Ancient history of the Slavs


"We set the stone for us from the bottom of the history of Slavs-Russo" Klassen said Yegor Ivanovich (1795-1862), a Russian nobleman, a German-born, Russian citizen since 1836.

In 1854 — 1861 years in Moscow Klassen released three volumes of essays, "New materials for the ancient history of the Slavs and Slavic Russ doryurikovskogo time."

"Even the ancient Israelites recognized Rousseau as progenitors of the Greeks" — Yegor Ivanovich said Klassen. His essays are based on numerous facts, and most importantly provides a methodology to further the study of Russian history.

Over the past 150 years have been many historic discoveries that confirmed complemented and strengthened the historical view of the class. Brief chronology of the historical facts of ancient Slavic-Russian history based on current knowledge, and we will offer.

The End of Eternity, and the beginning of time, many billions of years ago, the universe came from the explosion of very dense atom. The explosion that gave great energy. And he said, Svarog, "Let there be light." And there was light.

Our solar system came into being about five billion years ago. First cloud of gases and vapors. Under pressure from the outside is a cloud of particles start to shrink and rotate. First, form a ring of dust and gas, and then the ring began to turn into lumps of liquid mass is increasing. Thus was formed the Sun and planets. And he said Svarog "Let there be a firmament!".

Our land was first ball of molten liquid mass. Then this mass was cool. For a long time, the surface of the Earth has remained so hot that all the water out of it immediately evaporates. As soon as the surface of the Earth cooled, water was collected in the lower parts of the surface. And he said, Svarog, "And let the dry land and the oceans!"

While the water on the Earth's surface was still warm, but not boiling, it formed microscopic living cells. Gradually they formed algae with time left on the land. And he said Svarog "Yes proizrastut grass and trees, and yes, they will multiply!"

The cooled the Earth was surrounded by a thick layer of vapor, and only to the extent that the vegetation on the Earth has become the carbon absorbed by the roots and the leaves give off oxygen, formed clear transparent atmosphere, and could see the lights of heaven. And he said Svarog: "And let there be lights illuminate the Earth!"

The first living creatures lived in the water and have been for millions of years before they get out on the land, some of them have learned to fly. And he said, Svarog, "Let the waters swarm, and the birds fly above the earth!"

Took millions of years and life on Earth evolved. There were animals. Some of them have evolved, and some the contrary degraded, but, thanks to the softening of the environment and natural selection, many imbeciles survived.

About a million years ago on the site of the Arctic there Hyperborean platform — a huge continent. Climate Hyperborea reminded today Mediterranean. This is proved by numerous discoveries of fossils of plants and animals, which in these days is not able to live in the Arctic. At the same time it is said that in the days closer to the equator the climate was hotter than today, and there is any life on the land was impossible, that belies all the theories about the African origin of man. The only problem was the Hyperborean polar night, but, in fact, it was not very cold in winter, where the temperature never fell below minus 20 degrees Celsius.

The oldest in the world of plants and animals — are those that can survive the winter. The bear, which flows in the winter in hibernation, the old dinosaur. He survived the dinosaur because was adapted for the winter.

The descendants of the most ancient plants — is the northern spruce and pine. In Hyperborea grew all the plants that exist today in central Russia. Not from the south moving animal and plant life, and on the North — in the south was hell.

In the summer, Hyperborea was a paradise, the same as is now the Cote d'Azur Mediterranean.

About a million years ago in Hyperborea came flying disc-shaped craft, which went down with Perun and seven girls.

Indirectly, this confirms the legend of hidden wings Perun, where it is a UFO, who arrived from another planet, or …. of our future.

Of Perun and the seven maidens and went mankind. As for our "origin" of the chimpanzee as a result of evolution, it is a prejudice of the 19th century, wandering from the textbook to textbook.

Chimps — this is not our ancestor, but rather, our offspring, a moron, resulting from mutations and miraculously survived through natural selection. Darwinists still lacks a bridge between us and chimpanzees. But it is — oligophrenic.

Our forefathers (and, perhaps, the descendants?), Who lived in Hyperborea, has an uncanny ability, unique to the gods, or very advanced representatives later humanity.

They could not get old and were able to repair itself, even if in an accident on them remained a handful of ashes. They also were able to become invisible at will and move in space.

Perun children inherited many abilities of his father, but according to ancient legends, these capabilities are not always used for good.

And then decided to create Perun Simplified people with limited ability to remember and limitation of physical life.

So there was a modern man. After some time, the number of Hyperborea has grown, and to arrange the conditions of life, state was established with a capital of Atlantis Olympus, where they lived Perun and other gods.

The capital of Atlantis — Olympia, consisted of annular channel surrounding the central part, in which the middle of a huge park on the hill was like a step pyramid temple-palace, where he lived immortal demigod-poluchelovek Perun (Uranus) and his children — the younger gods. People were living below the temple-palace.

In Olympia was Central Park — Garden of Eden, where they lived artificially bred monkeys "Eden" ("Adam"), created for the entertainment of visitors to the park. They are subsequently occurred chimps and Neanderthals.

9000 BC by unexplained phenomena Olympus disappeared, nuclear winter came and the ice age.

Many people remember the traditions of their homeland, which was in the far north, near the modern Arctic. The ancient Greeks called the land Hyperborea, which means "most distant in the north." The German people knew them as Thule.

Ancient Arctic-Hyperborea-Thule (Atlantis) is not dead. Sometimes inexplicable way it reappears. In 1805, a Russian merchant Yakov Sannikov looking to the north of the island Boiler watched high mountains unknown land.

Plato, who had a limited geographical knowledge by mistake "place" of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, but it is correctly called it the "cradle of mankind" and wrote in "Critias" the forests of Atlantis, the giant animals that lived there and that all the plants in the land plants evolved from rosshey in Atlantis.

In the late 19th century CE gold coins were discovered Atlantis — in Central America, Egypt and Tibet. On these coins Runes inscription: "Chislobog son Perun (Uranus)." Chislobog — Time Lord had counterparts in Egypt — Thoth and Greek religions — Chronos, mentioned later as "the leader of the Titans."

In 1595 AD son of Gerard Mercator's map published Arctis (Atlantis) in the central part of which is surrounded by an inland sea depicts city Olympus.

Even in the times of Atlantis Atlantis created Seven Rivers — the state with its center on the grounds of the South Urals. Seven Rivers took the land from the Urals to the Caucasus, from the Danube to China. Later it was called the Seven Rivers Ruskolan.

