coming years. And the next generation will be a mom is sure that in the early 21st century, the disease hundreds of thousands of children were dying and remain disabled until they invented the miraculous vaccine …

3. Vaccinated child is sick, horrible, horrible nightmare disease. Even if vaccinated and sick — you could easily transfer the disease, and death among vaccinated does not happen …
Alas. Ill, infection, time and again, refuting the beautiful and true theory. Even for example, the history of the series "My child is sick with pertussis vaccinated" or "I am fully vaccinated, a child infected with rubella, measles, diphtheria," no one is surprised. As the story "my neighbor's unvaccinated ill easier graft." About tuberculosis generally a different story — from a vaccinated one and all, this vaccine, from which even now the least likely to refuse (as common practice to slip a piece of paper to sign bad to think just given birth mums). All vaccinated, all checked-rechecked regular Mantoux, all suspicious, just in case prosvecheny and treated with brutal drugs, eventually almost all the adult age are infected and many are ill.
An interesting fact is that in the reports of outbreaks of certain diseases or epidemic is almost never reported the percentage of vaccinated and unvaccinated cases and deaths (except for expressions such as "the majority of cases vaccinated", "almost all of the deaths were not vaccinated," " doctors believe that all unvaccinated in danger "and similar vague generalities). What do you think — why not publish shattering numbers like "Out of the 150 cases 148 were vaccinated?" Because it would be a compelling reason in favor of vaccination! Uncomfortable to lie? Well, it is commendable …
Fact 1 — Measles. At the moment, a measles epidemic in Ukraine. Ill have 7500 people. But so far only one has died — and grafted revaccinated teenager. All unvaccinated ill alive.
Fact 2 — polio. WHO on its official website reports that during an epidemic of poliomyelitis in Tajikistan in 2010, 32 confirmed cases of polio with the detection of wild poliovirus. Information about the history of vaccination is available in 21 of the 32 confirmed cases. It is reported that of the cases in 2 cases (10%) patients received at least three doses of OPV, and 19 (90%) — three or more doses of OPV.
Fact 3 — tetanus. The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare said: "Analysis of vaccinated in the last 10 years has shown that up to 60% of the patients had not been vaccinated against tetanus, or grafted to the late immunization". That is 40% of the cases of tetanus were not just vaccinated, but also on time! (Which is not very difficult — small children are sick, and do not put off one or the other vaccines, violating terms of immunization, available only for a very healthy children).
Fact 4 — diphtheria. The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare said: "wary of the fact that toxic forms and deaths are also recorded in the vaccinated population … In the Kaliningrad region recorded death in a child 1 year 4 months., Triply immunized with DTP- vaccine, and since the last vaccination was 9 months. "
Fact 5 — tuberculosis. WHO reports: "Despite the massive use of BCG for many years, it is difficult to demonstrate its impact on the incidence of tuberculosis in a national or population statistics … Existing estimates that only 5% of deaths related to tuberculosis, are avoided by vaccination with BCG once again confirm the need for an improved vaccine. ". These guys, the main Prodrive vaccination in the world decry vaccination really does not. So if they really say what's the use of this vaccine a little — I personally believe them at their word.

4. Immunity from vaccination — for life!
How pleasant life to feel safe. However, real data are:
• BCG 5-7 years, according to WHO duration of BCG did not installed (insufficient data)
• DTP — 5-10 years
• Measles — 10 years after vaccination immunity is present in 36% of vaccinated
• Rubella 15-20 years. Determine the duration of the vaccine is problematic, as rubella is often asymptomatic
• Mumps 12-20 years
• Poliomyelitis 5-10 years
• Hepatitis C — 5-10 years

Links with the lowest quote for a period, with exaggerated, it is easy to find.

5.Iz-for unvaccinated children in kindergartens and schools outbreak and epidemic pestilence, from which the innocent suffer correct vaccinated children!
If your neighbor's party
Become a source of infection,
Kiss him — and to school
Two weeks will not come …

