At the metro station Oktyabrskaya explosion

In Minsk metro explosion occurred at 17:56 at the station "Oktyabrskaya", RIA Novosti reported. As the correspondent of "Belarusian News" from the scene, the explosion is at least 20 victims. About the victims are still unknown.

Explosion could cause the collapse of structures subway station, said the state agency "Belta" citing eyewitnesses. In turn, "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" from eyewitnesses said that the explosion blew the escalator.

Work at the scene of at least 10 ambulances and 12 fire brigades, of the transitions render victims, many of them with small cut wounds and stunning. "Belarusian partisan" reports the words of an eyewitness, who saw at least one man took off his feet.

At the scene firefighters launched a special technique and applied to a subway fire hoses. Near the station is also seen a large number of law enforcement officers. Panic is not observed, Independence Avenue, which leaves the main entrance to the subway, not blocked, "Interfax-West".

To nearby metro station "Yakub Kolas" and "Lenin Square" passengers are not allowed in the subway, all the traffic in the Moscow subway line shut off.

Assistant chief of the Minsk City Emergency Management Vitaly Dembowski said the cause of the explosion are still unknown. About the attacks until no one is talking, but the correspondent of "Belarusian News" compares what is happening with the terrorist attack in the Moscow subway in March 2010.

Minsk metro consists of two lines with a total length of 30.3 km and 25 stations.

According to

"At the metro station" Oktyabrskaya "strong bang was heard. Brigade left the place of MES," — said the assistant chief of the Minsk City Emergency Management Vitaly Dembowski. At the moment the circumstances are clarified.

At the station, strong smoke, is evacuated — eyewitnesses.

Square underground stations. Yakub Kolos and pl. Lenin passengers are not allowed in the subway.

TUT.BY Schetko correspondent Nicholas managed to talk to eyewitnesses. Witnesses said the explosion occurred at Oktyabrskaya station, as soon as the doors of the train, en route from Uruchcha. Exactly where the explosion occurred — on the platform or on the train, it is not known. Interlocutors TUT.BY correspondent reported seeing victims lying on the platform. A little later on TUT.BY will interview eyewitnesses.

— The explosion occurred in an escalator between the October and Kupala. I managed to get up the escalator, as the explosion occurred. It felt that the roof collapsed. She turned to see what happened, but it was all in the dust. Nothing was visible. And for a few minutes his ears — says Eugene, who was at the time of the explosion in the subway. — I heard the police are asked to leave all of the subway, then saw a woman with a bleeding head, the street was police and ambulance.

According to another witness, Sergei Sakharov, who at the time of the explosion was on the transition between Kupala and October, after the explosion of the escalator "flying debris and black smoke poured caustic. Already a second tourniquet was not visible," — said Sergey. Then both branches metro ran people …

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