By Kuban PR bombing of the Russian Federation: On the ideological front, the situation is critical

By "Kuban" PR bombing Russia: on the ideological front the situation is criticalI gazed on the web description of the events in New Jersey. Whatever the disaster that occurred there, here I give you my word spice should be noted that the overall thrust of the discussion in the blogosphere obviously against the state. Unusual in that there is nothing the authorities constantly give reasons in order to them, to put it mildly chide (not to say — hang on the trees), but at least some more or less strong government should deal with anti propaganda. And the almost complete absence of this propaganda and rushed at me.

Even on my forum its people, who certainly does not belong to the government, and just stare at the situation soberly, were in the minority. More Moreover, their performances once looked rather pale and deliberately — because they like through the power of work out room. It reads not so much about the helplessness of their argument — get a great work done by the other direction. Which, as time is likely fueled by various external forces. "External" — in this case, is not synonymous with "foreign" faster, it says on the attitude to the disaster itself in Krymsk — which for these forces is an inventory, not the main problem.

And here is the time to remember my predictions beginning of the year, when I wrote that Putin, whether he likes it or not, should be the last time to begin "cleansing" of the modern Russian "elite". Just resources to keep it the same composition has not — so that a substantial reduction in its only a matter of time. Another thing that decide who can now reduce Putin — and many would very much wish he had lost such ability. And it needs to deligitimizirovat him as a figure with a mandate from the people. Including — and the cleaning of the elite.

Let me remind you that the unfortunate "Swamp" process, according to the views of many noble (so for me it is exact) professionals, coordinated and funded by the so-called "family" group. This world view, by the way, is not contrary to the views expressed above — as one of its objectives clearly articulated — delegitimize today's Russian power. And the fact that Putin is unlikely to be at any cost to bail out "family" — not a huge revelation. So they just have to be interested in him the full attenuation.

And the attack on the power of the blogosphere (including obviously suspicious information, type "mobile jammers," which, allegedly surrounded the Crimean) obviously aimed at achieving the same goal (though power, including regional, doing everything , so people took it as specifically enemy), which gives reason to believe that this activity and have any coordinators and sponsors.

But in power, including personally Putin, apparently, such a system there is no ideological support. Moreover, young people, which is now a TV set does not look obviously stretches to the patriotic ideas, but at the official level, it does not pull its support. The authorities apparently financed anti-Soviet war films and topics aimed at the erosion of patriotism, patriotic theme is not supported by official publications, and the activity of individuals apparently rammed silly and, in almost all harmful background. Moreover, the central part of the state apparatus, obviously controlled by the "family" group (which have called these people for almost 15 years) has been extensively destroys all germs constructive activity that occurs in our country.

Given the events in the Krasnodar region, I would have said that Fishing season now the situation became critical. In the spring, I mean that he has the time until at least mid illumine. It is now clear that it is very reduced — a few weeks of activity and such a vote of confidence, which he received at the March election, melt away like shagreen. And to do nothing is impossible — because even those relatively intelligent people who put Putin at certain positions can not get through an old machine made Zahav as ideological as well as administrative and personnel.

Putin should urgently solve at least two problems: first, 1-x, make your institute ideological conflict within the framework of the current Russian Federation and in-2, make your own, is not controlled on this day the obvious political opponents, human machine. There had, of course, and economic tasks, but these — the political, the most important and urgent cases. If you do not — for him it will be very expensive.

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