Baalbek built aliens?

The ancient city was in oblivion, and in some books on the archeology of him stopped to mention

The history of humanity has left a lot of mysteries yet to be unraveled. One of those mysteries of the ancient buildings are now made out of huge, weighing hundreds of tons of boulders. Who were the builders of these structures? Versions are different. Some researchers suggest that the ancient people had an incredible level of knowledge and appropriate technology, others — that have participated in the construction of the aliens from other planets. Among the versions also have the assumption of the existence of people in the past giants for which such stones roll — a piece of cake.

Somewhere such facilities are affecting the imagination alone, somewhere — groups, and in some places are preserved entire cities, it is not clear by whom and how built. One of these cities is Baalbek in Lebanon, at the foot Antilivanskih mountains, 85 km north-east of Beirut, in the fertile Bekaa Valley. Therefore, we can assume that the "Baalbek" is derived from two words — "Baal" and "Beck". Baal (Baal) — is the god of thunder Phoenician, Ugaritic, generally Retenu country. In the mythology of India Wala — Thief cows that are released Thunder Indra. In Russia, Veles (Volos), as in Lithuania Wells, also a god of cattle. Other names of the city — Baalat, Heliopolis.

He was once one of the most sacred places on earth, and its temples were listed among the wonders of the ancient world. But nowadays Baalbek all forgotten — it is destroyed and razed to the ground almost thirty years of war and terrorism in Lebanon. Baalbek was in oblivion, and in some books on the archeology of him stopped to mention.

Ancient history of Baalbek unknown. Under the emperor Augustus the city was turned into a Roman colony, and there was a Roman garrison. From more ancient sources tell us indirect information on Baalbek — based on its name. There are numerous signs in Egypt, in which it is mentioned that the product Punta and divine land acquired in Retenu. Only one inscription of the Middle Kingdom (12th Dynasty) at Sezostrise III mentioned Ruzenu name — it is a very short report about the raid in this country against the people Menas. The inscription on the tomb of one of the commanders of Thutmose IV ruthenium named the land of God, after one generation of wall inscription of Amenhotep III also mentions ruthenium as the land of God. These names — "ruthenium," "Ruzenu" or "Rosen" — often found in Egyptian inscriptions of the New Kingdom as a designation of the territory from Egypt to Byblos. Galileo was called "Upper ruthenium." "Ruzenu", "Rosen" — it seems to be spelling the name, which the population of the area meant their land. So we can assume that once Baalbek had something to do with Ancient Egypt. A bird's-eye Baalbek resembles a human figure, which again can somehow indirectly "linked" to Egypt — there is a massive love symbolism.

With the arrival of Alexander the Great to the Middle East Greeks equated the Phoenician god Baal to their sun god Helios. So the city became known as Heliopolis. With the addition of the Roman Empire Heliopolis was provided for the settlement of the Legion, veterans and became the center of Roman power in the Bekaa Valley. Almost immediately after the arrival of the Romans began construction of a grand temple of Jupiter. Roman authorities sent here the best architects and engineers in all the empire. From the British Isles to Egypt were selected the most experienced builders for the construction of unprecedented shrine in honor of Jupiter, Bacchus, Venus and Mercury.

Today, the greatest and most majestic ruins are a great temple of Jupiter, which was built in the Roman period, Antoninus Pius. The temple was destroyed by time and war. Put the lid on the earthquake that happened in 1759, and now we can only see the remains of the temple itself and two large courtyard surrounded by a colonnade and a gallery with a magnificent portico at the entrance. But before, according to ancient historians, that the Roman emperors came here to offer sacrifices to their gods and ask the oracle about the fate of the empire. During the heyday of the Temple of Jupiter, standing next to the temple of Venus (now called the Temple of Bacchus) and a round graceful temple of Fortune was collected on their holidays thousands of fans, arranged the famous orgy, where a person during his lifetime trying to get the heavenly bliss.

The Temple of Jupiter is closed the entire temple complex, which consists of a hexagonal courtyard surrounded by columns, then followed the main courtyard of the acropolis. Main entrance to the colonnade of the temple complex of Baalbek led huge staircase width of 40 meters. It was an outside entrance to the temple. At the top of the stairs were two massive square tower side. They were initially stretched a small hexagonal, and then a large courtyard with a core of a giant two-towered altar. Here, near the remains of two rectangular pools. Pantheon was enclosed with a wall height of five-story building.