In science, the prevailing theory is Louis (Solomon) Leakey, who found in 1974 in central Africa remains "Eve" — Lucy, ostensibly, the first "mother" of a man who lived supposedly 3 million years ago, from which humanity allegedly occurred. We found there were only a few bones and a few fragments of skull. Radiocarbon dating of the finds is wrong — under the influence of radioactivity radiocarbon content can vary. There is error in the hundreds of thousands and millions of years.

In fact, the population of the earth by man came from the Seven Rivers. Way of this settlement is easy to trace. Originally it was going to the lowlands and the banks of not more than 200 meters, were later overcome by low mountains and small water obstacles.

As for the theory of Luis (Solomon) Leakey, its inconsistency proven by the fact that prior to freezing climate in Africa was so hot that a man to live there for 3 million years ago, it was just impossible.

As the population of the earth by man lasted for hundreds of years, the result micromutations, natural selection, climatic influence, the emergence of closed communities where progressed new genetic traits formed new race. But at the same time, genetic changes occurring over hundreds of years does not exceed one percent, which proves the possibility of marriage between people of different races.

What about monkeys? This is partly the descendants of Eden (Adam) evicted from Atlantis, partially degraded descendants of the person.

After the destruction of Atlantis most of Atlantean knowledge went to the priest Arius (Jarun), who 8000 years BC founded the city of Arch, who is now the south of the city of Magnitogorsk in the Chelyabinsk region.

It justified all the major clans of Atlantis. At the time, the glacier left Europe, and the priests of Arkaim westward Aryan Skanda, later called them the land surveyed Scandinavia.

At the same time, the East has been sent under another ekspetsitsiya Ayasy Aryan. The ice bridge he walked from Siberia to Alaska and establishing small settlements to move on. He died in North America, and his tomb was discovered in Arkansas. Children Aias reached South America, where later, a new civilization.

Arkaim priests possessed the secret of smelting iron and produce a clean stainless steel hardware.

6000 BC Arch became the capital of the Slavic-Aryan state Russenia that included Siberia and the Urals.

5000 BC Russenia of China began to supply jade.

5000 BC Priest of Arkaim Armero founded the first cities in Sumer.

3,500 BC Arias Russ founded the city of Ar (Vp) in Mesopotamia.

3,500 BC Sieving is a marine Duchy of Lemuria, which occupied the territory of modern Crimea, as well as land, are in place north of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov in place.

The capital was the city of Lemuria Surozh. On the site of modern Kerch Strait were mountains under which flows the river Don.

In Lemuria, built large ships, it sent many trade and research expeditions.

Lemuria was the first antique mall. Rules in the legendary king of Lemuria Berend (Ber-Bear Day Witch). A king had a son Ivant. In Surozh fabled skazatel Boyan.

In Surozh (in Turkish — Pike) near the mountain is a mountain fortress Svarog, where there were temples Triglav and the Lada.

The underground channel in place of the Kerch Strait, where Don was leaking (the Greek Styx) was a temple Wii (Aida), where the sacrificial fire was burning and kept the urn containing the ashes of the dead. Via the temple priest led Koschei, who helped priestess Marin.

Berendey Ivant son fell in love with Marin, but Koschei did not want to let go. Then Ivant Koschei chains chained to a large stone egg and ran with Maren. After Nadel Koschei found and nicknamed tenacious, later turned into a "immortal."

About 3200 BC there was a terrible earthquake, which resulted in part of Lemuria sank beneath the sea. There was only the central part — Taurus (Crimea). Lemuria is known as the kingdom of Pomerania and the country Gersiped.

In 3150 BC Arkaim of the mouth of the Nile came sorcerer-prince Kolyada (Normer), known as the first Pharaoh Minesa. They called him, "The one who brought the knowledge." Survived him the nickname "The." Together with Kolyada Normerom arrived and warrior Holy Mountains.

Svyatogor spear struck a huge crocodile. So far in Egypt are ancient bas-reliefs, where Svyatogor sitting on horseback spearing a crocodile.

Carol (Normer — Thoth) married a local girl, Ra (Dawn). By the way the ancient Volga River known as Ra.

We had four children Carols — Osiris, Seth, Isis and NAPHTHIDES. Later, he united the separate tribes of the Lower and Upper Egypt.

Svyatogor returned to the Arch, from which went to the North, the first way up later named: the path of the "Vikings to the Greeks." Svyatogora tomb is on the Kola Peninsula.

The problem that has long troubled slavyanovedov — Egyptologists: why, having convenient runic alphabet, the Egyptians used hieroglyphs has a simple answer — on the same reason that the Japanese still have not switched to a sound script.

Many peoples of the letter "a" and the other one said with different duration may mean three different words. Sued a need digital (hieroglyphic or cuneiform) writing, where every word is recorded independent sign. "Digital" the letter said, because every word written hieroglyphic or cuneiform can be written numeral. A simpler example of digital writing — syllabary that require fewer signs for not words and syllables.

By the way, the runes remained in Egypt in the form of tarot cards and were used by the priests in divination purposes.

3000 BC near present Orenburg created Kargalinskaya up where there was the largest center mettalurgii antiquity.

3000 BC Crete created rassenskaya colony.

2650 BC Egypt, under the leadership of the Magi rassenskih scientists begin construction of the pyramids.

Arch translated into modern Russian means "bear-town", "arch" — a bear. Located near Bear Mountain was considered sacred, like living on it bears.

Near the southern Urals, there is another sacred mountain — Iremel (Aryan mountain) which runs down White River. These places are called Ilmen Mountains.

In the 2400-s BC in Arkaim was ruled by King Bohumír. Bohumír wife called Glorious. They had three sons — Slaven, Eng and Skiff and three daughters of the Tree, Field, and curves.

The high priest of Arkaim in those years was Ilm Svarozhsky (elder Ilmer).

Bohumír king divided the people into classes: priests, warriors, artisans and farmers. Founded Veche, chooses the king (Prince), that would prevent possible feud between their children.

When Bohumír through Altai paved the way to the edge ilmensky (Yin), ie China. And then through the Himalayas to Wendy, ie India.

2450 BC most Russenia left Arkaim and led the elder Ilmer moved west. On the shore of this lake Ilmen elder Ilmer put his cell, where he had settled. A part of the soldiers, led by Prince Odin went on and mastered the Scandinavian lands. Subsequently, one (water, Neptune, King of the sea) was deified by his followers. By order of Odin was built Stonehenge.

