AGE OF FOX to the era of wolves. The symbolism of the transition

On Slavic calendar in 392g. by 2012. humanity is living in the Age of Fox under the protection of the Goddess of madder (Mary), which is accompanied by the rise of lies and deception.

AGE OF FOX to the era of wolves.  The symbolism of the transition

Its symbol is a cross with two crossbars (rune Mary). As of 2012, an era of the Wolf, orderly nature, under the protection of God Veles. Character — Rune Veles. This is the cosmic process and is associated with the movement of the solar system (Yarily Sun) around the Milky Way (Svarga Pure).

In the era of Fox most successful people tend to become liars and deceivers, with conscience and honor of the people is very hard to test. Russian folk tales clearly describe the energy of the age of Fox in images and allegories.

In fairy tales, Fox stands as a symbol of cunning and deception, and is always a winner, as well as those who have chosen to serve her. The most famous tale, brought up generations of Slavs — is"Gingerbread Man", "The Wolf and the Fox", "rabbit hut", "The Bear and the Fox".

So why is the fox Kolobok ate? The tale Kolobok symbolizes Kolob body (body intelligence) man — a golden shining ball around the head, all of which are seen in the churches of the icons. The truth is that the body is Kolob (Colo God) have all men. Kolobok meeting with different animals mean trials that took the Russian people.

Remember the beginning of a fairy tale:
There once was an old man and an old woman. Once asked an old man:
— Bake, an old woman, Gingerbread.
— What does the oven for? Flour no.
— Eh, old woman! Jarred by scrapes, bottom of the barrel of the litter; maybe flour and typed. She took the old wing, the warps scratched, bottom of the barrel pomelo, and typing with two handfuls of flour.
Kneaded in cream sauce, roasted in butter and put it on the window postudit.
Gingerbread lay-lay, but suddenly and rolled — with windows on the bench, from the bench to the floor, on the floor so the door, jumped over the threshold into the passage from the entrance to the porch, from the porch into the yard, the yard of the gate, on and on (a journey through the Milky Way to the Earth).

Since the beginning of Starlight (images flour, sour cream and butter), our Heavenly progenitors (old) living in the Milky Way (heavenly milk) blinded and baked in the Celestial Fire Kolob body. White cream and yellow oil — this type of Lightbringer Cosmic Energies Milky Way, which was added to the bun. Next show Kolobok journey from the center of the Milky Way (Svarga Pure) through the Galaxy (Stozhary) and Sun (Yarilo) to Earth.

Since the story "Gingerbread Man" was compiled by the wise men of the era of Fox, the tale goes further clue in this light. On his way meets Gingerbread Rabbit, Wolf. Bear and Fox, which symbolizes the different tests Kolob Body (intelligence) in the Age of Fox — time, deceit, and substitution of ethical values in the Dogmatic.
Gingerbread proud mind and dexterity, thinking that will cope with all challenges.

At first he met with Hare and singing him his song:
I scraped the bottom of the barrel, in cream meshon,
I pryazhon in oil, on a window stuzhon;
I left my grandfather, I left my grandmother, (the description of stellar origin)
From you, the rabbit, not cleverly get away! And rolled away before the hare even saw it!

Hare in Russian folk tales acts as cowardly, but in the, same time, kindly animal (story "rabbit hut"). Hares — this test of cowardice, which easily passed the Russian people, and thus proved to be kind and peaceful.

Encounter with a bear, the owner of the forest — a test to lust for power. Encounter with a wolf (will freestyle) — test rejection of any form of slavery. All that we have been valiantly!

But the meeting with Fox, which in our tales symbolizes cunning and deceit, has not passed in vain for a Bun — ate it.
Rolls, bun rolled on and met a fox:
— Hello, little bun You're cute! (Takes the flattery)
And the bun sang:
I scraped the bottom of the barrel, in cream meshon,
I pryazhon in oil, on a window stuzhon;
I left my grandfather, I left my grandmother,
I retired from the hare, I away from the wolf,
The bear was gone,
From you, the fox, and even more so going!
— What a wonderful song! — Said the fox. — But I, Gingerbread Man, was old, hard of hearing, sit down a minute on my snout, so sing your song once more loudly (biblical).
Gingerbread fox jumped on the face and began to sing the same song.
— Thank you, little bun Nice song, even to listen! Sit down a minute on my tongue so sing your song at the last once, — said the fox and stuck his tongue.
Bun foolishly jumped on her tongue, and the fox — am him! — And ate (Russian naivety).

