By 2017, the Army increment the number of employees under the contract

By 2017, the Army will increase the number of employees on contract

As informs RIA "News" in the Army Russian Federation to the fraction of contract 2017 amount to 40 per cent.

As commander in chief said CB Colonel General Alexander Postnikov, in the current work is underway to improve the bit of military NE contract in positions of sergeants and a fighter. By the end of this year, the Army of the number of troops should be 25 per cent, and 2017 g — about 40 percent.

In order to increase the prestige of military service have been developed proposals for improving public packet. Some of these proposals have already been adopted. It is about contentment currency, clothing and food security. Here are some numbers: the monthly allowance of foreign exchange ("naked" salary exchange content with the addition of seniority / currency allowances given the "average" level of allowances) arrow in rank "ordinary" seniority of two years from January 1, 2012 is 16,500 / 31,000 rubles, and the deputy commander of a platoon — "Sergeant," with 10 years of seniority — 23.500 / 50.000 rubles.

Alexander Postnikov said that in the past year for the Army purchased more 10,000 pieces of military cars and armored vehicles. In 2012, the Land troops will more 2,000 armored personnel carriers.

In military units are now Atlet different modifications, BTR-82A, KamAZ and "Ural", armored cars carrying up to 2.5 tonnes, and other equipment.

Earlier Anatoly Serdyukov said that the defense ministry start buying BTR-82A. These machines — the result of deep modernization composed before our army armed with BTR-80 and BTR-80A. According to the developers, the new "armored personnel carriers" outperform older brothers own almost all indicators. Was developed more powerful — 300 horsepower — a diesel engine, was markedly enhanced permeability and in the criteria for off-road. On the body of the machine is installed inside antioskolochnaya protection — for extra safety of the crew. Coefficient of combat effectiveness of BTR-82 and BTR-82A increased 2-fold, respectively, compared with the BTR-80 and BTR-80A.

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