Astrological duel

It was long thought that Hitler hated the various predictors and clairvoyants. Indeed, since 1933, under the ban were not only all the astrological associations of Germany, but any publications related to the prediction of future topics. But it was tough measures taken by the Nazis to the astrology, make you think, and not afraid of a Nazi unit magicians competition?

Historian Gerald Schuster puts it: "First, no totalitarian regime can not tolerate the secret societies. Secondly, becoming the leader of the nation, Hitler wanted to show the respectability of the Nazi movement and would not prevent the spread of rumors about his own concerns esoteric questions , which certainly would damage his prestige. Thirdly, as a magician, he saw the danger of other magicians, acting independently of his own will. Fourth, he insisted that magic existed only for the Nazi elite, and could only practice Order entirely by him and his desires, that is, the SS. " Such an approach spread, apparently, and astrology. The Nazis exterminated not under their control predictors, at the same time strongly privechaya his.

And, as is typical, professional astrologers and clairvoyants appeared long before the Nazi party came to power. *** One of these figures was Erik-Jan HANUSSEN, which was later called the "Berlin magician." It was said that he gave Hitler a science of mass psychology. American psychiatrist Walter Langer, who composed during the Second World War, a secret report to the U.S. government regarding the identity of Hitler, wrote: "… In the early 20's, Hitler took regular lessons oratory and mass psychology in some Hanussena — astrologer and a predictor of fate. It was an extremely intelligent and educated man who taught Hitler ability dramatic impact on the public …

Possible that Hanussena had contacts with a group of astrologers, which come at a time of heightened activity in Munich. After Hanussena Hitler also could know these people … "Eric-Jan Hanussen (real name — Herschel Shteynshnayder) was born June 2, 1889 in Vienna. He claimed that he came from a long line of Danish nobility. Actually, his father was a circus artist. And at first son went in the footsteps of his father, trying himself in different roles circus from pole vaulter to the tamer of wild animals. During World War II, while the Austro-Hungarian army, Hanussen found himself "talent seer and soothsayer" . So after the war, he began to earn a living demonstration of their supernatural abilities. In this field it is quite advanced in the 1920s, he lived in a big way, and, by his own admission, he "together successfully strengthened self-confidence and increased power over others. "

In 1931, the "Berlin magician" joined the Nazi Party and became friendly with many of its leaders and officials. Hanussen openly stated that serves as a "great ideals of National Socialism." His astrological predictions published in the party press. Nazis are visited his telepathic sessions, held in the so-called Palace of the occult. Hanussen led the audience in good-condition for its rosy predictions. But one session "Berlin magician", though he was not overly optimistic, was perhaps the most memorable. In February 1933, shortly after the declaration of Hitler chancellor Hanussen made a presentation to a special honorable audience, among whom were prominent members of the Nazi party. Going into a trance, he started broadcasting that he saw his "third eye", "I see a huge room …

Portraits of historical figures hang on the walls. They — those who lead Germany. Do not chancellor of the Reich? Yes, it's a conference room of the Office. Noise seeps through the windows. Stormtroopers move along Wilhelmstrasse. Brilliant victory. People want to Hitler. Win, win? Hitler was unstoppable. Resistance is futile. But the noise increases. What is this, the battle? Shootout? No … no … I see the fire … huge flame. Criminals have started a fire. They want to plunge Germany into chaos, downplay the victory. They set fire to a huge government building. Must crush these bastards. They want to prevent the victory of Hitler.

Only the iron fist awakened Germany can prevent chaos and incipient civil war … "As the prophecy was held the day before the infamous burning of the Reichstag, it is clear that Hanussen was privy to details of the upcoming challenge. Maybe he even took part in it. Somehow Nevertheless, Hanussen certainly believed that the prediction of the fire will strengthen its reputation as a clairvoyant. But, obviously, he could not predict absolutely everything. After six weeks on the orders of the chief of police Geldorfa he was shot in the woods near Berlin.

It is known that Geldorf Hanussenu owed a large sum of money, but if it was the reason for the punishment of "Berlin magician"? Or play a role that Hanussen knew the truth about the burning? .. We will likely never know the answer to these questions. *** Some historians have argued that because of overuse of astrology is one of the leaders of the Third Reich, Rudolf Hess made his mysterious flight from Germany to Scotland. The details of the trip are as follows. May 10, 1941, after careful preparation, Hess took off from an airfield in Augsburg on unarmed aircraft with fuel supply to one end. Hess was dressed in a form of Lieutenant Luftwaffe carried a map with the planned route.

Plane he drove brilliantly. Reaching the goal of his trip, but did not find the right place, he bailed out and surrendered to local farmers. Delivered at the Glasgow hospital, he initially identified himself as an alias, but later admitted that he — Rudolf Hess. Its quite discouraged by the fact that British officials long to grasp, what made this tour and initially refused to even talk to him. One of the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs agreed to suggestions Hess. Hess stated on behalf of Hitler that Germany would like to conclude a peace treaty with Great Britain, to stop fighting and make joint efforts to fight the Bolshevik Russia. When in Germany learned about the flight of Hess, the reaction was immediate.