This is again a case of so-called lie (s). Much greater risk for the spread of infection are just vaccinated children for two reasons.
Reason 1. Grafted far more likely to have worn different, atypical, asymptomatic forms of the terrible-terrible, dreadful disease. In this case, the diagnosis is extremely difficult (and also not desirable, and that a doctor facing "a-tat-tat" for the damage statistics of "reliably protecting" vaccination), and the infection spreads very real child. And the poor child will be treated for cold or bronchitis, until it infects all around — and not just "bad for society" unvaccinated peers, which "so be it", but also the elderly, and infants, and pregnant women, and debilitated adults. But when unvaccinated child finally infected by such a secret and ill bacilli carrier correctly, as in a medical textbook — it was he will be declared guilty of the epidemic.
That is what is written, for example, about diphtheria: "Especially dangerous patients with worn and atypical … In these cases, fails to recognize diphtheria, the patient is not hospitalized and he continues to spread the infection." Of whooping cough, "The most dangerous source of infection as patients mild forms of pertussis. Most often it is the older children immunized against whooping cough "
Reason 2 — Religious. The central tenet of this religion — vaccinated child can not get sick, because he can not ever transcend and generally I just believe it. And as late as the first part — dared not meet the dogma child walks freely and infects all, being above suspicion in connection with the presence of vaccination. Extremely illustrative case that medicine should be an atheist, occurred recently in St. Petersburg. The teenager returned from the North Caucasus with measles and was hospitalized. Moreover, he even told the doctors that dealt with measles sister. But as a teenager was vaccinated against measles, and doctors — "believers" — put him in office in a general ward for babies and treated for SARS infected was not until about 40 people. Thus began a measles epidemic in St. Petersburg. And ill be unvaccinated — look, more luck to St Petersburg, just to shut him and treated for what ill …

6. Unvaccinated children is very scary to release the house — he'll catch a horrible-horrible-dreadful disease
Pours, the Army germs!
The worms crawl out of the damp graves …

Stay Tuned for the poor child waiting tubercular coughing and homeless in Tajikistan, in the sandbox already spread of hepatitis syringes and tetanus germs click teeth, waiting for when you can grab a scratched finger …
In fact, even met with the source of infection, likely to get for a child without global immunity disorders are not so great (as a child with disabilities the same vaccine in the first place and would kill). The main route of transmission of polio, for example — the oral-fecal and much rarer — airborne, so get with a simple conversation, and even more so when a fleeting contact almost impossible. So the soap — a piece sometimes much more effective than the vaccine (remember polio in Tajikistan, where 90% of cases of vaccine was all right, but with the soap may straining). In addition, infection with the polio virus is relatively rare in the development of common diseases.
Tuberculosis: contrary to popular medical horror story of tubercular coughs on us to transport infected with tuberculosis is not so easy and fast, and they really get sick and even more so much more difficult. Infection usually occurs when prolonged contact with someone who has the disease is in an active form. Theoretically, you would have to spend eight hours a day for six months, or live with someone who is sick with TB 24 hours per day for about two months to get infected. In addition, from a variety of sources, TB in this country are infected with 80-90% of the adult population (according to some — to 14 years are infected with 95%!)
Extremely revealing recent case — the doctor-hospital resuscitation of 6, cares open tuberculosis. This is not a homeless tuberculosis around 10 meters, it is the doctor, contact with newborn babies, have virtually no immunity. And the children are still in intensive care and frail, premature, with medotvodami the shots that do not receive full HB, that is absolutely defenseless and highly susceptible to infection. At risk was 600 children. Almost all tested. And how many have found infected (not sick, just living!) TB? I just heard about one or more accurately about one. The probability of infection may find themselves.
Tetanus — a disease, a person's susceptibility to which is extremely low. So different and can not be, otherwise many more would have died out centuries ago all run barefoot on the ground peasant children, abrasions and cuts that clearly no one processed. Being at risk for tetanus are not children (despite the fact that the maximum number of wounds in peacetime they are), and the elderly. In Russia, for example, more than 70% of the diseases tetanus occurs at the age of 65 years, and the incidence of tetanus in children is not recorded since 2001!. And this despite the fact that the number of unvaccinated children is increasing every year.

7. Without the child's immunizations will not be allowed to kindergarten, so the nurse said!
You must be strong,
You should be able to say — hands off,
Get away from me …

Nurses in the gardens really say that, however, is much less than before, because due to the same Internet more and more parents are familiar with the laws of the Russian Federation. And according to the Law on the immunization of 17.09.1998 № 157-F3 reason to refuse to accept an unvaccinated child in kindergarten is definitely no epidemics. And all the rumors about how difficult and even impossible to get into the garden without vaccination greatly exaggerated, as evidenced by a survey on the forum: 59 out of 83% of unvaccinated children were taken to a garden, and nearly two-thirds of them — even without any problems and obstacles. As they say, no comment.

