Celebrated 105 years since the birth of our day or majestically compatriot S.P.Tsaritsa

2012 year — Year sonorous dates and anniversaries. January 12 this year, a prominent Russian scientist and designer Sergei Pavlovich Queen would have turned 105 years old. If we talk about the people who spent his adult life intended to work for the good of the future of their own country, then Sergei Pavlovich, of course, refers specifically to this cohort of people.

Sergey was born in the town of Zhytomyr Queens January 12, 1907 in the teacher's family. His father was Paul Y. Queens, engaged in teaching, and my mother — Maria N. Queen (Moskalenko), which also had a teacher's diploma.

His training young Sergei began in Kiev, where he began to attend the preliminary courses, and a few years later became a first-grader Odessa High School. But in the gymnasium future designer studied for long, because the school was closed due to the change of power in the country. Because the Queen had to comprehend the basics of home-school criteria. His teachers were the mother and step-father (ancestors divorced when Sergei almost three years old). Stepfather of Sergei Pavlovich — Gregory Balanin received an excellent education. In 1904 he graduated from the St. Petersburg Pedagogical Institute, in 1909 received a diploma electromechanical engineer in the German Mittweida, and in 1913, commits the Kiev Polytechnic as an engineer-technologist.

Biographers Sergei Queen inclined to think that specifically Gregory M., The Queen's stepfather, so positively affected the interests of its own stepson. During his training in the construction of the Odessa vocational school Sergei Pavlovich showed uncommon enthusiasm for the various types of equipment. After exploring in 1921 with a group of young pilots Queens chose a main mission — aeromodelling and the subjugation of heights.

Two Queens, Sergei was a student of the very Kiev Polytechnic, which once he graduated from his stepfather. After these 2-year Sergey Queens is in Moscow, where he enters the Moscow Higher Technical School. During training at the Metropolitan Higher Technical School of the Queens Own showed great talent, which formed the basis of all his subsequent work. Contemporaries testified insatiable craving young Sergei Pavlovich to engineering research in the field of aircraft building. Gliders "Red Star" and "Koktebel" became the first big success of the young designer. And the creation of the ultralight aircraft SC-4 showed all the potential queen of truly limitless.

Fateful for Sergei Pavlovich was meeting with Tsiolkovsky. This event is dedicated to the whole sculpture in Kaluga. But over the fact whether this meeting was in fact, the debate so far not subside. Relatives Queen say that Sergei Pavlovich and Tsiolkovsky met in 1929, after the Queens and the "sick" gallakticheskimi expanses. In principle, in fact quite and principal, is it true meeting of 2-geniuses or this is fiction, but the fact remains that by the early 30's Sergei Pavlovich think seriously about how to conquer gallakticheskie place.

In 1931, thanks to the enthusiasm Sergei The queen in Moscow there is a group of eminent research Jet Propulsion — GIRD, on the basis of which designer began work on a rocket ship. Within two years after the creation of GIRD hosted the first successful launch of a liquid ballistic missile.

1938 was the first year in the life of a black Queen. In June, he was arrested and convicted of sabotage because far not all made rocket successfully podymali the sky. And from 1939 to 1944 Queens held in camps. The most unusual thing is that the years of camp life is not extinguished in the Queen of his research fervor and set it against his own country. It is said that while serving a specific conclusion of the Queens met with yet another superb Russian designer Andrei Tupolev, with whom they share (in the "sharashka") developed bombers Tu-2 and Pe-2.

In 1945, Sergei Pavlovich Queens was included in the team of professionals who have been targeted in Germany in order to conduct research captured equipment. Since September 1945 he began his active work in the defeated Germany. By studying the collected German "V-2", the Queens learned a lot of useful disk imaging for the future creation of the famous "eRok."

Well, and more — the triumphant march of Sergei Pavlovich Queen as the designer of the first artificial Earth satellite, rocket, which put in place the first man gallakticheskoe also the creator of robotic missions to study the Earth has a natural satellite, the designer of the orbital station, the 1st of the founders of the so-called " lunar project. " With all of this about Yuri Gagarin knew every Russian and not only the Russian people, and that's the name of the Queen became public only in the day of his death.

January 14, 1966 world, in the end, vyznat about who was the person to let them pave the endless places of space. And the name of it — Sergey Queens, without superfluous words which may be referred to our Lofty national.

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