About our cosmic ancestry

If we are interested in the Vedas, written by our ancestors for us, all the mysteries of ancient history and anthropological mysteries appear to us in a completely different light.

The fact that at the bottom, is the likeness of that which is above and that which is above, is the basis for the similarity of the fact that at the bottom, at the original will of Him whom we men call the Great Pa-M-X.
(In other words we can say this: The Earth is like a different world from where our ancestors came.)

Many years ago there was a great Assa — The Great War of the Gods of Light Heavenly Peace rules with Dark Forces, who came from hell. Great Assa between Light and darkness covered the Worlds Reveal, Navi and the Government.

In one battle, flying celestial chariot — Vaitmar — collapsed and forced landed on Midgard-earth (on our land). Vaitmar — big celestial vehicles (flying city) could carry in her womb to 144 Wightman — small flying vehicles. Vaitmar down on the mainland, which was named star travelers Daar (hence the name Darya), a gift of the gods. (North Pole. It was warm)
On Vaitmar were representatives of four nations allied Lands of the Great Race (other earth): Childbirth Aryans — h'Ariytsy, da'Ariytsy; Childbirth Slavs — Russ and Svyatoruss. These were people with white skin. Iris of the eye of each of the clans had different colors: green had h'Ariytsy; silver — da'Ariytsy, heavenly — Svyatoruss; fire — Russ. Eye color depends on what kind of sun light to people of these genera in their native lands.

After repairs Vaitmar, the crew flew (back "to heaven"), and some stayed on Midgard-earth. Those who remained on the Midgard-earth were called aces. Aces — the descendants of the heavenly gods living on the Midgard-Earth (on Earth).
This was followed by migration to the Ingard-Earth (with other lands) people of the white race on Midgard-Earth, Daar. Resettled people in Midgard-earth, mindful of its ancient homeland and called themselves not only as "Dazhdbogovy grandchildren," ie, descendants of the Clans of the Great Race, koi live under the radiance Dazhdbog-Sun. Living (white people) on Midgard-Earth became known as the Great Race, and those living on Ingard-Earth — ancient race.
(This is where have the artifacts, indicating exposure to the world of people just like us — today. Nashchi These were ancestors!)

On Midgard-Earth Gods repeatedly came and talked to the descendants of the Great Race, gave them wisdom. It took 165,032 years from the time when the Goddess Tara visited Midgard-Earth. She is the younger sister of God Tarh Perunovicha called Dazhbog. Goddess Tara always sparkles kindness, love, affection, care and attention to the people. North Star in the Slavic-Aryan people in the name in honor of this beautiful Goddess — Tara.

. After the first three celestial battle between light and darkness, when the defeated forces of Light, God Perun down on Midgard-Earth to tell people of the events and what is in store for the future of the Earth, the coming of the dark. Dark times — a period of life when they cease to honor the gods and to live by heavenly law, and begin to live by the laws that they impose representatives Pekelnogo World (foreigners — the Jews). They teach the people themselves to make laws and live by them, and thus exacerbate their lives, and lead to self-destruction.
There is a legend that God Perun several times visited the Midgard-earth to tell the Secret Wisdom of the Elders and Priests Clans of the Holy Race, how to prepare for a dark, serious times, when our sleeve svastichnoy galaxies will pass through the space, subordinated to the forces of the Dark Worlds Peclet . At this time the bright gods drop out of their nations, because they, in accordance with the laws of Heaven Ethics, does not violate the boundaries of space, was subject to the forces of the Dark Worlds hell. With the release of our galaxy in the spaces of the Dark Worlds thick, bright gods will again attend Childbirth Great Race. Start light time begins in summer 7521 from Sacred S.M.Z.H. or 2012 AD
Perun God gave the people of the Great Race and the descendant of the Heavenly Commandments and warned of upcoming events in the future for 40176 years. During his third visit to the Midgard-earth, the God of the Holy Wisdom of Perun told people Clans of the Great Race. Our ancestors wrote Belovodye h'Ariyskimi runes Holy Wisdom in the ninth circle of "Santee Perun Veda". In the ninth book "The Wisdom of God Perun."
On Midgard-earth people live with a different skin color and a certain territory of residence. This is Earth, humanity has ancestors who came to the Midgard-Earth from various Halls of Heaven — Star Systems, namely the Great Race — white skin of the Dragon — yellow color, Fiery Serpent — red skin Gloomy Heath — Black Leather ; Pekelnogo World — gray color, strangers.
Allies of the White race in a battle with the forces of darkness were people from the Hall of the Great Dragon. They were allowed to live on the earth, providing a space for the South-East, the rising of the sun-Yarylo. Modern China. (That's why the dragon life accompanies the Chinese).