To the elder of the same Ilmer Arkaim prince came words, Rus and Skiff. Words and Skiff went with an army to the Black Sea, where they founded the city and restored Khorsun Surozh. Skiff founded the Great Scythia, later extended from the Dnieper to China, and words and Eng returned to the north and founded the city of Slovenian (then — Novgorod) in 2395 BC In honor of the son of the word Magus was named the river Volkhov. A country has been called Slovenia.

Why Russenia capital was moved from Arkaim in Slovenian? The answer in the map. The state capital was located on a river path directly connected to the ocean. Two paths to the ocean, which led from Arkaim had ground obstacles. First: Ural — Caspian — Volga — Bialowieza earth — Don — Azov — Black — Aegean — Mediterranean Sea. Second: Ural — Caspian — Volga — Toropetskaya land — Lovat — Ilmen Lake — Volkhov — Ladoga — Neva — was the capital of the Baltic more.Nuzhna standing in direct waterway from the Baltic to the Black-morya.Ilmen lake was a perfect river port.

Russian city founded Russa and mastered land on the shore of the Baltic Sea — Porus (Prussia), founded the city Skiff Skiff (Sevastopol) and built on the banks of the river Bushy, a tributary of the Dnieper temple Triglav, where preserved bas-relief depicting the king Bohumír. Scythian tomb (Skiluga) was found in the mausoleum of the Scythian kings.

Skiff Vened son continued to move west and north-west. Undeveloped land they were called Wends. I was the son of the Wends — Guermantes.

Volh Slavenevich born in Slovenian in 2370 BC Grew strong boy, eager to learn, he studied at the elder Ilmer. Mastered the ancient Vedic technology transformation, telepathy, the ability to influence the crowds of enemies and the ability to influence the weather. Volh Slavenevich, was the last man who knew how to read the encrypted portion of the Book of Arius, which contained scientific knowledge of Atlantis, the laws of nature and its interaction with a person not yet discovered by modern science.

In Volha Slavenevicha had two wives, one of rassenskogo kind of another alien.

Volh Slavenevich not wish to become a prince, and became a magician. The prince in the Slovenian, as well as in Arkaim, elected Veche. History brought to us the names of the first princes after Slaven Slaven: McDermott, Slaver, faithful, Srezhen, Svetoyar.

He was buried in the mound Volha Slavenevicha on the shore of Lake Ilmen at the source of the River Volkhov and put on the mound idol Triglav. Over time, the mound was washed away and the lake was formed in its place. The place is called Peryn next to them in the 9 century AD put Peryn-skit.

There were two Volha son — Rudotok and Alan. Rudotok (Rodvolod) came to Britain, and was buried there. In honor of him was called the river Rudonja (Western Dvina). In honor of Alan were named Alan Mountain (Valdai Hills).

The Baltic Sea at the time called Scythian, Sarmatian and later Varangian. Baltic it was named in honor of the sacred stone Alatyr (altar) on the island of Rügen, near which according to legend landed Svarog, who flew to the Red Planet.

Son of Prince Svetoyara — Smorodov, also known as Prince Mosque, founded in 2260 BC Moscow.

These princes were Slovenska Izbor — founded Izborsk Select — Vyborg Svyatovid founded, who founded settlements on land Svitodskih (Swedish).

Descendants of Prince wends named after him based trading town at the mouth of the Oder. Were mastered Pomeranian land (Pomerania) and founded the city Stargorod (Stargard) and Drazhdene (Dresden), as well as the Bear Castle (Berlin), "Ber" — a bear.

Wends were highly maritime culture. Subsequently, Julius Caesar wrote: "Venedskie ships better suited to the Roman storms."

Later, on the basis of the Western Wends was created Celtic nation, still later broke up into Gallic (present-day Spain and France) and German.

2100 years BC in Slovenska looked — on the east bank of the river Volkhov Slavenskom hill stood the prince's palace, surrounded by a wall of earth and wooden wall. The city itself has been on both coasts and has a circular layout as the arch and the capital of Atlantis. New Town (Novgorod) came much later, when on the western bank of the Volkhov on Nerevskom and Man of the hill was erected Novgorod Kremlin. In times of Slovenska these hills were sacred part of the city, where a temple Triglav (in place of the current Hagia Sophia) and Slovenian princes mound.

Elder Ilmer lived at the temple Triglav and later was buried under it. Even during his lifetime under the temple was built keliya that contained the ancient Vedic chronicles brought from Arkaim, in particular aria book, written on gold plates.

In the Baltic Sea island of Rügen (Ruyan, Buyan) founded the city of Arkona, where there was a temple Triglav (Svarog, Perun and Svetovid) — a sacred place of the ancient Slavs worshiped subsequently also the Vikings and Germans, which points to the common roots of these people. Karamzin writes directly "Ancient Slavs in Germany have not yet had the temples, but they sacrificed."

Arkonsky temple was made of wood, cut down very skillfully decorated with carvings and paintings, some gates were used for the entrance to his fence, others were in the temple, where the four wooden pillars supported the roof. In the sanctuary in the center was a large idol of Svarog, in his right hand — Perun, to the left — Svyatovid. In front of them stood at the altar of the altar — a brazier. On the walls were carved other deities at the altar stored silver and gold bowls, buffalo horn, knives and swords decorated with gold and jewels. There were also tables and benches.

To the three idols in peacetime standing banners, revered as saints. In the temple feasts to mark the start and end of wars and other important events, anniversaries.

Other Slavic Vedic temples were the same. In Slovene stood on the bank of the Volkhov a temple on the site of the present cathedral of St. Sophia, exactly as in other places, where they found sanctuary within the boundaries of settlements. The temples were Traglava Magi — the keepers of the ancient runic chronicles and Guslyar. Sacrificial animals were burned and eaten during a feast. Before the three idols of Svarog, Perun and Svyatovida brazier of coals stood where the magician keeper threw incense. Magi — keepers knew astronomy, cosmology, mathematics, holds ancient historical chronicles.

Even then, the Slavs knew what alcohol, but because alcohol only happened in the days of feasts and was not regular, heavy drinking did not affect the public life.

There were also temples of the goddess Lada (delight — at Old Church, love). Harmony — the goddess of love, marriage, motherhood, happiness, prosperity and harmony in the family, the goddess of brides and celibate.

The Western Slavs Lada called Wends. Hence the name — Venus.

In the Temple of Frets magicians performed wedding ceremonies. Here come the girls and unmarried young men that sacrificed Lada, which gave them an opportunity to meet and socialize.

If parents do not consent to the marriage, a boy and a girl wearing a wreath, three times a circuit around the sacred tree, holding hands, then, exchanging garlands, they became husband and wife.