Pride Kolobok brought to the stupid arrogance and ate it, so the intellect of the Russian people in the Age of Fox government was heavily damaged. Our princes were liars, and from their homes and people moved to Garden City (Mount Rod), they cut down the forest, fields sown cereals and exchange gold coins. Evil, grains, gold — currency Fox.

In the fairy tale "The Wolf and the Fox" is shown as a sly fox first man cheats and gets a WHO Fish (hint fatty Christian priests). Fish — a symbol of Christianity, Christ gathered fishermen to make them fishers of men's souls. Pisces era — Eastern name of our time. Then Fox cheating Wolf (symbolizes the will of the People), leaving him with a broken tail and battered sides after an unsuccessful fishing, which means the impossibility of happiness and satiety in Christian religious dogma. Torn tail — it also broke ties with their ancestors.

And then Lisa goes to battered and hungry wolves and sings a song: "Broken unbeaten luck!". A wolf sure doing a good thing — that she Slav naivete!
In the fairy tale "rabbit hut" Fox asked to live in a hut Bast Hare, as its ice melted in the spring, and then kicked the owner. Hare asked for help from the wolf, bear, bull, but Fox is scared to death of his unpretentious little song:
— How to jump out, jump out how, go to pieces zakoulochki!

So loud cries and shouts Power Fox (kings, Anatoly Chubais, the oligarchs, bankers, etc.) scare the Russian people, and neither the will nor the power, nor the pride helped him overthrow the rule of the greedy and swindlers. Although we could carry them with one hand, but the bun is damaged.

Only the cock, which symbolizes spiritual awakening, Fox was able to kick out of the hut occupied by dishonest:
— Ku-ka-re-ku! Go to pyatah,
Am braid on his shoulders,
I want a fox visited,
Get down, fox, from the stove,
Go, fox, out! (A fox is warmed by the warm bowl)

In the fairy tale, "The Bear and the Fox" red deceiver came to visit the Bear, ate all his honey, and then also charged him his sins. So there are people-foxes in this era. The bear symbolizes the Russian people — the owner of Prophetic The Food and abundant forests.

Cunning had us with their hands cut Prophetic Forest Paradise gardens, sacred groves in order to build this red haryam wooden palaces, and planted forests felled and scorched fields with grain to feed the citizens, and then plow the sweat of his brow at his master.

In the fairy tale "The Fox and the pitcher" shows the end of our oligarchs and other hitromordyh, so bring it in full:
Baba went on the press, and hid behind the bushes a jug of milk. Crept to the pitcher fox slipped into his head, milk vylakala, it is time to home, so here's the problem — the head of the pitcher can not get.

Fox walking, head shakes and says,
— Well, the jug, joked, and will be — let me now, kuvshinushko! Full of you, my dear, to cuddle, — to play, and that's enough!
Not far behind pitcher, even though you are what you want.
Angry fox:
— Wait are you, damn, do not lag behind honor, so I'll drown.
Fox ran to the river and began to sink pitcher. Pitcher, then drown drowned, and a fox for a pull.

In the era of Fox make it easy to deceive and control our people, were introduced religion, war and agriculture. As to deprive the people will have started to cut his hair and beard (Boron Rod), introduce outlandish food — coffee, shock-cal-ad, tobacco, potatoes, and bananas.

Now, in the Age of Epogen Fox (Fox), we see the onset of her totem: the biggest horror stories about 2012 and werewolves — the company "XXvek Fox», news company Fox news — news pattern distortion in favor of the authorities, Fox Kids — the most stupid kids cartoon, and even advertised free internet browser Fire Fox and distributed by supermarkets and hypermarkets. When powered from a supermarket accelerates meeting with the Goddess of Death and Peace Mara.

Mary Cross also we can see in the Masonic emblem, the Christian cross, the emblem of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania "Pursuit" and even in the Soviet red flag. Goddess Mara walks with a scythe (sickle), also cross with two crossbars, which is easy to read in drawing the hammer on the flag.
His mother — Mary, and Christianity as the dominant religion on the planet most fun of people and nature.

Where we see the skull and bones — it's also agents Mary (pirates, the church, the American clan Skull and Bones — Bush and others).

In fact, the era of the Goddess Lying Moraine — an adventure and trials that we Rusichi, have wanted to go to solve the riddles of Fate, to find the treasure, and treasure, and again to restore the integrity of his balls, learning to distinguish between truth and falsehood. So thank you to Lisa for all her antics, because our life is eternal in Svarga Pure and Clean!

