Americans are preparing for World War III

U.S. Navy hastily prepared for an emergency. Pentagon doubles the number of trawlers in the Gulf, and large ships are equipped to fight speedboats. Such weapons shows that the United States is due respect to the Iranian navy

U.S. minesweeper Scout, during a training exercise in 2010

Teachings «Millennium Challenge 2002", which involved 13,000 soldiers, was a demonstration of American military might. They spent $ 250 million.

As commander of the hostile forces made by Paul Van Riper, Lieutenant-General of the Marine Corps, retired. The enemy, according to the interpretation of widely-used, was Iran, as a strategic bridgehead suspiciously like the Persian Gulf.

The U.S. military has stepped up its presence in the Persian Gulf

Riper troops made a surprise attack using cruise missiles. Sunk 16 U.S. ships, including an aircraft carrier and 10 cruisers, which in general are about 20,000 sailors. With outdated technology Riper overcame the technical superiority of the Americans.

Iranian maneuvers in April 2010

Final blow to the U.S. Navy inflicted a small speed boats, and exercises have been stopped. After that, the rules have changed so much that eventually defeated the Americans. Riper during exercises in protest refused the role.

Iranian warships

After 10 years, the simulation can become a bloody reality. Israeli threats to commit a military strike against Iran's nuclear installations are becoming louder. Tehran for its part threatened blockade of the Strait of Hormuz, through which a fifth of the transported crude oil in the world. U.S. react a significant increase of its military presence in the Persian Gulf.

U.S. aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln

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