American loggers / American Loggers (season 2) Watch online

American loggers / American Loggers (season 2) Watch online
Discovery Channel is not thought up a story about how the "American dream" is being implemented in reality, in a new television series "American loggers." Its main characters — the Pelletier family, which now has a large logging company in Maine, USA. Looking at their sverhtehnologichny business, it's hard to believe that it started with $ 100 and 1st worldly-wise the truck. Now this huge Timber harvesting fishing is in safe hands Pelletier brothers, who continued the work of his father and learn the secrets of matter uneasy Timber harvesting their own sons. And if you're up to now are under the delusion that the main tool cleaver — is the ax, and the profession itself hopelessly outdated, look program from "American loggers" and find out the truth about this man truly work.

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