Axum Obelisk

In the north, Ethiopia in the ancient city of Axum is one of the most amazing mysteries of the world. This is the highest monuments. 176 man-made granite obelisks taller than 33 meters. Their age is about 2 thousand years.

Amazingly, the old rectangular columns are made of a single stone. Who and how the data processed and erected a giant monoliths — is unclear. One thing is clear — Ethiopian natives could not do it.

According to local legend mysterious creators granite obelisks were able to melt the rock, making it soft and pliable. These technologies are still unknown. But the most surprising — it carvings Aksumite columns. On the surface they look like a modern high-rise building. They bear the image of windows and doors with locks, there are even beams, imitating the boundaries of floors. The decoration is so realistic that the columns appear in these residential skyscrapers. Amazingly, the ancient masters to recreate an exact image of the real modern high-rise buildings. Two thousand years ago, they could see the house of the 21st century?

At the end of the last century, archaeologists made a stunning discovery. Under the Aksum Obelisk was discovered a huge platform length of 20 m and a width of 80 m columns — is only the upper part of the giant structures, the tip of the iceberg. Ancient ruins still remain unexplored. Perhaps over time, people will learn how mysterious builders of the Axumite columns see the future.

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