April 1 celebrates its birthday brownie

They say that house and still lives in every village hut, but not everyone is aware of it. Name of his grandfather, the owner, susedkoyu, domozhilom, demon-horomozhitelem, but this is it — the keeper of the home, hidden assistant masters.

Of course, he may dream tickle and crockery rattle in the night, or for tapping the stove, but it does so more out of mischief. Most important thing to — inspection of the economy. Brownie sees every little thing, constant concern is busy, that all was in order and ready: a hand hardworking, corrected mistake, he is pleasant offspring of domestic animals and birds, and he does not suffer the expense and angry with them — in short, house tends to work, thrifty and prudent. If he is housing the soul, it is the family, as if in bondage to it went.

Nameday of homes

According to ancient beliefs, the souls of the trees cut down and used to build a house, house-born master.
Brownie — the keeper of the hearth. He helps run the economy, protects property from damage, theft, and other ills, above all — by the fire. When you move to a new location hostess coal removed from the oven, put it into bast (or other shoes) and solemnly transported to a new homeland. They believed that it was in a house can turn coal, if he wants to move to a new building. The perfect gift for homes in the case of 2-3-month-old kitten, best variegated (tri-color) or striped. Kitten should immediately bring to the kitchen to the stove, put on the floor, not letting go of the hands, and say, 'I give you, house-father, hairy beast in a rich court. " If the house will "beast", be sure to take him under his wing, and can severely revenge on those who cat (cat) hurts. It is said that "he who kicks the cat, he hurt his leg, and who will kill a cat, to seven years in what success will not."

Most often, house looks like an old man with white hair overgrown person. In children, houses like balls, covered with long, stiff to the touch hair. The hands are small, soft fingers. Legs may not — then brownies move through the air, hovering in the top ten centimeters from the floor. When a person usually becomes almost transparent, and still hang from the ceiling, but sometimes start very quickly fly across the room, leaving a gray trail. In adolescence, Brownie has no sex, but for a long time living next to a man, he gradually acquires a shape, character and gender of the owner.
Different regions of the Russian house has different images. In addition to the old man's country house pretend rabbit, bear, lynx or shows a shadow on the wall. Urban homes often take the image mouse snake, weasel or a cat. In urban settle under the slab, in the oven, under the bath, in the loft or in a closet.

Favorite pastime of houses — hide and seek. He hides the right thing and having fun watching the search. That loss was found, to say: "Brownie, brownie, do not mess with me. Thing took, play — positive, return. " If he is naughty too often, so really lonely. Then after another hide and seek hint that you are not against his marriage. To do this, tie a handkerchief any except the nose, around the legs of the chair and say, "Brownie, Grandpa, here's girlfriend, take a look at it, that he took — to see."
House-wife — domoviha, homes, bolshuha, Marukh, dummy (not to be confused with the forest and swamp dummy!) Often dirty tricks and playing this trick. Rearrange furniture, shifts things to your taste, mixes thread scares children sudden clatter of heels. But sometimes it helps owners, warns them of trouble.
Usually domovuha-dummy appears as a wizened little woman, head of a thimble, foot-straw. In mid-May (during courtship house), her skin is green, and his eyes appear damn sparks. May appear and the girls with a white face, black eyes and long black hair.

At the end of the spring meetings of the holiday (with the vernal equinox and to Ladodeniya) of the Ancient Slavs began proper spring for the current calendar — April 1. This is the day of awakening houses. Slavs believed that in the winter he (like many animals and spirits) hibernate, waking up occasionally to do the necessary work on the house. And when spring comes once and for all, the main guardian spirit hearth — house — had to wake up to a clean house, clean the barn, start preparing for the planting season, lubricate the cart.
When we are in the middle of a sweet dream suddenly wake up to the ringing of an alarm clock or the sound of the voices of caring relatives, it is often unhappy with this. We yawn and grumble, why wake up so early. Children generally start to act up. A house is often the habits of the child, and after a long winter sleep wakes up is not very joyful. And then he made naughty. Then flour or grits vysyplet then stained underwear, in the peasant economy could confuse mane horse, cow scare. But you never know! ..
Of course, our ancestors tried to appease disgruntled brownie porridge, milk and bread, but is known to be attached to the bread and circuses. Such a spectacle to awaken the spirit became widespread celebrations, jokes, laughter, people in the house, who played each other all day. To make it more fun houses, the occupants wearing clothes inside out, like the spirit of ancestors, which, as you know, is his fur vest seamy, the legs certainly flaunted different socks or shoes, and in the conversation all tried to deceive each other or make a joke, to master house-father had forgotten that he had just woken up.
Over time, about the beginning of spring and the first of April cajoling brownie forgotten, but the tradition of fun, play and cheat on this day remained. Remained as saying — the first of April do not believe anyone.
The arrival of Christianity, however, has introduced the amendment. When you can not destroy people's minds is something quite old, it is necessary to fit "for themselves", as it happened with dyed eggs or carnival. That brownie select appropriate legend and even a saint. Once God "demoted" angels that have penetrated into the secret of his greatness, and cast out of heaven, defined for all time watch water, forests and mountains. Who at the time was in the house — became houses in the mountains — mountain spirit in the woods — devilry. Brownie in this version is a wingless spirit, disembodied and humble, who lives in every house, in every family. Of Satan is different because it does not do evil, but only jokes sometimes, and even provides services beloved masters. If house-live well, he acquires a wife — domovichihoy and child — domovenka. And all their family together helps people keep house, take care of pets, protect property from damage, theft, and other ills. If this kind spirit remains a bachelor, then boredom can make mischief. And began to celebrate birthday brownie not April 1 and February 10 — the day of St. Ephraim, who was born at the beginning of IV century in Nizibii, located on the border with Syria, because Syria has a nickname. In his youth he went to the mountains, where he lived as a hermit, and, after his home town captured by Persians, retired to a monastery. Wrote many hymns and prayers, and has always taught that the most important thing in the Christian life — repentance. In Russia, the Reverend has long enjoyed a special love, ordinary people willingly accepted his doctrine of repentance, however, restating in his own way: "Do not sin — not far, not yet — will not be saved." Therefore, the day of his memory, on February 10, the people in the morning went to church, and after dark sin "to the fullest", coping birthday brownie: zakarmlivali it loaded with presents, trying to please. This tradition has taken root so firmly that Ephraim was called sometimes "zapechnikom and cricket patron."
According to the news agency "Dvina-Inform", "if you want to make in your home and wound up house, find an egg laid by a rooster, and six months of wearing it under his arm. Certainly on the left. Brownie will be born and be sure to bring in your house peace and quiet "

