Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus literature

Catherine Glushik. Alexander G., once Belarusian writers were masters of the minds of the citizens of the Soviet Union. Their works were translated into national languages. Are there any writers in Belarusian literature that level? And is there a positive hero in Belarusian literature? In modern Russian literature, there is a character, almost always negative: the killer, a criminal. But, with few exceptions, there is no hero.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus. I want Catherine to thank the newspaper "Tomorrow" for your position. You so much for me and for our country are doing! Prokhanov I'm starting to worship. Look RTVI — remote start snapping — sometimes just because there may be Prokhanov. Please pass it to your team and my kindest regards. Do you sometimes, of course, I overestimate … Well, at least one newspaper I overestimates the positive side. So, thank you very much.

As for the hero in literature. I must tell you that such characters as killers, we are rare. Because we are your short, we thoroughly sweep your media, read your newspaper. We already nauseated from these killers, blood, murder.

About our real heroes write, and a hard worker, and on our first hero-pilot, Vladimir Karvate which on training flights, taking the plane falling from the village, was killed, and the heroes of the last war. Someone writes something, but … I'm afraid to hurt our writers, however, is, I think, not the caliber of writers like once were. Many writers from the Soviet Union were in the nationalist wave. Not in the good sense of the national-patriotic: the country's sovereignty, independence … And this one: Russian — is the animals, all on bags and abroad evict them. To the west were rotated. In Soviet times, the medals received, then wrote one thing and then do not have that, even to write, write, they have stopped, and entered politics. And why not just twists … To say that we have the caliber of former writers, I can not. Perhaps I have missed a. But, most of all, they do not, if I missed it, I would have brought this book.

When she was my first campaign, I met with the writers. They began to complain, little attention, a little money, and so little is published. I said, put it on the table, "War and Peace", tomorrow will publish a million copies. So far, no one put it. We have writers who write on the topic of the day popular novels. But they are and it would be wrong to blame. Who is going to read "War and Peace"? And what queries in our society? Society, probably today, unfortunately, not that. And society such writers — and we, and you, — what is it itself. Nothing to blame the mirror.


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