Conducted in the summer of Kupala (Cupid) holidays where people are drinking, dancing around campfires, swimming. John Chrysostom, who visited MediaWiki subsequently wrote, "many of the men dancing wife wife. And men after drinking plyasanie start, and after starting tvoriti adultery with the wives of others, and the girls are losing their virginity. "

Slavs are not afraid of death. According to their Vedic religion of the soul after death fell into Volhavu (Volgalu), where there is a heavenly life: you can eat, drink, dance and make love. Since the Slavs knew that people can come back from the wise men to the ground, and whenever they want, in any era and any place, in any form, or invisibly. Death was the next stage of development.

In the Magi did not get only those who renounced the Vedic faith, or who did not live according to its laws, which in principle is the same.

It is not difficult to understand why the later Slavs would not accept the faith that made life in humility hold (slavery), taming the flesh (chastity and post), repentance (eternal guilt) and the fear of heaven, where all asexual.

In the protected oak forests and groves out of the city lived Magi-nymphs (healers). They also kept the runes: the ancient "zeleyniki" (herbalists) and book plots. Magi-nymphs were able to prepare drugs from minerals, plants and animal organs, performed simple surgery, healed the ailing and wounded. Next to their yard were open sanctuary, surrounded by a fence, among which were wooden idols Svagora, Perun and Svetovid.

In rivers and lakes-lived witch witch who held the secrets of a love potions and perfumes, as well as who were able by Blessed gizmos deter rivals from her husband.

The dead were burned at the stake, and the ashes collected in a container buried in the ground. The more notable was the man, the greater was the mound, and the richer the utensils was standing next to an urn. Celebrated the funeral feast for the dead.

It was the first people's faith: Az-belief, later called paganism.

Slavs by the ancient Runes of Atlantis, which consisted of 24 letters, then based on it will be Greek, Latin and other alphabets.

Hundreds of years of runic writing Slavs was unchanged. Only after 400 AD on this basis there was a "civil" Slavic Runica more simplified for writing. In the era of the Christianization of Cyril and Methodius, originally wanted to introduce in Russia they invented a whole new alphabet, Glagolitic, but after the failure of this venture, "created" Cyrillic, only slightly differs from the runic writing of those years.

In "Notes on Russian history," Catherine II wrote "The Slavs long before Christmas letter had."

Lomonosov said: "Slavensky language or the Greek or the Latin, nor of any of the other does not, therefore by itself is already from the most ancient times, and the Slavic peoples spoke languages slavenskim Rozhestva even before Christ."

Source-Atlantic Slavic runes consisted of 24 characters. Every two runes match zodiac sign. The first 12 runes had a numerical value of 1-10, 100, 1000. 12 second rune designated 12 audio (music) frequencies.

The temples existed Chisloboga school diplomas, where children were taught runic writing, bookkeeping, history.

The monetary system of the Slavs was not monetary. In those days it was metal, tsenivshiysya more than gold — iron. The most expensive "coin" was an iron sword, ax, spear, an arrow. Already at that time in the course were bills on wooden boards with the seal of the church. The word "penny", meaning "little spear", ie cheapest arrowhead.

In 2300 BC begins targeted population Slavs Russian plain, there are a lot of big and small. Foreigners subsequently called Russia "a country of cities" — Gardariki.

In 2250 BC movement of the Slavs to the south of the Danube led Duke Northwind. His warriors and their descendants later called "boreytsami."

In 2100 BC Slavs founded the Achaean (Aryan) colonies in the Mediterranean, which was formed on the basis of several kingdoms, the largest were the Trojans, and Crete.

Troy was founded by Slavs to further advance in the Mediterranean. Troy was named after Triglav (Svarog, Perun, Svetovid). Disposition of Troy consistent layout Slovenian, Arkaim, Atlantis. Troy was led by elected princes and heads of the Council and of the Magi. To address common issues going Veche.

2000 BC Slavs came to Palestine. Were built of Russian ass (much later renamed Jerusalem) and Arihon (Jericho). On one of the mountains of the Slavs built a sanctuary where the fire ignited. After this mountain called auroras Mountain.

Was the basis of a Scythian colony to the city of Samaria Skifpol (Scythian deg). In the "Talmud" on Skifgrade written: "This is the gate of Paradise and the city of palm trees." It was founded in the same city Tauris.

The Slavs were the ancient people's state both priestly and secular. The only means by which one could become a magician, the prince, soldier, mechanic, farmer, rancher had abilities and diligent work. Slavic civilization carried organization of social, economic and commercial life, everywhere destroying the cult of human sacrifice.

In 1950 BC rules in the Slovenian Prince dawn. Its commander was a hero Svarga Muromets. Prince Zarian and Swarga Muromets a large ship off the path "from the Varangians to the Greeks", crossed the Black Sea, and fought with a robber Nightingale, who lived in the Bosporus. On arrival in the land of Prince felistimlyanskie Zarian Zaryansk founded the city (Nazareth), which in Hebrew later came to mean "a ray of sunshine." In felistimlyanii Prince Zarian also founded the city of Nebo (the ancient name of Lake Ladoga). Just been called Mount Nebo, is next, on which Moses later died.

In Zaryanske (Nazareth) Prince Zarian built temples Triglav and the Lada. The ancient Vedic altar of the church in Nazareth Triglav with ancient Slavic runic inscription.

When Prince Zaryanov one of the lakes in the Jordan was named in honor of the heroes of Murom Svarga Muromets. Later in the epics name Svarga replaced by Ilya, a prince named Zaryan Red Sun. Kiev as "Ilya Muromets" — is Governor Blunt, famous for the persecution of the Magi. Under the name Dubin he was buried in St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, as recorded in many chronicles.

Before 1900 BC in Greece lived a small tribe consisted of those who had fled from Slovenia and Egypt for many different reasons.

In 1900 BC Greece has come to an army of Slavs in order to create a trading colony, sea port and the processing of raw materials. In the history of the Greeks as they entered (shortened version of the word "slovyanin"), the country also has been named Hellas.

Slavs brought their Vedic religion. Triglav temple and the temple once stood and frets on the site of the Parthenon.

History brought to us only the Greek spelling of names of participants in those events. Headed Slavic prince Kronos. Together with Cronus came Tiperion governor, Kriyas, Coy, Astraeus, Pallas and Amazon Asteria.

Cronus married Rhea Egyptian princess who bore him children — Zeus, Demeter, Hestia, Hades and Poseidon.

Later Zeus imprisoned his father Kronos and its governor (titans) in an underground dungeon. Later, they were able to flee to Tartr — one of the ancient names of the south of Scythia — brand. Amazon Asteria was bricked up alive on the island of Delos. Zeus himself settled near Mount Olympus, so named in memory of the Slavs, the capital of Atlantis.