8. Complications are only stupid mothers who dragged vaccinated sick children. Since my child will not happen, because I'll take it to the vaccine is healthy.
And I think people in Leningrad and Rome
That death — that is what happens with the other …
This is a type of psychological deadlock position — it is they, the bad and wrong, misfortune can happen, and I am something good and right, and so insured. Become a good mom, correctly and safely learned by children, it is easy — just make it a general analysis of blood before vaccination and to ensure that the pediatrician looked in her throat and ears. And if you are so health literacy and advanced, that the vaccination was given antihistamine child — consider a letter of guarantee of the absence of complications in your hands!
What does the doctor say blood tests? The presence of anemia, blood disorders, infectious and inflammatory, viral, aggravated allergies.
What he did not say? On the state of immunity, endocrine disorders (including enlarged thymus), neurological disorders, genetic predisposition to allergies, asthma, cancer, autism, and other illnesses that can cause graft. And visual inspection of the best pediatrician in the world about it too does not tell, can you imagine? I will say more about most of the above will tell not only a pediatrician, and bypass all the doctors laid year-old child. Because the list of these doctors do not have an endocrinologist or immunologist or genetics, and mechanisms for determining the safety of vaccination for the individual child does not exist in nature.
The use of the very same "saving 'tablets suprastina hide you to have an allergic reaction to the vaccine, giving the child a chance to react with subsequent doses so that a kilogram suprastina not save. After all, "good" substances in vaccines (foreign proteins, antibiotics, pesticides, genetic garbage) accumulate in the body, and the response to each subsequent vaccination will be stronger than the previous ones.
As for the absolute health: it is, unfortunately, in our time, there is only a theory. According to various reports, at the moment is born healthy from 3 to 15% of children. This is the time of birth, and then these numbers are only getting worse. However most moms somehow equates the absence at the time of vaccination snot and diarrhea, as well as some taken to the diagnosis of CNS to absolute health. And even many pediatricians and thus equating not bother, the temperature is less than 38 — welcome to shoot up. Maybe survive.

9. Complications of vaccination happen very, very rarely
Well, nothing, nothing, to mourn and forget
Through time, there will be new people …

About 1 in a million times, in general, it is not a serious figure, something like the probability of a meteorite on the head. And it's pretty hard to challenge on the grounds that no-one has no information about the true number of complications.
Why not own? Every third mother indignantly says that the high temperature and other temporary trouble in a child after vaccination was listed as a nurse in the card as "36.6, there is no reaction." And if even such a simple thing as a short-term temperature response to the vaccine, there is little chance to get into the last-what do you think, what is the probability that the statistics get serious complications? I personally do not know of any victim of child's immunizations, whose complications have been recognized officially. Being recognized by doctors in words — plenty.
Many mothers say, "I personally have never met a child with complications after vaccination — I have these friends (and again I have not seen — so they do not exist)."
Do many mums complaining right and left on the disease of their children? Yes, a lot, if it's SARS, bronchitis, ear infections, adenoids, allergies, and other common byaka. First, in response to hear or sympathy, or "Yes, we have the same, and what are being treated?". Second, blame garden, poor immunity, fake drugs, stupid doctors, ecology — a topic too pleased to support and develop every mother.
Quite different is the case with complications from the vaccine. First, if the mother would complain all, indiscriminately, the most likely answer would be — "Well you must have never heard of such a no, but we planted and all is well, and all my friends, too," "And you, probably sick went to the vaccine? I have read that it is necessary to pass a blood test first and then the complications will, "" Why do you think this is the vaccination? That's my neighbor so too, so they pediatrician said nothing to do with vaccination, "and as the apotheosis:" Yes … horrible … you're out of luck, but do need vaccinations to keep doing it is not even discussed, because something terrible disease -horrible-horrible, and in the garden without vaccination would not take. " Secondly, there is a difference between a sick child (many likely causes of disease see above) and the child, which his mother took her hands to the vaccine is healthy and got back to the sick, without any need for it other than its own opinion and insistence pediatrician. There is no one to blame and also a pediatrician.
And do you think that after such responses at how quickly mom lost enthusiasm to share with friends his misfortune? Indeed, in this way often react not only unfamiliar but also close friends! Adequate response and sympathy she will only meet with the same victim vaccinations, only to them, and it will share and discuss their problems.
Recently I had the opportunity to visit the children's birthday party in an unfamiliar company. Mom asked why my daughter does not eat cake — and I said publicly that she had a severe allergy appeared after vaccination. Much to my surprise, all three mothers present immediately spoke out against vaccinations — each of them suffered from a vaccine or a child or a close relative of the child. If I did not have the first say, I have this never knew. But many of these moms probably familiar sure that "never met the victims of vaccinations, all okay". In general, any person always has the ability to see only what they want to see that are not afraid to see …
Yes, the overall pattern of complications not only unknown, but may not be visible to an ordinary mom. However, if you see a giant puzzle assembled, and in the hands of you have only a few in a small piece of folded pieces, but this piece in any way to the puzzle do not fit, or where it is applied — this is a sufficient reason to doubt the authenticity of the picture. And if the official statistics indicate that serious complications of vaccination occur with a probability of 1 in a million, and I personally saw with my own eyes 5 children with severe complications, then what conclusions should I go? That these children I see caricatures? That I have five million children familiar? Or is that statistics lie and complications are much more common?
It should be borne in mind is one of the main principles of medicine — vaccine is sacred. Vaccination, as Caesar's wife, above suspicion. If a child after vaccination has health problems — so it is picked up SARS. I went and picked up the vaccine in the clinic, a common occurrence. What, encephalitis or meningitis after vaccination? So the complication of the very SARS, which he picked up in the clinic. Allergies? This is something you will not eat, and here the vaccine. Asthma? This is often something you do not eat it. Complications of the heart? It is inborn, I had a healthy birth. In the development of the shot began to lag behind? That's him in the mother, it is also clearly lagging behind in development — ish, vaccination charges, as though she does not know that the shots do not happen like that. In general, do not invent, mother, it's not complicated, it's a coincidence and not related to the vaccine. But complications are registered — in 1 in a million. This is where the child will complete a medical examination before grafting and genetic examination, surrender all possible tests in the clinic to deliver a sterile chamber, and he will die within 5 seconds of the shot without leaving the office. Here then — yes, a complication of vaccination. Because more blame, alas, there is nothing. Although … to think … maybe, window was open?