The building is the main temple in the depths of a large courtyard represents a rectangle of 89 x 49 meters, the roof of which rested on 84 Corinthian columns, forming a peristyle. Of these columns are now preserved only 6, with approximately 7 meters in girth and length of the rod of 19.8 meters, and with pedestal — 24 meters, all the rest is pitiful debris covering the entire area occupied by the ruins of an area of about 5 square meters. km. Construction materials are marbled limestone — stone is relatively soft, easy to work. Compared to that of the Parthenon in Athens, it may seem a dwarf.

Was a temple of Jupiter on the huge platform of boards — the terraces. The terraces were built long before the Romans in Baalbek. That is the origin of these terraces caused and causes controversy among scientists — given their weight. In the basement of the platform at a height of 8 meters are stone monoliths size 19.1 x 4.3 x 3.6 meters, weighing about 750 tons and a volume of 300 cubic meters. In the south-eastern wall of the temple grounds are nine series. Each block is about the size of 11 x 4.6 x 3.3 meters and weighing, respectively, more than 300 tons. At the same level in the adjoining south-west wall six trehsottonnyh stones, over which are three huge megalithic blocks, called Trilithon or Miracle three stones. Three granite block Trilithon sixth form visible of masonry walls.

In the 5th century BC gigantic terrace Heliopolis ranked as the wonders of the world — and rightly so. Multi-ton monolithic stone blocks with the greatest accuracy stacked on each other. They are tight fitting and stay without a binder composition. Between them is almost impossible to push through even a needle.

Among other things, the mysterious stone blocks are square holes sockets depth of 20-30 cm These jacks chain stretching almost the entire perimeter of the platform. 5-8 hole in a small block size of 1.5 x 2 meters. There they are at the base of the columns. They go where the straight line, where the right zigzag. It is possible that they provide for a more uniform redistribution of heavy loads within the stones. Such a solution is sometimes used today in large steel structures and steel castings, given the periodic exposure to them significant temperature and other factors.

Why is Baalbek causes such controversy among scientists and where did the version about aliens and giants? Because of the unresolved issue: how Trilithon stones weighing hundreds of tons hauled to the construction site of the quarry, which is located about a kilometer? Any traffic was on something of enormous blocks practically impossible — because the area between the quarry and the rocky terraces and covered hills. The blue blocks you can just roll on the logs, but the cross-country did not like them. The size, shape and weight of the blocks also would facilitate transportation. If we approach the issue theoretically, and traditionally, the drag these stones from the quarry to the city would have tens of thousands of slaves, raising concerns about the researchers. Even more incomprehensible how the stones Trilithon were raised by more than seven meter tall and mounted on the wall with such precision? The accuracy was such that, again, no binder solution was not used. This is possible only if the jewelry fitting surfaces.

By the way, Trilithon used in the construction of the temple — not the greatest. A much larger block of stone was found in a quarry near the town. This is a giant block of stone, its size is 23 x 5.3 x 4.55 meters. Weighing machine of this about a thousand tons. It was called the "Southern rock." At the moment it is the largest cut stone in the world! Its dimensions, these dry figures, blank, needed at least some comparison. For example, the distance between the two pillars of street lighting on the road is 25 meters, and there are only two meters lower. 5 meters — it has two floors. In general, people at this "pebble" looks like a little bug on a big suitcase. How, by whom and what was cut this stone? As he was about to carry? After all, his task was clearly not be in the quarry, but for something to serve.

Many members of the official historical science is trying to convince us that such a vast base of stone as the foundation for its churches built in Baalbek Romans. Valid. Construction was grand, is not it? Any Roman Emperor, planned and carried out this, would not fail to bring in the annals of history about this his act. However, none of the Roman emperors never claimed that he did something like that, and in addition, as noted by one expert, too much of a difference between the scale of the Roman temples and the ground on which they stand. In other words, the foundation built on the ruble, and the house on top — a penny.

In addition, there is no evidence that the Romans basically owned the technology with which to transport the stone blocks weighing 800 tons. Moreover, there is no evidence that would prove that any known civilizations possessed technique by which to raise such huge stones, which we see at the bottom of Baalbek! Moreover, such great "building blocks" can not just pick up until recently, no matter what construction techniques do not fit. Even the most powerful cranes — and they will not help. But recently, Bob Makgreyn, technical director of "Baldwins Industrial Services", one of the UK's leading companies to deliver the cranes for rent, said that recently designed several types of cranes, with which you can raise tysyachetonny stone and set it to a height of masonry 7 meters. Company "Baldwins" has and pivoting cranes of 1200 tons mark "Gottwald AK 912" and other companies have cranes that can lift a ton in 2000. But, unfortunately, these cranes can not move with such a heavy load — just lift. And it's still on the modern technology. Does suggest that the ancients had such a technique?