Zeus had three wives — Metis, Hera and Mnemosyne. Metis gave birth to Athena from Zeus. Gera — Ares, Aphrodite and Hephaestus. Zavs abducted to Egypt Summer Slavic princess, took her by force, but because of a reciprocity Summer exiled to the island of Delos, where she gave birth to a son of Apollo and the daughter of Artemis. Apollo later returned to Slovenian.

Zeus forced to worship themselves, their wives and children as gods. Hence the Greek mythology.

About 1800 BC a tribe of primitive Semites lived near Babylon, and after treatment of their leader Abraham Babylonian religion was drawn to the Tower of Babel. However Semites built a tower, which had been destroyed in the first quake. What Babylonian king cast Hamurappi Semites.

Semites settled in an uninhabited part of Lower Egypt, where, during the flood of the Nile, many of them died. The survivors, led by Noah (Neil) after waiting "flood" on the mountain Haraza went into the kingdom of Sheba, which intermarried with African tribes. Sheba kingdom existed on the territory of Nubia (Sudan).

About 1600 BC descendants of the Semites, whose contemporaries thought of the missing have returned, led by Jacob in Egypt.

In 1500, the BC Detachment made of Slovenska Slavs, led by Prince Volga and the three wise men. They went down the Volga to the Caspian Sea, crossed the Caspian Sea and then passed through Persia to the Indus River. In India, they brought the ancient scriptures — the Vedas. So there was a Hindu trinity: Brahma — the creator of the world (Svarog), Shiva — the terrible god (Perun). Just became revered cult of the goddess Shakti (Lada). Union of Shiva and Shakti called kauladharma. Kau — Perun, Lada — Lada, Harm (Temple) — unity.

1500 BC Cretan kingdom under King Minos flourished. After Troy and Crete runs through the trade route to Egypt.

King Minos demanded more benefits from its mediation. To him were sent magician Alatyr (grandfather — Al). And his grandson Arnica (Icarus) to a peace treaty. Minos concluded Alatyr and arnica in a castle, but it gave them the opportunity to be creative. Alatyr grandfather and Arnica built kite-like wings of a bird. In fact — biplane. With this glider they managed to escape. A year later, the Cretan kingdom killed by the eruption of a volcano on the island of Thera.

By 1300 BC tribe of Jacob in Egypt grew to three million people. Among the leaders of the Semitic idea of seizing power in Egypt, but that it was necessary to get into the highest circles of the priests of Egypt. This goal helped that one concubine bore Ramses II Child future Moses, named an Egyptian — Moses.

The uprising was supposed to lift at night. To avoid killing their supporters, their houses have been marked with a special sign. However, the plot was discovered. The uprising began disorganized and was quickly suppressed. Moses and his people were driven out of Egypt, but rather exiled for 40 years in the desert. This happened in 1240 BC

In 1225 BC rich Mediterranean Achaean states went to war, the purpose of which was the right to control the sea route from the Bosporus to Egypt. This war was called Troy.

In 1220-s BC during the Trojan War, particularly distinguished Gorislav Slav, who tried to try on the Achaeans, later known in Russia as the Bus Belojar and in Greece as Hercules.

Gorislav arrived Tavria of Slovenian and got his bow against the king of the Scythians Tavtara.

Gorislav (Hercules) made many feats, including saved chained to a mountain of Veles (Beshtau) Prometheus.

The true story of Prometheus is. He was a blacksmith, and knew the secret of making iron swords. The secret of this he gave to several Mediterranean countries, in the hope that when all will iron swords, war disappear. Prometheus was the first pacifist. Magi sentenced him to a painful death, chained to a rock Veles (Beshtau). But Gorislav (Hercules) has convinced the Magi forgive Prometheus.

The last years of his life Gorislav (Booth Belojar, Hercules) held in Sparta, but bury the urn with his ashes at the foot of Veles (Beshtau), which was done.

By 1200 BC over a 40-year exile of Moses and his people in the desert. Earlier Pharaoh identified their place of residence, outside the residence (domicile) of Egyptians, near the border of Egypt and felistimlyanskogo kingdom.

Moses and his people came to earth felistimlyan. Close to the border was a radiance-mountain, where the temple lived Slav — Magus Yaroslav. Moses went up the mountain and Yaroslav said, "Tell your children, if you listen to my voice, you will be my people." When Moses came down from the mountain and gave his people will Yaroslav, Semites replied: "All that said Jaroslaw, fulfill, and be obedient." However, subsequently the second commandment of Yaroslav, this has been distorted by Semites. Initially it sounded: "make yourself an idol Triglav, his likeness, because he ruled the sky, the earth and the oceans. Bow down and serve him. " Incidentally, the fact that the prohibition of idolatry was not confirmed by the fact that the ark of the covenant were the idols of the two cherubim.

In 900 BC descendants of Heracles (Busa Beloyarov) defeated the Greek despotic state and created the Republic Sparta.

They laid the foundations of the Spartan School physical education which may people. They used the Slavic Runes. Later this alphabet Greeks only altered in accordance with their own pronunciation. In those years, Homer, whose name translates as ("kimeriets", "Stepniak", "skiff") wrote his works have come down to us in a distorted form.

In the 800 years BC on the peninsula is Apeninskom epoch of al-Russian. These were the descendants of Slavs Trojan, which, after the fall of Troy, Aeneas led away to the west. Thanks to them, in the Mediterranean Iron Age began, and there was a brisk trade.

Et-Russian letters were developed form of runic writing, and are very similar to the "Cyrillic".

Et-owned Russian painting, mechanics, highly crafts knew theater. All that they have received from the Slavs. Sami al-Russian called themselves Russenia.

Fl-Russian and Russian culture promoted the cult of the healthy body. Although some historians believe that it is contrary to the Vedic religion of the Slavs, do not forget about Ivan Kupala and shared bath in.

Of fl-Ruska were two criminals — Romulus and Remus. They were evicted from the Apennines and in 754 — 753 years BC settled in a place named after Rome.

In 650 BC Slavic ambassadors visited Babylon.

In 600 BC to Jerusalem to king Solomon, the Queen of Sheba came with his harem. In the kingdom of Sheba had gold and diamond mines of horses. What would win the Queen of Sheba, King Solomon took vuduizm and built a temple Astrate African deities. Near the temple were built brothels. Gold from Savskogo kingdom flowed. Every day was a holiday in Jerusalem.