Hitler ordered the propaganda minister Goebbels declare Hess crazy. Press release contained the following characteristics: "Apparently, a member of Hess lived in a world of hallucinations, causing him to think he is to be able to find common ground between England and Germany (…). National Socialist Party believes that he fell victim to insanity. And so, his action has no impact on the continuation of the war, to which Germany was forced to. " Churchill, who was convinced that Hess arrived in England on their own initiative and not to possess any authority, ordered to be treated with dignity. Hess went to London to the Tower, where he remained as a high-ranking person interned until October 6, 1945, when he was transferred to a prison in Nuremberg. The answer to the question why one of the most loyal people to the Fuehrer decided on such a mad step, in the book of Howe "Astrology: recent history, including its role in the Second World War": "The weakness of Hess to astrology strengthened his own belief that it is necessary that to do something immediately, because at the end of April — beginning of May 1941 horoscopes against Hitler looked very ominous.

Hess interpreted them in a way that he himself should take the threat hanging over the Fuehrer, to shift the risk on their shoulders (…). Repeatedly "star advisor" Hess told him that the Anglo-German relations are affected by the growing mistrust … Indeed, during this period were very dangerous (planetary) confrontation in the horoscope of Hitler. "That's the whole answer. Is? Value" STAR adviser "only hint at how one of the most high-ranking Nazis throws everything, flies to the enemy surrenders. Involuntarily Lost in thought, who was the true ruler of the Third Reich — Nazi or astrologers for them? *** However, the greatest damage to the Third Reich and the German army struck their "predictions" other people.

Was a professional astrologer Karl Ernst Kraft. Well-read and who spoke eight languages, Kraft often used his talent to predict the state of the stock market. Special trust Hitler Kraft began to use once predicted that Hitler's life would be in danger of between 7 and 10 November 1939. Indeed, on November 8, 1939 in Munich beer hall "Byurgerbraukeller" where Hitler was giving a speech, a powerful bomb exploded. Hitler saved by the fact that he finished his speech to ten minutes ahead of schedule and had to leave the room before the explosion. First, of course, came from Kraft for the Gestapo, to find out his involvement in the conspiracy. However, he was able to prove his innocence. And after some time, Hitler puts Kraft in charge of all "court" astrologers. Propaganda Minister Goebbels soon found the opportunity to use the knowledge to achieve their Kraft propaganda purposes.

Someone noticed Goebbels on the predictions of the famous Michel Nostradamus, who lived in the XVI century and left behind a series of rhymed quatrains (quatrains), which supposedly predicted the fate of mankind for thousands of years to come. Having learned that Kraft is not only well acquainted with the writings of Nostradamus, but also believes in the inevitable victory of Germany, Goebbels attracted Kraft to work in his ministry. Skillfully dissected, the medieval mystic poetry prophecy turned into a weapon of ideological war. Nostradamus wrote very vague so as not to spill the beans to the uninitiated. This made it possible to interpret his quatrains as anyone wants. Goebbels's diary from November 22, 1939 reads: "This thing we can use for a long time. I forbade the publication of all the predictions of Nostradamus.

They must be distributed handwritten, secretly … This should be a taste of something forbidden … Of course, that all this stupid nonsense must also throw and France. "Brochures with details of Nostradamus texts, made by Kraft and, of course, predicted a quick victory in Germany, distributed in France as it was occupied by German troops. One such pamphlet fell into the hands of Romanian emigrants , who lived in London, and in previous years who knew Kraft. While reading the brochure of the Romanians suspected that Kraft — one of those who can give advice to Hitler.

He decided that the British should find an astrologer who would have had an idea of crafting system and thus could indicate that it is the Council that the Fuhrer figure. Liked the idea of the British authorities. To implement it, Churchill invited to the service known European astrologer Louis de Will. (By the way, the Swiss Karl Kraft and Louis de Wohl Hungarian taught astrology at the same Bioradiologicheskom Institute in Germany.) Said that between Churchill and de Volem following conversation took place. "You know what this astrologer — Kraft?" — Asks Churchill.

"Of course I know — he is responsible de Wohl — is my colleague." "Is it possible to find the means of astrology — the oppression of their line of Churchill — what forecasts Kraft gives Hitler?" "Of course, you can — meet de Wohl — what he sees astrologer is able to see the other, or astrology would not be a science!" Churchill was very interested in what people think German astrologers as to the place of possible British landed on the continent. Astrological pattern was such that the most probable place to open a second front is the Balkans. Strategically, this option was also quite reasonable: indented coastline and its proximity to the vital centers of the enemy — Romanian oil and rocket factory in Southern Germany.

De Wohl told Churchill that astrologers will point to Hitler on Greece. Curiously, at the same time, the English General Staff developed a Balkan version of it. But as Churchill knew that Hitler's astrologers say, he ordered a development version of "North Africa — Sicily — Italy". In parallel, the British secret service were instructed to support Hitler in his delusion. For this purpose, "negligently" left to the military mind maps, dismissed rumors of the English population of intensive training for the Greek campaign.

And for the more convincing the Dutch coast was allegedly tossed the corpse of English naval officer in the plate where detailed plans landing in the Balkans. Thus, Hitler received from the chief of German intelligence Canaris "objective" validation predictions of astrologers of the impending British landed in the Balkans. As a result, the best of their unused divisions Hitler had in the Balkans, waiting for the enemy. As a result, the entire north of Africa was free from the Nazis, the Allies landed in Sicily, were her ceremonial march, moved to toe the Italian "boot" and without meeting any resistance, came to Rome. In Italy, at that time there was not a single German division!

It was only when Hitler quickly tossed back a few landing units, managed to keep the front. That's duel ended in a kind of astrological Churchill — Hitler, of course, affect the course of World War II. Krafgu this fight was worth the head: he was accused of collaboration with the enemy, sent to Buchenwald and later executed. A Hungarian astrologer de Wohl and won promotion to the rank.

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