Britain refuses to Mom and Dad

British authorities in the near future are going to delete the words "father" and "mother" of the questionnaire completed for a passport. Instead of the words under pressure defenders of gay rights in the applications to the term "parent one" and "parent two."

The change in the profile will be made until December 2011, so as not to create problems for same-sex couples who are raising children. The documents, acquired, by the newspaper, the amendments made lobby group Stonewall, advocates for the rights of sexual minorities.

Gay rights advocates argue that the Gay in the UK is up to 10% of the population.

Office for National Statistics data, however, show that this is a significant exaggeration: according to polls, gay and bisexual people make up only 1.5% of the population of the United Kingdom. 94% of respondents claim to be heterosexual. The rest either refused to answer questions about his sexual orientation, or as an orientation point something else.

Earlier, remove some of the personnel form of the word "father" and "mother" set out to the U.S. State Department, said

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