About five thousand white cubs were born at the end of December in the Arctic

 Up to five thousand white cubs were born in the whole Arctic in late December, marking the birthday celebration of polar bears, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia.

Birthday celebration polar bear celebrated in Russia on December 29 for the fifth time. About this holiday was announced in 2008 a public research organization Marine Mammal Council and WWF Russia.

"If we take as a basis for the opinion of experts on the Polar Bear International Union for Conservation of Nature, that the entire world population of polar bears has 20-25 thousand animals, approximately 4.5-5 thousand cubs are born in these days around the world", — the head of the "Polar Bear Patrol" WWF Russia Viktor Nikiforov.

The expert noted that the accuracy of the assessment depends on the degree of scrutiny of all 19 sub-populations of the species.

"Subpopulations of polar bears inhabiting the Russian Arctic — one of the least studied. Our work to monitor polar bear under the" Polar Bear Patrol "allows you to monitor the situation with the bears on the coast, but for the protection and monitoring necessary to conduct full investigations, and especially — accounting work. last record bears in the Barents Sea was held in cooperation with Norway in 2004, and in other seas of the Russian Arctic bears disregarded never "- said Nikiforov.

As the scientists and conservationists in the warm cozy dens throughout the Arctic tiny cubs are born weighing 500-600 grams, which are then transformed into the white giants — the largest land predators planet who weigh up to 750 kilograms.

Friends of polar bears

On the eve of the birthday of the polar bear Marine Mammal Council said four people who have made a special contribution to the conservation of polar bears in Russia in 2012.

One of them was the Deputy Director of the Yakut zoo "Ortho-Doydu" Natalia Safonov for the rehabilitation Kolymany bear.

Also marked the head of the laboratory of the Russian Research Institute for Nature Protection Stanislav Belikov for outstanding efforts to preserve the polar bear.

In addition, efforts to protect the population and conservation of polar bears to Alexander Predybaylo, Police Captain of Chaun district of Chukotka.

The fourth winner was Maxim Deminov of "Polar Bear Patrol" from the Chukchi village Ryrkaypy for efforts to prevent conflicts between polar bears and humans.

Patrols to bear

The "Bear Patrol" for five years in the Arctic is implemented under the auspices of WWF Russia. Such patrols — special group of local residents who are struggling against poachers, monitor populations, protect walrus rookeries in environmental education of the population.

Polar bears are listed as threatened species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (International Red Book) and in the Red Book of Russia. The total number of polar bears in the Russian Arctic — about 5-6 thousand individuals, but no exact data on the number of predators do not.

At present, the polar regions of the Northern Hemisphere live only about 21 thousand polar bears. According to the U.S. Bureau of Geological Survey, the area of the Arctic glaciers, the natural habitat of polar bears, could be reduced in the coming decades by 42%.

Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) — the largest land predator. Length of its body is 1,6-3,3 m, weight of males — 400-500 pounds (sometimes up to 750), females — up to 380 pounds. Bear great swims and dives, swims in the open sea for tens of kilometers, quickly move on the ice. A solitary lifestyle, but sometimes there are groups of two to five animals. In Russia, polar bear constantly lives in the area from the Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya to Chukotka.

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