At several sites in Minsk Lukashenka is not gaining 50% of votes

According to official figures, at several sites in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko is not gaining 50% of the vote, the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections".

As the Site, in particular, in the guerrilla zone in the polling station number 6 support Lukashenko is 43% (35% — on election day, 65% — early voting), On a plot number 7 — "a few more votes than 50%", the area number 27 — "a little less than 50%."

At the station number 8 Partyzansky election day Lukashenko supported 26% of the voters, "but with the early voting credited with 41% support this candidate. "

In the Leninsky district at the polling station number 6 Lukashenko received 39%, while support Andrei Sannikov was 25%.

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