Adventures of the body 15 movies watch online

Adventures of the body 15 movies watch online
Stresses, the monotony of life, uncertainty within yourself, depression, dissatisfaction with self … All this is completely familiar prosperous-looking residents of large cities (and not so great). In the world there has been a fascinating trend — escape from the stresses and ailments of modern civilization and self-transcendence through sports overload.

What happens to the body and psyche in extreme conditions? What are the reactions in the body cause languid exercise, survival in the criteria of oxygen starvation, the change of pressure, dehydration and other? How does the composition of the blood in the high criteria for the depth of the ocean during a jump from a height?

1. Body Adventure. The depth test

2. Body Adventure. The height of the test

3. Body Adventure. Insulation Test

4. Body Adventure. Test of Pain

5. Adventures of the Body. Overload test

6. Test of hunger.

7. Test fire.

8. Test bodybuilding.

9. Test of insomnia.

10 Test horror.

11 Test overload.

12 Test the heat.

13 test marine disease

14 The test speed.

15 immersion test.

16 Test cold

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

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