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Other allies, people in the Hall of the Fire Snake, determined the place on land in the Atlantic Ocean. Later, with the coming to them Births Great Race, the land became known as Antlan, ie Land of Ants, the ancient Greeks called it Atlantis. After the death of Antlan, just people with the skin color of the Sacred Fire (Red Indians) Sky Force (Vaitmar) took them to the East in the boundless Earth-sun approach Yarily lying … (Americas).
In ancient times the possession of the Black People covered not only the African continent, but also part of the Indian subcontinent. Indian tribes of Dravidian and Negro belonged to the Naga people and worshiped the Goddess Kali Ma — Black Mother Goddess. Our ancestors gave them the Vedas — the sacred texts, now known as the Indian Vedas (Hindu). Upon learning of the eternal heavenly law — such as the Law of Karma and Reincarnation Incarnation, and others, they refused Affairs obscene — from the bloody human sacrifices to the Goddess Kali Ma and Black Dragon.
Gate of the Great Race and other races on Midgard-Earth, are the representatives of the World Pekelnogo (Jews), secretly getting on Midgard-earth territory of residence Therefore it can be determined. God Perun calls them foreigners. Have gray skin, eyes the color of darkness to them, and they are androgynous (initially) could be a wife or husband (hermaphrodites, which, depending on the phases of the moon change sexual orientation). Paint paint their faces to resemble the children of men … Never remove their robes in public. Create all sorts of false religious cults and specifically try to destroy or denigrate cult god Perun, as he warned: "They zaryatsya all strange, it does not belong … All their thoughts are about power. Strangers goal — to disturb the harmony prevailing in the world of light and destroy the descendant of Heaven and the Great Race, for only they can rebuff Forces Peclet …
Using lies and very flattering words, they get the confidence of the people, as soon as people gain confidence, begin to comprehend their ancient heritage. Learn all you can in the ancient heritage, its in their favor begin to interpret. Declare themselves messengers of God, but the world only bring strife and war. Using cunning and evil acts they hid from the wisdom of the young, in idleness idle teach them how to live, not to comply with his father's tradition. No Honor and Truth in heaven: for in the hearts of their lack of conscience …
Lies and flattery they capture errant many edges Midgard-Earth, but they will be defeated and exiled to the land of mountains of man-made (Egypt), where people will be living with skin the color of darkness and descendent of heaven. And people begin to teach their works, that they themselves feed their children … But the lack of desire to work, unite strangers, and they leave the country of mountains and man-made Russell on all edges of the Midgard-Earth … Millions of lives will carry senseless war in favor of the desires of Strangers, for what will be more wars and deaths, the more wealth will find messengers World of Darkness. Dark Forces to achieve their goals by applying even Fire Mushrooms, death-bearing, which rise above the Midgard-Earth. " (Hiroshima and Nagasaki).
After the flood, the Great Race Deliveries that have fallen to the ground from Daarija Russenia (Belovodye) occupied lands were previously the seabed. In one area, lived together Slavic — Aryan peoples. They lived in a world ennobling land, planting gardens and forests, to build together majestic temples and cities (hence and fauna, suddenly appeared.) Birth of the Great Race and descendent of heaven helped each other fraternally, from here originates "White Brotherhood" for all creative acts of conscience and pure thoughts are the measure of everything. This Brotherhood was not only pure thoughts, and white skin, confirming the unity of form and content of the White Brotherhood. Observe two great principles, "honoring the One Creator, the gods and their ancestors", "Always live in good conscience and in harmony with Mother — Nature!".

Peoples of the Holy Land of the Great Race settled throughout Asia, and then the European part of the Eurasian continent. 0B of these migrations in the Holy traditions of different peoples.

In ancient times the area Russenia washed by the waters of the four oceans: Frozen — Arctic Ocean East — Pacific, Western — Atlantic, Maren — the Indian Ocean. Power had rich trade, crafts and industry. It included many known and unknown kingdoms, such as Kievan Rus, Novgorod Russia, Serbian Russ, Pomeranian Russ, Russia and other Mediterranean. Many small Russian principalities — Lesser of the Principality were considered in relation to other Russian principalities, but even the smallest of Russian principalities, covers an area larger than the modern European state.

One generation replaces another, crumbling public systems and modes, everything changes in this world. As long as people remember their roots, honors the tradition of his great ancestor, preserves and honors his ancient history, culture and symbols, up to that time the people alive and will live!
Ingliizma revival, the Holy Faith of Old Slavs and Aryans in the daily life of the people — the highest goal, facing the Old Russian Orthodox Old Believers' Church Ingliisticheskoy-Ynglings. Who, if not us, conservatives-Ynglings living in Belovodye, have to return the Slavic and Aryan people, their tremendous knowledge and family, not distorted by Annals to Strangers (Jews) are trying to pass off as their own, in order to discourage them from Slavic-Aryan descendants.

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