Anomalous zones of the Earth


On our planet there are many apparently anomalous zones and places. There, according to UFO researchers, it is often observed a UFO. In addition, they appear in places where there are major industrial disasters, natural disasters and violent binges elements.

But often the "flying saucers" have also shown special interest in certain districts, cities, settlements and individual objects, where currently no visible to observers accidents are not marked. * However, following the logic of the behavior of UFOs, in these cases, one must still look for some abnormal phenomena of the earth *. For example, over the past 10 years in the central Ukrainian newspapers on several occasions, there were reports that as soon as the working unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are having some minor problems, above it (by the reports of operators of the plant) immediately freezes "flying disc" and disappears only when the work on the subject back to normal.

Riddles Medveditskaia Ridge

Among the steppe in the Volgograd region lies Medveditsskaya ridge, which is the abnormal area. A few years ago, researchers discovered that this natural object allows, in particular, the function of the point of intersection of the so-called three-star UFOs.

Back in 1993, researchers have been able to discover here is pretty impressive marks from the landing of a mysterious "triangle". Its "footprint" is an isosceles triangle with sides 80h80h50 meters. He is now overgrown with bushes and tall grass, and so it stands out among a field with a solid sunflower. First, local farmers would have to plow "footprint," but every time you approach it glohli engines for tractors. Now the locals just pass it around the perimeter.

On Medveditskaia ridge and in the immediate vicinity of it there are various anomalies. Living in nearby villages people have long not surprised, and even more do not frighten often flying above their heads UFOs. People watch here as an abundance of fireballs. At the very ridge of the forest areas are literally riddled with lightning. On them — a lot of trees with charred, thoroughly seasoned and intricately twisted trunks and besides, with burnt rhizomes. At the same expanse of the steppe and the country roads are quite common in the soil depth of vertical trunks up to 6 meters or more with fused edges. This is strong marks penetrating directly into the soil ball lightning.

More recently, researchers have been able to discover the mysterious tunnels under the ground along the ridges Medveditskaia. They are straight in direction and round or oval in part passes a diameter of 7 to 20 meters. As local residents have been witnessing repeated that the luminous flying objects flew straight into the body of the ridge and flew out of it, then it is reasonable scientists believe that it was a UFO are most relevant to the underground tunnels.

On the same ridge is fixed a large concentration of geopathic zones, which manifests itself through a variety of the most bizarre forms of growing trees, sometimes even completely shed their leaves and drew ugly bitch bent, as if all life warning about what is best for them does not come close.

But with a whole bunch of anomalies on the ridge Medveditskaia background radiation does not exceed the norm. And so none of the experts still can not explain how much energy so disfigures trees.

UFO tames snow storm

This took place in St. Petersburg November 15, 2001. There then raging blizzard. Hurricane-force wind picked up such high waves in the sea port, the ships stationed at the pier, fought against each other. A tanker with oil so struck on the side by a stone jetty that there is a crack.

Airport "Pulkovo" has been closed for several hours. In the terminal building has accumulated a large number of passengers who were in the evening and witnessed the miraculous phenomenon.

Around 7:00 pm through the thick veil of snow, people noticed a sudden powerful VSPOLOKH, and a few seconds later saw a bright flying object that was first for some strange flare. But it was not she, but a glowing ball of reddish color, growing in size as it approaches the observer. Having reached the runway, a glowing spherical object hovering over her. Ball, emitting light around him, though he had been waiting for this. He immediately began to rotate around its axis, and at some point, some swaying like a child's spinning top, let go of the ring itself, which immediately began to play in the multi-colored sparks constantly emit light ball. Watch it all for a short time seemed to him that hangs over them Saturn itself. A few seconds later, a blizzard over the airfield suddenly subsided. Install the complete silence and calm. Only slowly and silently rare flakes of snow were falling. People beheld the spectacle with fascination.

At the same time, over by the city of Peter the storm continued to rage.

Phenomenon over the runway lasted several minutes. At the end of their balloon drew in a sparkling ring in a matter of seconds and soared and disappeared in the zenith. After his disappearance immediately resumed blizzard and the wind picked up again, people knocked down to the ground.

UFO near Tynda

November 11, 2001 in the evening around Tynda Amur region saw a UFO. His first noticed installers, were driving home after the repair work at the relay station. They were at this time in the village of Anosov, which is 80 km from Tynda. Before people suddenly appeared the following picture: high in the sky and flew towards them a large fireball. Watch him become even seem that spherical object moving straight at them. But it before it reached the car about one kilometer, quickly dropped to a height of 100 meters above the ground and completely silently crumbled into many sparks, melted in the air.

At the same time Tynda for a few seconds dim street lights, for a short time the city was flooded with bright unnatural cold light, which caused the townspeople unconscious feeling of anxiety and panic.

Ufologists, who studied the case, concluded that the spilled ball of light was a UFO. But what about the anomalous phenomena signaled he people of this area, and remains a mystery.

Seraphim Shishkin, "Russian Peasant"

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