Rare man can boast that saw houses. To do this, put on the Easter night horse collar, the cut of harrow teeth themselves, and sit between the horses all night. If you're lucky, you'll see an old man — a little like obrubochek just covered haired fur (even his hairy palms) sivogo from antiquity and dust. Sometimes, to deflect the prying eyes, he will face his host — how exactly like! In general, the landlord's house likes to wear clothes, but always manages to put it in place as soon as things are needed to man.

Lament of homes

One small Chuiko awakened by what he heard someone crying thin. Raised his head — no, quiet in the house, even little sister is fast asleep. And the parents are sleeping. And grandparents. Who's crying?
He put his head under the pillow Chuiko — no, it will not go to sleep: cry of the way. He spreads on many votes, but a sentence with prichet! Maybe it's someone crying in the yard? Kalika turn welcome?
Not sustained Chuiko, slid off the stove and carefully crept out onto the porch.
Empty in the yard, in the sky the moon is shining. A cry heard from outskirts.
Chuiko stepped barefoot in the dewy grass, and shivering so bouncing, rushed from the yard. Reached the edge of the village — and so it froze.
The moon rose high, light was almost like the day, and in this light he saw Chuiko some dwarf men, who were standing along the edge of the village, and wept bitterly in different voices. Some of them looked like a peasant Kripen'ka someone seemed older Chuikov grandfather. But all of them were dressed in peasant, in his shirt so Lapotko. Wiping away tears with their fists, they looked at the sky, and when Chuiko looked up and froze it, because he saw …
He saw a huge, half the sky in height, the rider on the white horse. The face was distorted rider martyr flour because it pierced an arrow. He urged on the tired horse, trying to get away from the chase, but it was drawing every moment, and now saw Chuiko fur hats steppe, saw their undersized, boreal and frisky horses, saw long spears in their hands Horde. And he found the dying rider. It was the will of his father?
Shouted Chuiko broke out onto the ground and unconscious. Early in the morning found his mother, who got to milk a cow Yes, enough of his son. Somehow, the boy brought to consciousness. At first, he only cried a word could not say, but the pair drank milk, pouspokoilsya — and told of a night vision.
By that time, half the village had gathered around, and adults, having heard it, looked at each other in silence. They soon realized that he had seen Chuiko house, heard their lamentations. Know — if house crying at night, it always portends trouble, and maybe the owner's death. What veschuet crying all village domovushek? And what made them couch potatoes-domozhilov to leave their house and go to the outskirts, cry there, like the ashes? I do not face a problem across the country?
— The boy saw the nomads — not whether they ought to fear? — Said Will, Chuikov father.
— Sleep is nonsense and stupid — Fly shepherd yawned. — Throw korovushek the herd, the total time to lose.
— A fool who does not honor the old and will not heed sensible advice — Will replied sternly. — If we mourn our spirits dwelling — not avoid trouble. Having made to the defense, the villagers, not to meet the enemy with his mouth open.
Many of his eagerly obeyed, many grumbled and stubborn, but in the end it took the weapon and ammunition to clean cook. At night along the edge of the village guards stood … and what? Napa did steppe to the village!
They were just waiting to find a sleepy, unarmed people, and came across a boom yes spears, but spears. Heavy fighting ensued, lasted a whole day. Gone steppe with heavy losses, well, managed to defend the village. The will was wounded by an arrow in the shoulder, but not to death.
Ache, Will smiled terrified son:
— It's all empty. There is not a warrior who has ever been hurt. But when I had not heard you crying house, it could have been worse!

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