Armchair astronaut — a strange new object on Mars


On one of the photos of the Martian species discovered a strange elongated white object, which is dubbed "armchair astronaut".

Someone David Martinez posted a video with his find on YouTube. He argues that accidentally discovered something foreign in the study of images of Mars from NASA. To a bystander it would only be confusing white spot, but this spot is quite clear structure.

Photos can be viewed on Google Mars coordinates 49'19 .73 "N 29 33'06 .53" W. Martinez calls the object "biological station Alpha" and suggests that someone lives there.



In the din object is quite large, about 700 feet wide and 150 feet (214 and 45 meters, respectively).

"It could be power or bio bin or garage or some kind of weapon, says Martinez — maybe it belongs to NASA, and someone who lives there and NASA itself did not notice that it's got the pictures."

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