A government source: rumors about the resignation Serdyukov — absurd

As reported by "Interfax" referring to a source in the Cabinet, about the future resignation of the Minister of Defence in the government called zakazuha.

"All this nonsense is not what comments are not worthy, they do not deserve even the smallest attention," — said the source about disk imaging, posted on the Web site of the newspaper "Arguments of the week." "But the puzzling when similar, so to speak, information, and, most likely, just zakazuha, pick up other media," — said the official.

Recall this week, "Kommersant" reported that the Alliance troopers asked the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and Patriarch Kirill to intercede for the commander of the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, Colonel Andrei Krasov. Frame during a visit to the training center on September 30 "Seltsy" Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School Serdyukov "neprelichno insult chief of the center of the Hero of the Russian Federation, Colonel Andrei Krasov." Dissatisfaction with the minister called wood temple of Elijah the Prophet, situated on the ground training center: Serdyukov claimed the temple demolished and Krasnov, who tried to make an objection to fire. Troopers have pointed to the "outrage of bullying and rudeness on the part of the Minister of Defense," also wrote that Serdyukov has authority from the military.

After the video message, the Chairman of the Union of paratroopers Col. Gen. Vladislav Achalova Patriarch Kirill met with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the condition of the preservation of the temple on the ground training center.

According to "The Case of the week," Putin said in his uncharacteristically aggressive way conversation, "you", advised Serdyukov to make peace with the paratroopers and write a letter of resignation on December 1, with the phrase "in connection with his transfer to another job."

If you believe that Serdyukov really quarreled with the paratroopers, Putin got in diversified situation. On the one hand, the phrase "Serdyukov has authority from the military" for the head of the government should be political signal — almost hunting him in conflict with that harsh, and most importantly, armed, caste. Vladimir Putin has repeatedly shown a policy vacuum potentially unsafe situations — as it was in Pikalevo (other company towns, too, do not forget — Bajkal'sk, Mezhdurechensk — great examples), as it was during the fires. Because dismissal Serdyukov in this situation would be completely reasonable action. But there is a counter-argument — that the country is reform of the armed forces (re), and remove the Minister of Defense in such a situation — not ideal. If Putin dare to it, then replace Serdyukov will need a military man — a civilian minister newcomer in handy a lot of time trying to sort out the current affairs.

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