By the Volga River on the escalator

By the Volga River on the escalator

Stairs on the downhill area of Fame Samara can change the escalators. Such a proposal was sent by the city authorities in the Government of the Samara region. Glass escalators posodeystvuyut disabled, children and citizens quickly cross through the area on the waterfront. But the outlook of professionals to implement such a plan is considered to be very expensive.

Glory Square in the town of Samara ( is the calling card of the town. The view on the Volga river embankment and forest area, which is located across the river, attracts to it place all holidaymakers, tourists and local residents. They love to walk there on weekends or Happy holiday, walking, taking pictures on memory. Here meet and greet the dawn graduates salute in honor of the majestic prazdnichkom. But the descent and ladder This common place leaves much to be desired vacation. Lawns need to be cleaned, repaired stairs. We need to do a modern landscaped area that would generally cultural public place to do but wish to litter, graffiti draw. No wonder they say: being determines consciousness.

The fact that the descent to arrange well, no one doubts, that's just the availability of funds for this purpose may not be enough.

So far the authorities have not given a response to the invitation management department. Project asks detailed research and consideration, as well as a clear calculation. This offer is not just for improvement, there is need to introduce new technologies, the development projects of the escalator, its calculation and the need to double-moves the tape. The Department proposes to establish an overhead crossing of the avenue, and it should be a constructive continuation of the escalator. Great news is that department was able to raise this issue and put up for public discussion. Need a design approach to the project, and over it will still have to work and the designers and engineers.

Price of the project can be from 15 to 35 million rubles. The amount will depend on the number of stages and the length of stairs.

Samara residents, as well as European citizens, create your own hunt city well equipped and comfortable to use closed escalators on steep and long climbs that would be in any weather in Samarato reach loved ones recreation areas. The idea of creation of the escalator closed for the town is more applicable because city located in the area of climate-threatening winter with snow drifts and ice.

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