By 2015, the Armed Forces will be formed sniper units

By 2015, the Armed Forces will be formed sniper units

As passed February 21, RIA "Novosti", the creation of units of snipers in the Army, where they will be serving contractors who have been trained in sniper school, completed by 2015 This was said in an interview with RIA "Novosti" Commander Col. Gen. NE Postnikov.

Special sniper units currently being formed in the Southern military environment — within the framework of the reform of the army. Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov in September 2011 stated that the individual sniper units recently will be made in each brigade of the Armed Forces.

He noted that the creation of units of snipers in the NE, staffed by Prof. soldiers who have been trained in the schools of snipers, as in the cycle of fire training, absolutely plan to finish 2015 g

According to Makarov, at the present stage of the value of the shooters, snipers increases — and including in the fight against terrorists.

Speaking about the formation of a new standard sniper units, Postnikov said that at present formed a multi-level multi-stage system for the selection of snipers. In addition, it comes to preparing a sniper in the division and, with it, a self-training. He added that snipers employees under the contract will be times, once every 3-4 years, held special training in training centers.

In the words of the commander in chief, the instructors who work in schools training snipers in the district training centers, will certainly go through a cycle of fire training near Moscow, in SOLNECHNOGORSK.

Postnikov said that in sniper schools training is on a special program that provides for the mastery of a sniper whole set of knowledge and skills, including to restore army aviation to adjust artillery fire, also kontrsnayperskoy training.

The Commander in Chief said that due to the huge variety of fire missions, armed units of snipers foreseen some types of rifles. According to the Commander in Chief, except guns and scopes, sniper equipped with a pair of binoculars, compact laser device intelligence and means for determining the initial data for the shooting. Collective and personal equipment sniper pair includes clothing, gear, Sniper complex and other property.

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