By 2020, the Russian army will be significantly rearmed

By 2020, the Russian army will be significantly rearmed

Already 2020 According to experts, the Russian army in the new standards of military equipment will be about 70%. According to their calculations, the modernization of the Russian Armed Forces could spend 19 trillion. rubles.

This figure is voiced during the round table "municipal Bimbo programm weapons and military-technical values of the Russian Army, "where questions podymali future development of Russian Armed Forces.

Over the coming decades, according to professionals in the Russian Air Force will be delivered around 1,000 aircraft and 500 helicopters of various types. 200 air defense systems, which will go into a single set of ASD, will receive army. Not counting the fighter fifth generation of aviation appears brand new appliances, designed for distant aircraft.

Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of the magazine "National Defense" believes that the basis for the re-applets should be the priorities.

"The strategic nuclear forces will be upgraded first. Probably make a bet on the development of the RS-24" Yars "- solid-fuel ballistic missiles. This rocket capable of carrying six nuclear warheads, is also able to overcome promising missile defense system, "- says the analyst.

According to the views of Korochenko the priority areas and will include the development of precision tools — various bombs and missiles with new guidance system. It will also develop computer technology for the control of forces — the so called ACS (Automatic system control). The large-scale modernization of waiting and submarine fleet.

During the implementation of applets, According to experts, it is necessary to reduce the backlog of Russia from Western countries in the production of military equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, separate samples of armored vehicles.

Roundtable participants also expressed confidence in the fact that the bulk of new weapons will be purchased from Russian producers.

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