In 2012 (7520 on Slavic chronology) begins the era of the Wolf.

Succeed in life will just be honest and fair people. All are well past the transition period, to connect to the Sun, and Svarga Stozhary grow long hair. People will again be walking barefoot on the ground, listening to the birds and each other, and live in a prophetic Woods, Paradise Gardens and colorful meadows.

And while we partake of Energy WOLF, awakening your spirit and soul. Fabulous Red Rooster every bite, trust me!
Key energy Wolf Velez — it will, therefore, now so fashionable is to wear long hair (the axis of the will), there are new kids who actively demonstrate their will in spite of everything, and the adults in the popular uprisings around the world (America, Russia, Europe, Egypt , Tunisia, Libya) actively want to get out of control authorities Foxes (politicians, bankers, lawyers) for a free, independent life. But this is only flowers 2011!

The main thing at the beginning of the Age of the Wolf — the restoration of forests, orchards, groves, pine forests, parks, and taiga.Restoration of the diversity of life on Earth, instead of wheat fields and pine forests open diversity of human consciousness.
Crumble the walls that keep us in jail Fox — is the monetary system, electricity, medicine, academics, religion and agriculture. For people immersed in Matter (Matrix), this is like the end of the world, but for the enlightenment of the world's people, and you, my friend, too, can relate to them — it will be the beginning of Light and Time of Love!

In the fairy tale "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf" is described as a wolf Velez helps you find the hero Firebird, Goldrinn Horse, Elena the Fair in marriage and half the kingdom to boot. Moreover, siblings, friends betray basely Ivan, and cut it into pieces, and Raven Gray Wolf helps revive Ivan through the living and dead water. The resurrection of the Russian people, even chopped into pieces, inevitably!
In the Age of Fox no written and oral sources may not be accurate.
Note, people do not show the original Bible, the Koran, the Mahabharata, the Book of Veles and the Slavic-Aryan Vedas — the only copies. All must be checked in person, all the knowledge distorted better to write the Book of Life, based on the light of the sun, singing birds, and the smiles of the children! (See Article 'Treasure 2012 ")

Now is the time for all Rusich open its star heritage. Our system Yarily-sun — this is fabulous Three Nine Lands (27planet). Sun is a star in the constellation eighth Stozhar (Pleiades) and is part of the Blessed Svarga (the Milky Way). The trip for three to nine land — a journey beyond Yarily-Sun (Solar System) in the wilds of Svarga Pure (see Article "Images of Russian fairy tales and bodies of men").

In fairy tales, says about Milk and honey — this is Star Milky Way from Cow and Goat Zimun Sedunov. Our glorious ancestors, grandparents traveled around the Milky Way, and we have to remember these things, because it was us. Sacred Cow Zimun (Ursa Minor) — a celestial cow, mother of Veles (Pleiades Volosyni).

Realizing Star Heritage, the people say: "Guiding star, born under its star, stars and so on help".
Now people generally have a disease called "Materializm", believing that man is only the hands, feet and head.

But man has Rod Heaven and Earth Rod. Our Explicit Body (Yave, Navier, Zhare, clubs) have descended on earth. Now people actively restore and study their ancestry.
And our Zhivatmy (eternal initially I) arrived on Earth with the stars from different constellations (Halls), which traveled to Kolob, Divem and Bodies of Light, that is as light rays. This Halls — Finist Clear Falcon Swan Zimun Cows and others, as in the vivid images povedyvayut Russian folk tales. Often, a person's soul is compared to the celestial bird that flies between the stars.
So people are burning eyes, shining smile, shining soul — is Lightbringer Star Legacy. Our light body powered lights Heavenly Milk Milky Way stars, so it is important to look at the sun and the stars, make friends with them — this is our heavenly homeland! (See Article "The main Vedic news agency — the Sun").
Man appears on Earth from the White Seed Men and nurtured White milk of women acquiring earthly homeland! Of starlight appears white matter (seed and milk), and out of multi-colored construction earthly human body.

We, the people in the waking state, while living in space and on Earth. In the Age of the Wolf — it feels each. First you have to establish a personal relationship with Yarily-Sun as a living Friend, restoring your bun. Then we need to make the connection with Stozhary (Vélez-star gate Iria), activating Dive body, and then — with his native constellations (Cygnus Finist and …), awakening the body of light.

Tale lies so it hint — good fellow a lesson!

May 2011, Svyatozar Dawn, White Russia — Svarga Immaculate. Greetings from Svarog!

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