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Instead of passively watching dreams use them to fulfill their desires [discussion]
Svetlana COUSIN

"Obsessed programmers"

In the Russian Internet for several years now "lives" an unusual group of "hackers dream." In fact — this is research-play association of enthusiasts trying to use magic methods expert on shamanism Carlos Castaneda, the Chinese Book of Changes, "I Ching," Kabbalah. By keeping diary of dreams and remembering where they are virtual adventure, "hackers" have made a conditional card snovidnogo the world, and with the orientations of the world. They believe that the dream all people fall into the same illusory city that is the epitome of all the cities he had seen the man. Just everyone has there own habitat, its center or home. But there is a lot in common: prison, airport, bridge. In addition, there are many places chimerical "lower worlds", "zone of disasters", "labyrinth". And in this world, even the members of the group to date and meet! In cross-validation descriptions of places, they say, one hundred percent match.

Mapping snovidnogo world as convincing authors of the site, going through some kind of special "hacker" program, designed to take control in the "programs" of dreams. Sounds agree, fantastic.

— Of course, it's hard to believe — confessed to one of the forums group leader Sergei Izrigi. — Psychologists have even called us "possessed by programmers" — people who perceive the real world as a kind of "universal supercomputer operating system." In fact, we are convinced of the opposite: each program is the "world" acting under its own laws. Travelling through these "worlds", "hacker" gains the ability to break complex information systems, and even such as the world of our dreams — the most complex "program" of the human brain.

"Hackers" talk about algorithms "brain programs" in the lingo — we will not bore them to the readers. Curious as we refer to their website From myself to add that in this project we liked the idea only: a detailed mapping of the world our nightly dreams as a useful method of self-discovery and a fascinating quest. All the rest — in doubt. And whether it is possible to intervene in the stories of dreams and change them at will?

Multidimensional world

On the possibility of manipulating the unconscious known by our ancestors. Thus, the priests of ancient Egypt before bedtime focused on the idea of the deity, which would consult. Later, some writers, artists began to try to create a dream. So, Robert Stevenson insisted that invented plots of his novels, snoring under the covers. A Salvador Dalí insisted that the first "writing" his pictures in a dream, and then endured what he saw on the web. Travel the multidimensional worlds of yoga and shamans during meditation.

Bring a scientific basis "hacker break-ins" Dreams come from psychologists only in the early 1990s. Textbook has been translated into all the languages of the world book of the same Castaneda's "The Teachings of Don Juan." The author first told about how he learned to control his dreams of the Mexican shaman Juan.

— Then many of my patients have tried to reproduce the well-known exercise Castaneda — to raise in a dream (!) Hand and look at it — says psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Sergei Vygonsky. — This was the first step to managing the "night" reality.

In addition to specific exercises, machines began to appear on management of dreams. The center sleep study at Stanford University neuroscience Dr. Stephen LaBerge developed an electronic simulator «DreamStalker». The device according to the movements of the eye caught the dream phase and gave a special character in the form of flash.

«DreamStalker» — is a soft mask with electronic board that fits over the eyes. During the phase of dreaming eyes start to move — and the device includes a light and sound signals. It serves as a clue who wants to manage their sleep. After established that any signals from the outside — for example, the alarm clock or phone — during sleep can achieve consciousness. The brain normally processes them in relation to the subject of sleep — you will see, for example, the flashing light in the room and hear the horn. Tuning into this in advance with the appearance of such tips, you will be able to say, "So it's a dream!" And from that moment begin to manage them.

In Japan, the device sold under the name "Master of Dreams" — it soothes and relaxes a person during sleep. However, any devices yet disturb the natural sleep. Therefore, experts urge enthusiasts to manage the old dreams — with the help of special exercises, reminiscent of meditation.

— Managed dream — a kind of self-hypnosis during a trance or hypnosis, — says Dr. Vygonsky. — That is why dreams can be useful if you have clearly put in front of the problem and will try to play it in their sleep. For example, to overcome great fear, to overcome the disease, awaken creativity and even improved in the professions. So, once the German psychologist Paul Tolley decided to teach lucid dreaming skiers, jumping from the springboard. When athletes began to make jumping in a lucid dream, practicing it difficult elements, the injury rate dropped sharply in reality, and the results have improved. For researchers were surprised that the body remembers the skills learned in a dream.

Learn this method from 2 months to 1.5 years. Given it is not easy.


And the "hackers" get enough sleep?

— Management of dreams does not lead to insomnia, none of my patients have complained, — says Dr. Vygonsky. — After this night's work does not happen every day. And both managed and ordinary dreams occupy only part of the time when a person is asleep. In addition, any activities with dreams usually lead to the fact that a person is established individual sleep duration.


How to manage bed to solve their problems

You have to remember and write down in detail dreamed at night in the diary.

Learn how to book a dream. Before going to bed lie on your back, arms stretched along the body. Take a few deep breaths and say to himself: "At night I dream a dream that will help me solve the problem of such and such …" mentally run through all the key points of the problem. Do not go into details — they are already in the subconscious. You just need to enter the data into memory and to "show" the subconscious, that is most important to you. Then again, "I will have this dream, and I can remember it." If you're sick, you concentrate on the area of the disease and begin to himself steadily and slowly say, "Everything passes, everything goes …" So how would you give the task to your subconscious mind to find the cures in a dream. After the "order" immediately go to sleep.

The brain starts the process of dreaming every 90 minutes. Phases of dreams last about 10 minutes. During the night one can see four or five dreams. If you wake up at this moment, we can recall in detail the entire dream. You can learn to wake up after a phase during the night and take notes without breaking further sleep. Some are trained as follows: record dreams in the morning with my eyes closed, and after a while they manage to wake up by the end of each of the phases of sleep. For starters, you can start the alarm for every 90 minutes, just program it to the relaxing music.

Waking up, with the help of dream books analyze the images of dreams. Maybe you do not get an answer right away, but it can come during the day — a walk, work, and, like a flash, will solve the problem.

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