About 600 BC served in the Slovenian keeper Vedic books Chinese Lao Tzu. After returning to China, he founded the doctrine of "Taoism". This is confirmed by the fact that the symbols of yin and yang, surrounded by eight trigrams almost exactly repeated ruskolansky sign Svarga, featuring Kolovrat — solntsevrascheniya.

In 590 BC King Solomon killed Slavic Ambassador Vseslav returning from Egypt. After Solomon's death the kingdom was divided into two — Judah and Israel. King Ahab of Israel took the Vedic faith and began to worship Svarog (Baal).

According to legend, Rabbi Elijah Ahab came and began to reproach the king, but then came the thunder and Perun appeared a chariot of fire. Perun punished Ilya lightning and smoke from Elijah ascended to heaven.

A little later, the prophet Jonah in the storm fell overboard in the Mediterranean. He was picked up one of the first Slavic submarines "Kit" where Jonah spent three days. The first Slavic submariners Jonah released to the world.

In 580 BC Semites — Jews defeated the Assyrian war and were sold into slavery in Babylon

In the year 560 BC Scythian prince Kyi founded the Persian empire. His grandson Arius I (Darius) rules in the years 521-486 BC

In those same years, the grandiose movement of the Slavs to the Danube and the Balkans.

445 BC Herodotus wrote about the northern lights and polar night, but did not believe in these natural phenomena. Just Herodotus wrote about Scythia and long winter, mentions amber, named after Yarylo.

About 330 BC Pytheas of the Mediterranean Sea is on the Atlantic coast, the Baltic Sea and visiting the city Arkona on the island of Rügen (Ruyan).

In 330 BC Alexander the Great was trying to fight with the Scythians, but, realizing that the many years of being drawn into a war decided to make peace, which would give him the opportunity to make backpacking in India. In order to conclude a non-aggression treaty with Alexander the Great small army came to the Caucasus in the mountain Pyatigorye Veles (Beshtau). Inside the mountain was Scythian cave temple. Sculptor Lysippus, who accompanied Alexander produced here Mask of Alexander, this mask was found and today on display in the Pyatigorsk museum.

In Scythian cave temple Alexander left the ark and other trophies, and at the base of the temple laid the foundation stone of Tanais.

Near the present Pyatigorsk Alexander the Great built the gates of Alexander, in memory of his visit. Just Alexander visited the mound Busa Beloyarov and ordered to put there Boussa Beloyarov monument with an inscription in Greek and Slavonic. This monument is located in the Historical Museum in Moscow.

Busa Beloyarov Greeks called Hercules, as well as Alexander the Great considered himself a descendant of Hercules, his actions are understandable.

Around 300 BC Macedonian group settled on the Baltic Sea. Soon after, some of them moved to the Ilmen and Lovat, which is confirmed by numerous finds Ptolemaic coins in these places. Macedonians, future bodrichi and Lithuanians were accepted without hostility Slavic nation.

By this time, the Slavic-venedskoe community was divided into two parts — east and west, and lost touch with them for 500 years.

In the south of Scythia was divided into two kingdoms, the Scythian and Sarmatian. Sarmatians preferred to live in robbery, and Slavs had to repel attacks of nomads — Sarmatians. Building on the forest and the river, the Slavs created a defensive line, which became the foundation of the fortress. In place of these fortresses were built later Pereslavl, Kozelsk, Ryazan. It is here that a community of Slavic warriors — vyatichi.

From the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD in what is now Ukraine were built ramparts grand total length of 1,000 kilometers, created frontier garrisons.

In the first century AD to Judea, which was under the protectorate of Rome arrived three wise men of Slavic: Velimir, Mieczyslaw and Kassian. They moved at night and in the way they covered the Volkhov star. Seeing them a Joseph, asked them for the blessings of his newborn son. Magi blessed child on Slavic tradition.

Under this modern historical science between 12 and 30 years of his life, Jesus visited the Slavic lands and trained by the wise men, who lived in the caves near present Pskov and the island of Valaam.

Jesus carried the Vedic religion of Judah, but was thrown into prison Sanhedrin. Jesus told the Sanhedrin and authentic commandments which the magician Jaroslav gave to Moses and told of the true gods of the North.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, the Apostles, the Roman guards watered wine with opium stole Jesus' body and brought it to the magician Darbogu Arimathea, who force Svarog revived Jesus, nine days after the death of Jesus on the cross.

Jesus gathered his disciples once again took an oath of them follow the commandments of Svarog, then his life is on the fortieth day after his crucifixion lifted up, and his body was buried in a tomb on Pancake Mount in Jerusalem. Later, there was buried Mary Magdalene. The tomb was found in 1952 AD During archaeological excavations and found genuine.

Later by Jesus of "Vikings to the Greeks' to the Apostle Andrew, leading to Balaam the Holy Grail, now resting in a deep cave under one of the monasteries of Valaam monastery. The door to the cave was sealed by the wise men sealed, closed with a stone slab and covered with boulders tunnel.

After Jesus died, the council Jews realized that Christianity can be used to break into the high society of Rome. Then edited the council appeared "Gospel", the text came in four different versions. But what the "Gospel" was originally one and was edited by the council by the fact that all four versions of Jesus' life is not a period of 12 to 30 years.

In the first century AD Tacitus wrote of the Wends and Finns, as mentioned in the "History of the Russian State" Karamzin.

Roman Emperor Trojan lived 53-117 years BC In the years 97-105 AD Roman legions entered the Slavic lands, but were defeated at the mouth of the Danube in the shaft, named after the Trojans.

2.4 Century AD received in the history of the name "Troyan century" and mentioned in "The Song of Igor's Campaign".

"Troyan Century" was relatively quiet, and this period is referred to as the Golden Age.

Up to this time the Slavs forged iron swords for their own needs, but in a world of swords, stronger than Roman became a hot commodity.

MediaWiki is the center of world arms trade. In the Slovenian trade coordinated merchant Sadko, he made many trips. Slovenian sailors only ones in the world had at that time the secret compass.

One of Sadko expedition crossed the Atlantic and explored the coast of North America, where he founded the city of New Slovenian, was on the site of today's Manhattan. At the spot where the skyscrapers were built later — twins was erected a temple Triglav.

Later maps made Slav sailors were replicated, but because the way across the Atlantic was difficult, no one wanted to risk it. But later, when the shipbuilding Europeans approached Slavic level, they remembered the old maps. Preserved copy of the map, made around 1450 Portuguese Henry the Navigator. Later, one of the prints cards into the hands of the Italian Christopher Columbus.

