Ancient Babylon

The first researcher who undertook the serious excavations of ancient Babylon was Robert Koldewey spent 12 years of his life, having spent nearly two million marks for modest wages and salaries, the shovels and wheelbarrows to clear Babylon of biblical legends and make it a real fact.

Koldewey first expedition unearthed two rows of the walls of Babylon, which stretched around the city about 90 kilometers. This was twice the circumference of the last century London, and after that time London had more than two million inhabitants. How many people in this case, was living in Babylon?

In early 1900 Koldewey found that his workers have unearthed a third zone of the walls of Babylon. If all these bricks wall is a chain, it would have made a belt length of 500 to 600 thousand kilometers. They could circle the globe at the equator 12-15 times …

The second wall was made of baked bricks: to produce it in sufficient quantities had to work 250 plants with an annual output of ten million bricks. What was the purpose of these walls? Protect the inhabitants of Babylon from enemy guns? Is it possible for 2,000 years before the invention of gunpowder?

Ancient Babylon — the walls on the inside were covered with glazed tiles, covered with ornaments, as well as lions, gazelles, dragons and warriors with weapons in hand. In the first days of excavation, when dug 10 meters incomplete walls Koldewey found nearly a thousand large and small fragments of their ornaments: a lion's tail and teeth, feet gazelles and people spear … And 19 years of excavation finds continued!

According to the descriptions of ancient authors and book R.Koldeveya "resurrected Babylon" now can be the time of Nebuchadnezzar's city.

On the vast plain of the mighty walls towering hundreds of towers, covered with green and blue tiles that reflect the sun's rays away to the horizon. But behind these walls and towers — even more stunning and tall buildings. In the center of the city stands the tallest building between the Euphrates and the Tigris — the legendary Tower of Babel. And all of this magical landscape is reflected in the huge lake, which protects against attack already impregnable wall. Ingenious water system made it possible in an emergency flood plain around Babylon.

All authors agree that the walls were built of brick, sealed with asphalt. But even more than the walls, Koldewey (and with it, the whole world) struck another discovery — the "road of death", or, more accurately, "The road to the processions of the god Marduk."

The road ran from the Euphrates and the large gate to the main temple of ancient Babylon — Esagila (sanctuary with a high tower), dedicated to the god Marduk. This road is a 24-meter-wide was flat, like a cord, and led to the first goal of the goddess Ishtar (the powerful fortifications with four towers), and thence the royal palace and a ziggurat — the sanctuary of the god Marduk. In the middle of the road was paved with large slabs of stone, and the whole length of it surrounded by red brick bands. The space between the shiny stone slabs and paving mat was covered with black asphalt. On the bottom side of each plate was engraved in cuneiform:

"I, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, son Nabopa Lazaro, king of Babylon. Babel pilgrim road was paved for the procession of the great lord Marduk flagstones … About Marduk! O great lord! Grant eternal life. "

It was a great road, but it made her wonder of the world is another. In fact, it was a huge ravine, like a fine-lined channel gateway. Nothing could be seen either from the right or from the left, because on both sides of her framed smooth seven-meter high wall that ended teeth between them at the same distance from each other standing tower.

The inside of the walls were lined with brilliant blue glazed tiles, and the cold blue background of its menacing lions paced with a bright yellow mane and mouth with fangs bared. One hundred twenty-two meter predators looking for the pilgrims from the walls, with the Ishtar Gate, the rock jaws of the dragon, horned polukrokodily, polupsy with scaly body and huge bird claws instead of just greedily paws threw his gaze. These Babylonian dragons were more than five hundred.

Why devout Babylonian pilgrims had to walk up this terrible way? After all, the religion of ancient Babylon, though it was full of magic, wonder and fantasy creatures, not a religion of terror. But the road Marduk lead to fear and superior to all, even the Aztec temple in Chichen Itza, which is called the petrified horror. On this question, researchers Babylonian religion and could not answer.

Military historians have suggested that the way of the great god Marduk served not just for processions of pilgrims, and was also part of the defense system of the largest castle that has ever existed in the world.

Try to imagine what would have met the enemy, who decided to take Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon?

At first he would have to overcome a wide moat, which had been lent to Euphrates. Let's say it's possible … For such cases, in Mesopotamia did not use boats, and air inflated sheep skins, in which the soldiers swam as a lifeline. (Employees Koldewey so every morning we move to work with the right bank of the Euphrates.)

Let us assume that the enemy is overcome and the first, second, and third lines of the walls of ancient Babylon. And here he is at the main gate, and breaking the gate, gets on a flat, paved and asphalted road leading to the royal palace. Then, from the countless holes in the towers on it poured the rain of arrows, spears and hot asphalt cores. And there would be no possibility of him to escape. In addition, the enemy would have been between the walls, horror — lions, looked down with a menacing look, but with the Ishtar Gate showed their mouth to hundreds of dragons. The road to becoming an enemy of Marduk this road of death.

Yet ancient Babylon is fallen … Fell, although the walls of Nebuchadnezzar continued to stand by them and no one has not mastered … King Cyrus of Persia bribed ruling elite, promising to keep all her privileges. And she showed him the gate of the city walls and the main gate of the goddess Ishtar. A shield soldiers saluted new master, covered their mouths menacing lions on the walls of the road Marduk.

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