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In my view, the debate about life after death are baseless. Life goes on, but in other forms. This has already been so much different and convincing evidence that it is time to heed the mind.

Tell us about your experience. Four years ago my best friend Ljuba poisoned. Unhappy love, depression, and her nerves could not stand. And in two or three weeks … It was at night, to come unto me. Not in a dream, but very real.

By type — normal people, dressed as usual in a sweater and skirt to the knee, but barefoot. She walked across the room, sat down on the bed and talked with me voice. Her body was not clear, but one day when I excitedly started smoking, the smoke has passed through her body through. and in some unnatural movements felt.

Also, I remembered that she had died, but to prevent the odd visit could not. We talked about everything. Not once Luba offered to go with her. She insisted that her
there is good and even like it. But she was there alone, and she asked me to come to her for good. Once Lyuba showed me a sheet of paper on which were written the names of seven.

These people were about to die. I was scared, because it was the guys from our company, my friends. But I could not do anything — not warn them or to prevent the tragic events. Especially since I did not know (and did not believe at first), as well as what might happen to them. For six months, six died from this list — and violent death: stabbed, shot, crashed a motorcycle, etc.

I was terrified, because the seventh on the list was me. Luba regularly come to me for all these months, but after the deaths of those of my friends I went to church, did a ceremony that I was advised, put a candle for the dead — and the visits stopped dead girlfriend.

One detail: at the time I drove to a psychic — it was necessary to decide why
girlfriend does not leave me alone, even though her parents she admits, not even dreamed of. And I was told that I have a strong aura, and therefore, probably, it was the dead woman came up to me — to absorb energy. And I must say, after the visits were Luba
broken state, all dropped from the hands attached insomnia — in a word, gross imbalance of the body!

I think, tragically deceased people need extra energy living: let it be the memory of them, or candles here are nocturnal visit.
…On that list of course I can not forget and inevitably live in fear. But as long as God spared.

Larissa K., Salsk

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