By the shores of Libya slung over 4 thousand Marines

By the shores of Libya slung over 4 thousand MarinesYesterday, March 23, the U.S. sent into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea more than 4 thousand sailors, as well as the Marines. Military unit composed of the number of military personnel on duty special landing craft "Bataan", the main base is located in the state of Virginia, and 22-th separate expeditionary battalion of marines from the naval base at Little Creek. This was said to the press office of the commander of the 2nd Fleet, United States, indicating that the unit will accept a role in passing in Libya military operation.

Stephen Yoder, commander of the group, said the decision to hold the deployment taken previously scheduled date, it is connected with the "urgent necessity due to the situation in the region and directly in Libya. " According to Yoder, "sent amphibious ships adapted to high-quality execution of many tasks — from the delivery of humanitarian aid to the role of operations in the theater of operations, as well as the safety of the sea."

According to the newspaper "Sight", during the day or Wednesday 23 March Air Force struck the Western coalition air strikes on the next Libya. Thus, the rocket attack was led once again by Gaddafi's residence in Tripoli. As well, the combined forces of the Western coalition was subjected to rocket attacks military and civilian targets in the town of Jafar, located to the south-west of the capital.

Libyan media report a bolshennom the number of victims in the middle of the civilian population from attacks BBC West, this is due to the fact that the missile strike has had not only on military targets, and the residential quarter on the outskirts of the Libyan capital. "The bombs dropped by colonialist aggressors Tajura district, fell on a residential block. In the end, killed a great number of civilians ", — told the Libyan military source, he also added that the target of a "third strike" were rescuers who conducted the search for the dead and the wounded after the first attacks.

Earlier Wednesday, the media of certain Western states said they made inside the coalition appeared severe disagreement built-command of the political structure to conduct a Libya military operation.

Of the various sources of media information arises, France, Germany and Turkey are opposed to the transfer of control actions in Libya NATO military spice. In turn, Italy and Norway have said they would not join roles in the operation as long as it is not led by NATO.

Also in the environment close to the evening, it became clear that the head of the operation "Odyssey. Dawn "will probably England. At the same time, according to a source in Brussels at the ongoing meeting of the NATO Council ambassadorial its member states have not come to the same views.

At the same time, the Pentagon denies the allegations of bolshennom the number of victims in the midst of the civilian population Libya. Huber said that now there is no evidence confirming the death of civilians as a result of rocket and air strikes by allied forces on military targets in Libya. Earlier, the Libyan authorities informed of the framework of 10 victims of innocent people died as a result of bombing by Allied Forces, according to the data provided by the Government of the Gaddafi regime, the number of fatalities in the middle of a lot of ladies as well as kids.

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