By 2020, an old tool in the missile forces remains

By 2020, the old weapons in missile troops will remain

February 21 RIA "Novosti" reported from the Saratov region, that the proportion of new weapons in the Strategic Missile Forces mission (SRF) Of Russia is currently 30%, but by 2020 97% was reached. This was stated by the Commander SRF Gen.-Lieutenant S. Karakayev.

He expressed the hope that by 2016 the Strategic Missile Force fraction of new weapons will be more than 60%, and by 2020 g — 97%. This is Karakayev said at a meeting of Dmitry Medvedev with the commanders of missile regiments.

The general said that with the support provided by the president of the Strategic Missile Forces, troops will grow briskly. Now, ka said Gen., at the stage of the rocket re are 3 missile division, and 2 of them will graduate from these activities in 2012

In his Karakaeva lasts well and the development of new tools. In the current being conducted development work on products, today more efficient from the standpoint of overcoming U.S. missile defense system.

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