10. Complications from vaccination — is fever, a rash, a bump on the site of the injection, sleep and appetite. If they are not, or they have already passed — so do not worry about anything, the vaccine has passed without consequences
Do not be afraid any more,
There will be nothing more …

Sobem temperature, rash cream namazh, sleep itself is restored. And — no complications, and there can not be. After all of the shot as much as 3 days have passed. After a month, you can chop the following.
Suppose you dropped a brick on his head. Most likely, you scream loud and head jump shot. It's — reaction. And one day you might find a concussion. Still later, can gradually develop other troubles — encephalopathy, hypertension, upset the brain's ability to regulate the condition of many bodies, the implementation of the various functions. Very often, after a head injury is increased intracranial pressure. And the long-term effects can occur many months after the injury. This — complications.
And any sensible person would ever think that if he stopped yelling, shut his mouth, and found that the hole in the skull is not — then it's time to tell all his friends that no consequences falling bricks on his head, and in general did not have a brick on his head — is garbage, do not be afraid of him. Or that the pain pill and ice on the head will prevent concussion and other problems. But when it comes to vaccination, which is just to hit a brick on the body and can be compared — many quite sensible in other matters mom sincerely believe that the fever and rash — this is the worst thing that threatens the child. And what if there is no impact for several days — they will not. And that the introduction into the blood dangerous viruses, pesticides, antibiotics, genetically modified proteins and genetic debris can be fully and without any harm assimilated and digested by the body of an infant in 2-3 days with paracetamol tablets and suprastina.

Here are some figures — terms of postvaktsionalnyh complications:

Convulsions without hyperthermia after DTP — 4-20 days
Allergic reactions — 1-30 days
Serous meningitis after mumps vaccine — from 10 to 40 days
Vaccine-associated polio after OPV — 4-30 days
Encephalitis after measles vaccine — 5-30 days
Arthritis, arthralgia after rubella vaccine — 5-30 days
BCG osteomyelitis — an average year
Regional lymphadenitis ("betsezhity") — 4-8 weeks
Thrombocytopenia after rubella vaccine — up to 2 months
Vaktsinoindutsirovannaya acute thrombocytopenic purpura — 2-45 days
Acute glomerulonephritis after DTP — 10-20 days
Paresis of the extremities after spinal OPV — 4-30 days
Type 1 diabetes after rubella, mumps, hepatic vaccine — from 10 days to several years
Type 1 diabetes after Hib vaccine — an average of 3-4 years
Multiple sclerosis after hepatitis B vaccine — up to 3 years
Autism — from a few days up to two years
Physical and mental development, neurological disorders — though if you notice.

