Alexander Marinesco. Friendly century watch online

Alexander Marinesco.  Friendly century watch online
Around his name does not subside controversy. Some consider him a hero of the famous Russian navy, others say Marinesko — not hero, a barbarian, sank a peaceful, unguarded ship. The latter, in any case — not true, "Wilhelm Gustloff", which went unmarked characters Reddish Cross, was a legitimate target. Who was on board the ship and survivor German officer Heinz Shen's book "The Fall" Wilhelm Gustloff "shows that as a result of a torpedo attack killed more than five thousand people. "If count this case disaster, it certainly was the greatest tragedy in the history of navigation. " Captain Marinesko After the war and until his death will not be count a hero and never called the January hike boat S-13 feat. In personal letters, he refers to it by following the military duty and bylaws. In 1990, the anniversary of Victory Alexander I. Marinesko was finally posthumously awarded the Golden Star of the Hero of Russian Union. Monuments AI Marinesko installed in Kaliningrad, Kronstadt and Odessa.

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