Of all the chronicles of Sadko to this day reached us one Novgorod and Arabic epic retelling of his travels — the legend of Sinbad.

In Slovene all matters of state and public life decides Veche — a collection of people who had the right to vote. Citizen could be a warrior (warrior), VFB (police), the artisan, the landowner, a merchant. Citizenship is not inherited. Chamber had the right to give or take away the status of citizen. Foreigners, even to take the Vedic faith, do not have the right to obtain the status of a citizen, but that status could get their children born of the marriage with the Slavs and distinguished themselves in the affairs of the glory of All Slovenia. Chamber elected the prince, the mayor, the governor, tax collector, etc.

In the Magi had their Vedic Veche, where the decisive spiritual and religious matters. It was called the Cathedral.

In Troyan Century magicians created their own city of Kitezh, was on the site of the present lake Svetloyar. In Kitezh collected relics of Atlantis, which had applied scientific importance. Thanks to them, the city could become invisible, because was in a different point in time. On giving once in a hundred years, the city of Kitezh appears that to skip to his saints and to release seven messengers of the Magi, who outwardly indistinguishable from the people of the era in which they come.

Some chronicles Kitezh is referred to as the capital Belovodye. In the days of Prince Vladimir Red Sun, when he was still rules in Slovenian (Novgorod) in 970 on the orders of the magician Svetozar Prince went to Belovodye in City of Kitezh, he returned after 500 years, and a record of his journey came to us at a later the list. Interestingly, in the list mentioned that the original written by Svetozar stored in an underground library, along with many chronicles the pre-Christian era. Perhaps we are talking about the library of Ivan the Terrible.

Modern monks in Lhasa, when they say "Shambhala" is always shown on the north. Belovodye — this is Shamballa.

In those same years were based cities Kyi, who was on the spot Lada (Samara Bend) and the city Radonezh, where there was a great temple of the god Svarog, who was present on the spot of the Trinity — St. Sergius Lavra. No less interesting is the city of the Magi — the chroniclers Ladder, existing on-site Nikandrova desert near Pskov.

In 155 AD united army of Slavs and ready to take advantage of civil war among the Sarmatians, seized the Lower Dnieper. The defeat of the Sarmatians was caused also by the fact that the Greeks Bosphorus waged war with Rome, and could not refuse to help Sarmatians.

In 330, Emperor Constantine founded the Byzantine Empire and blockaded the Bosphorus, is on the way from the "Vikings to the Greeks." Constantine imposed duties on the passage of goods were exorbitant.

Since ancient times, the Slavs lived in the Scandinavian lands in the Baltic, but because of the northern climate, these lands were poorly populated.

In 350, the sorcerer Aryag (Varyag) led a large army of Slavs that settled in Scandinavia. The main objective was to create a marine fleet of commercial and military vessels, which would open new trade routes. So there was a civilization of the Vikings. Most rasprostrannym named the Vikings was Sven (word).

In 360 the Russian plain Huns came and joined the family Slavic nations.

In 391-397 years army of Slavs and the Huns led by Grand Prince Belorevom invaded Earth Sarmatians defeated Syria and Mesopotamia, creating a serious threat to the Byzantine Empire in the east.

In 395, the Byzantine theologian John Chrysostom made a trip to Slovenian. The wise men showed him a Book Air, where it was written about the death of the legend of Atlantis. Based on notes taken at the Slovenian John Chrysostom writes, "The Apocalypse."

In 420, one of the Varangian princes settled in Britain. His name is written in the Roman Artory, in Celtic Artos, which means "white bear." But he is better known by the name of King Arthur. Artoriya teacher was the magician — Druid, who lived in the oak, Miroslav (Merlin).

In 440 the princes Slaver, faithful and Serzhen fought against the Goths. They came to help Attila.

In 452, the united army of Attila and the Slavs came to Rome. Charlemagne, later wrote: "The ancestors of Russian destroyed Rome." It should be noted that the pogroms organized churches of Rome came out of the underground Christians.

In 543, Prince Pride Belojar broke ready.

About 600 years in a cave in under Russegrade Supreme Magus All Russia ZLATOGOR (Kolovrat Putisily) were written "Russian Ark of Truth" (ancient history of the Slavic-Russo), "The Tale of Slovenske City", "The White Book" (the life of the Slavic saints) and "Volhovnik" (a set of ancient Vedic knowledge). These books were written in multiple lists. One of them then went to Andrew Bogolyubsky and was hidden in the cave church of the Intercession on the Nerl near Vladimir. According to legend, when the day of Perun (Elijah's day — 20 July), the shadow of the cross of the church fall on a massive white stone foundation, will be specified in the entry cache. The hour at which it should occur, is shown on the facade of the church.

In 655, the King of Sweden won the Ivor Denmark and killed his son-in-Yoriko. Wife, Yoriko, Ovda, Ivor daughter fled to MediaWiki with his young son Harold (Hamlet), the Slovene Ratibratu prince and married him. Harold with his stepfather's fleet came to the Danish throne, about 670g.

In 675, the united army commander Mohammed and Slavic army defeated the Byzantine Emperor Justinian II.

At 790 in the Slovenian city of New erected (the Novgorod Kremlin). In the same year, Prince Slovenian Bratislav defeated the Greeks seized Surozh.

Around 800 Slavs jammed between the empire of Charlemagne, the Byzantine Empire and the Jewish Khazars.

After an unsuccessful war with the caliph Harun al-Rashid Byzantium aggressively farmed southern Slavs (Ukrainians) and sets them against the northern Slavs Rus. About 825 years Byzantium sent a trade settlement Kiev, where he lived mostly foreigners small army led by Dir, which in 829 Kiev chose their prince. In 852, Prince Askold Russ moved his headquarters to Kiev. The Kiev throne were two Prince Askold and Dir, because there was a Kievan Rus. At the same time, the Jewish Khazars founded the city Kogan. In 858, the Khazars converted to Christianity and the town was renamed Cogan Kharkiv.

In 860, in Russian lands seized by the Greeks, for the spread of Christianity from Byzantium were sent Cyril and Methodius.

In 866, the Greeks lured Prince Askold to Byzantium and forcibly baptized him. Returning to Kiev Askold had brought Christian missionaries, but the Slavs did not want to abandon the faith of their fathers. Despite the alliance with the Byzantine Empire, joining the Kievan Rus' in 864-869 years of Polotsk and Smolensk internal situation of Kievan Rus from popular discontent Christianity was fragile. In those years, often seen "phenomenon Aria walking on clouds."