In principle, this is possible. What we know about them — the ancients? Build such colossus as the Egyptian pyramids and Baalbek — Well it had to be something to try. If our ancestors actually had some of the highest level of knowledge, the cranes they could well be. But … they were not there! Otherwise, the remains of these mechanisms somewhere someone to anything deep — but he would find.

To say that the blocks moved fortitude? Option, of course, but … We here do not mystical site where they write anything. Aliens again helped? Well, they could, of course, to help … But it may be enough to bring down all the poor little green men? No, we again do not deny the incredible possibilities of the person, including the strength of mind to carry huge blocks, and do not deny paleovizity aliens too — too much evidence of this. But let's for once try to do without such an explanation? Maybe it will turn out? .. At least, we solve a simpler problem: how would we do with our state of the art it all organized.

So, how do we modern people have been able to carry Southern rock to the site? The company's engineers "Baldwins" offered two options: the first — to use a crane tysyachetonnym put on the tracks. A good way out, is not it? That's just to make it oh so easy! This requires time-consuming pre-excavation to build a crane to move a stable, flat road. Such a road between the quarry and the temple there.

Another suggested option — instead of tap multiple modular hydraulic trailers, which can be connected to the platform for the transport of heavy loads. These trailers raise and lower loads with built-in suspension of hydraulic cylinders. To pick up a stone in his career, is necessary to get the trailer into the hole cut in the bottom of the stone block. The stone can be installed permanently on the wall at a height of 7 meters, with an earthen embankment. But no embankment near the temple were found. So leave the possibility of our age and our age will think more …

Recall the mysterious nest-holes. Put forward a version that they were used to move the blocks. As what? Handles the opposite? But again, this is not the answer on how to move the blocks.

Maybe ancient antiquated yet acted in ways that we taldychite Soviet history books — wooden rollers? True, we have already seen that the cross-country approach will not work, but, for example, the terrain is flat. And what can I try? Certainly not! Modern experiments have shown that these rollers break even under the weight of much less than 800 tons. But, let's find heavy-duty wood or stones brevnoobraznoy forms themselves lungs — not to increase the applied force. Again, do not get! According to the calculations carried out for the Southern rock movement would require the joint efforts of 40 to 60 thousand people. Although the length of the stone and huge, near as people and not put sinhroniziruesh their efforts. So the question is — how? — Remains unanswered …

Another question — how? — As for how these huge stones were cut at all. Okay, with five sides — can be understood. Tense and somehow cut down. What set them apart from the massive rock? By undermining them? Hey, this is not the land, it is a rock! Again, no response …

By the way, it is absolutely wrong to become fans of the traditional explanations. On the walls of stone blocks is clearly visible traces of mechanical — turning — processing planes. The grooves on the incisors have a diameter of about four meters! (Letters, not numbers written specifically — so as not to be tempted to think that this is a typo, and personally imagine this turning stanochek.)

In general, the issue is not as settled, let's at least try to answer the question — why? And this is — in general weakness of modern historians and researchers. The purpose of using such huge monoliths remains a mystery. Why the ancient builders had to mess around with weights, if it was much easier to break a giant monolith in several blocks of smaller size, because the installation of these units is much easier and much faster. But no! worked with huge monoliths. To assume that the ancients were looking for the easy way? But why?

In addition we should not forget about such things as sopromat — resistance materials. Use in Trilithon such huge blocks of stone — a very dangerous thing, because any vertical crack in the stone could lead to a serious weakening of the assembly. In contrast, a defect in the smaller blocks can have no effect on the strength of the assembly. But again — no! Used monoliths.

On this occasion, the press somehow slipped version put forward by one of the official historians. Name will not be called, so as not to disgrace pundit once again — on it and so quite a good laugh. It is speculated that the ancient builders just in a hurry and they were more profitable and easier to square and deliver the place one large stone, than two small ones. Wow easier — considering all of the above!

Maybe there is no point at all in trying to imagine how tens of thousands of people doing their best to move and lift vosmisottonnye lumps? How then will we be able to break the deadlock and that one would think the intentions of the builders of Baalbek? On the one hand, they seem to have been completely, totally sure that their building material did not have any defects. No cracks, no nothing. Let's say they are in this one hundred percent sure. What has been achieved so sure? What methods they "scan" a stone? As "climbed" into and understand that and within no defects? Another mystery.