11. If vaccinated imported vaccine and after a year — no complications can not be!
This myth is intended for advanced moms who are divorced by the Internet too much and have to do something with them — it is best to give them the illusion of free will and choice. That's what psychologists are advised to deal with capricious child of which does not want to eat porridge: "Choose yourself, you will have a mess big or small spoon? '
The first part, apparently, based on the Russian tradition: our — bad and imported — good! If the imported vaccine is so safe — then it must follow that in Europe and America, of complications from vaccination never happens, right? Strange, but not so. It was in America, a National Vaccine Information Center (National Vaccine Information Center, NVIC — mass organization created by the parents of victims and victims of vaccination of children) and reporting system for adverse effects shots (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System — VAERS), established by Congress in accordance with national law on compensation for victims of childhood vaccinations. Each year, the system receives about 11,000 reports of serious adverse reactions to vaccines, including one to two hundred deaths, and several times the amount of permanent disability. Since 1989, the U.S. granted nearly 2,500 claims, the total amount of compensation for victims of vaccination of almost two billion dollars. Weak they Americans … from the most that neither is imported vaccines — and as much impact … From our DPT, I suppose, most people would die out …
The facts are that imported vaccines rarely gives sharp temperature reactions to the vaccine, which creates the illusion of lack of harm to those who confuse the response to vaccination and the effects of vaccination.
The second part of the myth about the children after a year, apparently made on the fairy tale of Cinderella — when the child is a year old, at midnight pesticides and genetic garbage in vaccines become useful vitaminchiki. Why, after a year, not after three or after seven, when a child is formed adult immunity and retreats allergy — it is difficult to understand. Some vaccination disease — for example whooping cough and diphtheria — represent the maximum risk is for children up to one year, in the logic to do it when the most terrible period is over? Also, unfortunately, there are many facts that adults also may get sick and even die from vaccination, not to mention the employee's baby …

12. We all are vaccinated, and nothing — all are alive and well!
Be brave enough, the fate of us all alone,
Suicide — this is not a war …
Because we have absolutely no information about deaths and complications from vaccines during our childhood and the childhood of our parents, we can assume that, yes — all alive. And that's all well — sorry. Our parents met with allergies in children is so rare that most grandparents just do not believe in allergies! You can find a lot of information about that in the last decade, "younger" practically all serious illnesses — cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart attack, stroke, nerve disease. Ask your parents, whether they remember their generation cancer cases among children, heart attack or stroke among young people? And how hard we beremeneem, she bore in comparison to our moms! A specialist from the perinatal center told me that over the past 20 years, the percentage of male infertility has increased almost twice … And what about the fact that now every hundredth child is born with a heart defect?
In general, nothing special — everything is exactly as it was in the years of study, Professor RS Amandzholovoy — each successive generation of implanted and less painful than the previous one, because the changes in the blood have a cumulative effect and are passed from mother to child. Studies Amandzholovoy fifth generation of vaccinated rabbits was the last — none of the animals survived to reproductive age. Our children will be vaccinated third generation. So — is still alive …
Calculate and compare how many immunizations given by our parents, ourselves and our children, I propose that each independently. Here Years of mass vaccination in Russia:
Smallpox 1919-1980
Tetanus 1950
TB 1955
Diphtheria 1958
Pertussis in 1959
Polio 1959
Measles 1968
Mumps 1981
Hepatitis B in 2002
Rubella 2002

We return to the vaccination against smallpox, which in our country was mandatory until 1980, and then it was canceled due to the elimination of the disease in the world. In 2003, it resumed vaccination among health care workers the U.S., only for some reason suddenly found time to conduct a study of svezheprivityh. WHO bothered himself. And it turned out? "The Committee noted that in vaccinated against smallpox history of such side effects as myopericarditis and cardiomyopathy (previously these lesions were not known as serious adverse reactions to the vaccine against smallpox), the frequency of each of these side effects was higher than it could be due to coincidence. The Committee did not change the findings made at a meeting in June 2003 that there was a real risk of serious adverse events following vaccination against smallpox, including such reactions, which were not previously known, and that the serious potential There are risks in individuals exposed to vaccinated. " Myopericarditis and cardiomyopathy — heart disease, poorly understood, their causes are difficult to ascertain, the prognosis is often poor (in Russian speaking, these diseases often die). Yes, and contagious vaccine-it was. And mind you, these complications were found in persons vaccinated as an adult! And that was grafted with children — no one has ever even investigated. Do I have to wonder, now that cardiovascular diseases are the world's largest cause of death? And someone persists in repeating — we are all grafted and all are alive and well.

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