By the 129th anniversary of the birth day or Budionov

Exactly 129 years ago, April 25, 1883, was born the famous marshal three times Hero of the Russian Union Semyon Budyonny.

Semyon Budyonny was born in a family of farm laborers on Don's Farm Kozyurin. Not counting the seeds have been Budyonny another 10 children. With eight years Simon helped my father and rotten the secured merchant, was an apprentice blacksmith. Every day a young man was fond of all the stronger horses and trick riding, which led to the essence of his whole future life.

By the 129th anniversary of the birth Budionov

In just 20 years, marrying Budennogo called up for military service, enlisted in the cavalry.

Known fascinating fact related to the service Budennogo in the cavalry. During the training of dressage over rookie Budennyi decided to make fun of one of the officers. He gave the order to ride the most zealous Budyonny horse and gallop in part on it at a gallop. Budennyi without problems cope with the task. Stallion tossed about in all directions, but to throw its rider he could not. Then Stealther stallion decided to scare a quality rider and ran to the fence stabbing. Budennyi not confused — he also kicked his horse, pulled the reins, and the stallion jumped over the fence.

Come 1905 year. Dragoons intensively discussed the action taking place in the country. At one point, the commander of the regiment in which he served Budennyi, decided to test the fighters and several of them asked the direct question: "To serve and how to relate to the revolution?" Many of the fighters were lost, not knowing what still must be answered. Budennyi as confidently reported: "I serve the King and Fatherland." Future reddish commander meant it. He fought bravely in the fields of the First World War and was awarded the 4-crosses of St. George and 4 medals, rising to the rank of senior non-commissioned officer.

By the 129th anniversary of the birth Budionov

After the October Revolution of 1917, the army was declared demobilization and Budennyi, as well as thousands of other soldiers, he returned home. In civilian war Budennyi Simon and his younger brother Dennis were on the side of the Bolsheviks. And then began his military career giddy Budennogo. In 1919, at the personal advice Kliment Voroshilov Budennyi was accepted into the ranks of the Bolshevik Party and was appointed Army Commander 1st Cavalry.

In the first three five-year career Budennogo Russian government continued its rapid ascent, and in 1935 he was in the top five of huge Russian generals had just awarded the title of Marshal of the established Russian Union.

But sadly recognizable came in 1937. Came over and Budennyi. According to the legend, which, of course, not much different from the historical truth, the marshal met with a sword in his hand and a cry of "Who's first?" Take an armed marshal did not dare. The next morning Nikolai Yezhov told Stalin about the night incident and insist on the arrest Budennogo. To which Stalin replied: "Well done Simon, so they need!" Then Marshal no longer bothered.

By the 129th anniversary of the birth Budionov
S. Budennyi and Voroshilov

Lofty Russian war began. In the first days of the war Budyonny was appointed one of the deputy commander of the Western Front. But by July 9, 1941 Budennogo reappointed to the position of Commander in Chief of the South-West direction (South-Western and Southern fronts). From September to October 1941 Budennyi commanded the Reserve Front, and from April to May 1942, he was appointed commander in chief of the North Caucasus direction, from May to August of the same year Budennyi served as commander of the North Caucasus Front. In 1942 Budennyi was relieved of his command and already the following year he was appointed to the post of commander of the cavalry of the Red Army, becoming a member of the Supreme Military Council of the People's Commissariat of Defense.

By the 129th anniversary of the birth Budionov

After the war, Budennyi took up the post of Deputy Minister of Agriculture. In this role, he developed the horse breeding, developing rapidly, and other agricultural issues. Budennyi became the creator of the fundamental work devoted to topical dilemmas breeding in horse breeding and horse breeding. In this work Budennyi as unrivaled expert on horses, who devoted their entire adult life, considering the following questions: a system of measures needed to improve horse breeding, led to the concept of breed, pure breed and purebred, described the breeding work in the horse breeding and horse-breeding, breeding horses particularly noted Budennovskaya and Terek rocks who have won worldwide recognition. Its findings are used by breeders around the world.

By the 129th anniversary of the birth Budionov

Budennyi showed himself as a municipal worker on as a member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, delving deeply into all areas of life in the country and society, helping local authorities took an active role in the improvement of the legislation of the Union of Russian.

Budyonny lived a long and colorful life — he died at the age of 90 years, October 26, 1973. Buried famous marshal on Red Square, near the Kremlin wall.

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