And still no answer to the question: why, well, that's why they took it? Maybe they thought that use large blocks — more advantageous in terms of the construction of the fortress? They say, the bigger — the more reliable? There were no engineers, which would make the appropriate calculations? But here, as at the Stanislavsky not believe it! So, all designed to fit the surface of the jewelry — and not be able to do much more than a simple calculation?

Maybe just because they did not care — what stones laying, big or small — with their then-highest level of technology? Ancient baalbektsy laid in the foundation of larger stones, hoping that they will become more solid foundation to the colossal construction that was planned to be built on this platform. But not built. And the Romans then built the same church, "a penny."

For this version is the fact that the construction of the platform is not complete. For example, Trilithon rises above the other rows of masonry and is integral with the platform. All this is clear evidence that the building was suddenly interrupted. A Southern rock in general was left with one side not separated from bedrock quarries. This is what again is clear — they could not. Here you can remember the funny version of that ancient baalbektsy hurry. Hurry up — and therefore take great stones, hurried — and therefore not done. Hurried to where? Maybe go? .. Or does not hurry?

But the temple of Jupiter — which is "a penny" — in fact built by the Romans. It all fits. He, of course, the epic, but the question of how it was built, not cause.

Speaking of the church. The fact that he was a Roman — this is without a doubt, therefore, here to talk about religion is not necessary. Here are the religious views were those who built the platform? Aluf Michel, former curator of Baalbek, wrote that "nowhere does not clearly indicate which explains religious role of Baalbek." The key to unlocking the potential can give … Romans. Why they built their temples are Jupiter, Mercury and Venus?

Why did the Romans and the early civilizations of the Middle East in general there was a cult of the three gods? Main information give us the Greeks, who called Baalbek Heliopolis — City of the Sun. According to ancient legend, the god of the sun Helios and rode across the sky in a chariot, and Baalbek was supposedly the place where the chariot stopped to rest. Can you explain this legend need such a powerful base platform at Baalbek? Perhaps, after all there is some truth in the hypothesis Sitchin about Nibiru?

Who is Zechariah Sitchin — long story. Those who are fond of alternative history, knows it. For those who do not know, there's a great chance to get a lot of fun by reading his work. They are sold and there is the Internet.

Sitchin found striking geographical evidence that Baalbek was the Flood main landing site for the gods. With hindsight it seems obvious enough, but Sitchin no one ever noticed that a huge stone platform at Baalbek is located exactly in the middle between the pyramids of Giza and Mount Saint Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula.

This mountain — one of the most sacred religious sites in the world, — and this is even more important — the highest mountain in the Sinai (2900 m above sea level). To the south of it — Mount Sinai height of 2,500 meters. Mount Sinai and Mount Saint Catherine together form an impressive biceps peak, which corresponds to the two main pyramids of Giza. Can you imagine what a geometric correspondence (Giza — Sinai — Baalbek) arose by chance?

The pyramids of Giza were originally lined with polished slabs of white limestone, so you can see with the naked eye from a distance. Maurice Chatelain, former NASA researcher, as a leading developer in the project "Apollo Moon", noted that "the space of the Great Pyramid is visible on the radar screen is much better because of the slope of its walls, which reflect radar rays are perpendicular if they are falling at an angle 38 degrees to the horizon. " Maurice Chatelain estimated that the pyramid was originally a "radar reflector setting factor of 600 million for the wavelengths of 2 cm." If we translate this into the language is not thoroughly versed in the matter, it means that the Great Pyramid was extremely powerful reflector!

How does all this explains the who, how and why build Baalbek, still unclear. Really old actually had such a high level of knowledge and technology? Or is it will again have to go back to, from what we have deliberately moved away — to newcomers? Or here we can talk about disappeared in the face of the Earth clean of human civilization? One thing is clear: the picture of the past of mankind, the history of civilization is far from complete and contains a number of puzzles and blind spots. She is like a puzzle, which is missing more than half the pieces, and they all — key.

Only a few decades ago, there has been questioned Hittites and the Sumerians, but now it is proved that these people are not part of the myths — they lived in reality and created their culture. Pre-written pages of history can be changed only by new discoveries. Meanwhile, giant terrace of Baalbek keep his secret. One hundred percent clear only one thing: a civilization that left behind these giant structures, which has such technical possibilities, which people following centuries could only dream of. And we, in principle, too, can only dream … Where are we with our "Gottwald AK 912" to the old!


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