In 862 the last Slovenian (Novgorod) Prince Burivoy gathered Veche and Church of the Magi, who called sons of Prince Burivogo — Rurik, Truvor and Sineus who were in Norman lands.

The goal was the same: to help implement the Norman troops march on Kiev. By the way, the name of Rurik on Old Church means "falcon".

Faced Rurik, Truvor and Sineus, who came with an army, the prince gave Burivoy Gostomysla case his father, and he and the Supreme Magus of all Slovenia went into the holy places in Korela (Volhavu).

Coming from the brigade in Novgorod Rurik set up camp at the mouth of the Volkhov and immediately overlaid Slavs exorbitant tribute, which angered the people's lower classes led by Vadim brave, and in 864 they were against Rurik, but were defeated, and the leader is killed.

In 879, Rurik died, leaving behind a young son Igor. The army led by Prince Oleg the Wise Magus.

Prophetic Oleg army, which was attended by the Vikings, Slavs and krivichi, in 882 captured Smolensk, Lubitsch and Kiev. Askold and Dir elderly were killed.

In 911 Oleg the Wise came up with a great army to Constantinople (Constantinople), and besieged it. Rus and Byzantium signed a peace treaty. Russian merchants have the right to come to Constantinople and duty-free trade there. In a sign of victory Oleg nailed to the gates of Constantinople his shield.

In 912, the Byzantine agents in Kiev planted the tent Prophetic Oleg overseas snake the sorcerer and the Prince died. His body was in the gilded coffin was brought to the Ladoga — Igor residence on Lake Nevo (Ladoga) and buried in the mound preserved to this day.

In 930, between Byzantium and the Khazars war began. In 939, Prince Igor and Sveneld governor at the request of the Byzantine Empire were against the Khazars. Began a campaign successfully. Yet Khazaria pushed allied forces in the Crimea, although its army, and was stopped at the walls of Hersonissos.

In 944 Prince Igor with a small team went to collect tribute from drevlyan, but those indignant exorbitant exactions, killed him.

Fight with the Khazars without an alliance with the Byzantine Empire was impossible. That is why in 947 Princess Olga, widow of Igor, secretly baptized, and 959 are officially baptized and forms an alliance with Byzantium.

In 962, the adopted son of Olga Svetoslav based on squad and discontent of the people, makes a coup. Bishop Adalbert Kiev just fled. Olga was dismissed from government and the end of days in exile in the suburbs Ugric. There is also the church of St. Nicholas, built over the tomb of Prince Askold renegade.

In 969 Svetoslav triumphantly returned to Kiev, defeating Khazars. Olga, born in Vybuty near Pskov, educated in the Vedic traditions and follow them (think revenge Drevlianys), realized that her mission accomplished, and, unable to survive the sin of betrayal native faith, took poison.

Svetoslav following the Slavic tradition, was to revive the federation: Polyansky in Kiev led by Yaropolk Drevlyansky in Korosten with Oleg and Slavenskuyu in Novgorod with a young Vladimir.

Svyatoslav did not touch the Christian community in Kiev, but was soon uncovered a plot to eliminate Christians Svetoslav. Indignant of betrayal, Svyatoslav ordered to burn all the Christian churches in Kiev.

In 972, the Pechenegs attacked near Kiev Svyatoslav and killed him.

In 980 the Vikings Yaropolk was killed during the talks with Vladimir. Fratricide did Prince Vladimir of Kiev Rus. The first thing I did Vladimir, became prince — got himself a harem of three with a 800-mi concubines.

In the year 988, that would marry the Byzantine princess, Vladimir was baptized, he and baptized squad. However, the Byzantine emperor Basil II deceived Vladimir, and only when he captured the Korsun (Chersonese), Basil II had to give in marriage to Vladimir Princess Anne.

In those years, Kiev was a market town, and more than half of the population are foreigners. On August 990, the entire Russian population of Kiev was to drive into a river entourage of Vladimir, which was forcibly baptized. In 991 were baptized Novgorod. The Christianization of the country was extremely slow, with huge loss of life. However, it was necessary to leave the Baptist, as all the baptized back to St. otcheskoy faith and renounced Christianity. While preserved Holy otcheskuyu Vedic faith krivichi, radzimichy and vyatichi. How difficult was the process of Christianization of Rus, say even coins Volodymyr Triglav — Svarog, Perun and Svetovid.

Christianization of Kievan Rus' has caused irreparable damage to the Slavic peoples in the cultural and historical terms. Planks and burned thousands of ancient parchments chronicles. They burned the Magi, the keepers of knowledge and wisdom of the ages, which from generation to generation the knowledge gained. However, the ancient faith of the Slavs is not extinguished.

In 1060-1070 years in Novgorod sorcerer Jagiello Gann wrote on wooden tablets famous "Book of Veles", which included a description of the many events that took place in pre-Christian Russia. Seven hundred years, this book was in the cave and was discovered only in the late 18th century.

In 1071, in Novgorod uprising began, directed against the bishop of the Christian faith, which led the Magi Jagiello Gunn. Only murder Ghana during negotiations failed to crush the rebellion.

In 1168, Greek clergy were executed father Theodore, for the fact that he was not only a Christian, but also honored the ancient Vedic tradition. Before his execution father Theodore headed churches in Vladimir, and made great efforts to rescue the ancient Vedic books.

In 1169 the patron and admirer of Father Theodore Andrew Bogolyubsky took Kiev and executed the prince of Kiev. Pogromleny were all Christian churches.

In 1382 Dmitri Donskoi before the Battle of Kulikovo asked for a blessing to Sergius of Radonezh — Hierarchy Vedic faith. When svetlischah Vedic faith brought the temple warriors. A hundred of these soldiers was at Sergius, and they were called the "Black Hundreds." Relight the centurion and his friend Oslyabya had led the "Black Hundreds." Along with the blessing, "Black Hundred" was a good reinforcement of the army, especially in the maintenance of morale.

Relight and Oslyabya — is not Christian and Slavic names that speak directly about their owners as people completely unrelated to the Christian church. This is the answer to the question, whether in Russia disappeared Magi after baptism? No. They survived, but were forced to go underground.

Many Christian churches in the 9-10 centuries "place" in the Vedic temple tent or put in place the Vedic temples. In their basement, stored in the recesses of the surviving ancient books with the history of pre-Christian Russia.

Largely schism of the 17th century due to the fact that the Magi — the keepers of the knowledge, was ordained Christian ministers did not want to allow access to its repository of manuscripts of Greek censors.

So there was the Old Believers. However, not all the Old Believers were initiated into the mysteries of Holy otcheskoy Vedic faith.

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