Chief Pop restores Shabbat!

Tongued churchmen began to convince the flock in that the Sabbath holy resurrection, and that the Jewish God punished severely pray on Saturdays. And now, Christians of all planets are obliged to obey the orders of the Jewish …

New Testament of the Bible was written in the 16th century. And this fact is undeniable, written evidence, clear to everyone who can read. The so-called evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were sitting in an English prison in 1558!

This was written by Charles Dickens in the 19th century in the book "History of England for young» («Child's History of England»). Good scanned text of the book in English can be found in the "Archives" at — # page/n0/mode/2up

The fact that we are interested in, it is written on page 98!

What does this tell us?

This tells us that the church for a long time, skillfully and persistently deceiving all his supporters (members). The objectives of this deception is very difficult and far-reaching. More detail we have described them in our book 'Asian girls … ". Those who did not want to be deceived and did not obey the dictates of the church, mercilessly slaughtered. In the early Middle Ages in Europe, the church destroyed tens of millions of people. This was very clearly in the article by Alexander Rozov, "Christianity as a weapon of mass destruction."

Another big lie is revealed when we started to learn a little deeper "Christmas." It turned out that the winter solstice "born" imaginary gods of almost all major religions! And all of them, too, crucified like Jesus Christ, and all of them were raised on the third day! Here's how they all are lucky! It became clear that it was the same pattern by which our enemies — social parasites — periodically change the people of religion, with the increasing process of zombification. But that's not all!

When we dug a little Easter, quickly find the information that Jesus Christ was crucified not 2000 years ago, in February 1086! And this too is undeniable proof! We have described all the article "Let's see … with Easter," and recently spoke at the International Conference on the site key of knowledge where you can download free entry to all the illustrations …

Today, the main Roman Pop Ratzinger, to please the Jews, who created Christianity and all other religions are trying to legitimize the Sabbath — a special day of worship their God Jehovah of the Jews on the Sabbath. And to this end, begin to live a sweet propaganda, similar to that shown later in this news.

For strongly believe in principle, all one when beating bows in the church. However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first sight. It is not only the spread of religious practice Judaism in the Christian world, it is a small step to subjugate all of us Jews, their demoniac tribal god, very original and very rigid religious dogmas!

In Ratzinger's choice, in general, no, it's just a doll, a puppet, diligently performing the command "top" of a "world government." And we are with you, a man of understanding, you need to think twice where all this is going, and what it means for us to finish. Moreover, it is better to think in advance, while it is possible to somehow change this whole mess …

Pope to restore the sanctity of the Sabbath commandment

June 29, 2011

Recent trends in the Christian world testify that the Holy See could at any time make a revolutionary statement on the restoration of the biblical day of the Lord. The Orthodox Church has always belonged to the holy commandments of God, and therefore correcting theological error that caused the centuries-old debate will be a consistent step towards understanding not only between the Eastern and Western Church, but in the whole Christian world.

The name of Pope John Paul II will always remain in our hearts. His travels, meetings, dialogues — all this was done in the search for peace, and therefore, for the benefit of mankind. But most importantly, you should pay special attention — during the pontificate of John Paul II to the international community appears entirely not the Roman Catholic Church, which is told in the history books. The Vatican is now conducting peacekeeping missions of planetary scale, that is completely different from the activities of the church during the so-called "dark ages" of the Middle Ages, when the blazing fire, which burned alive dissidents.

By the way, John Paul II became the first pope to officially apologize for the mistakes of the past: the Czechs before — for the burning of Jan Hus, the Jews — for the lack of response of the Roman Catholic Church during the Holocaust. Such statements are indeed worthy of respect. Especially when you have to apologize for the things to which you have no relationship. And all this for the sake of mutual understanding between the people in a sincere wish to achieve unity among believers of different faiths. And, indeed, we have only one God, one faith, one baptism, and with it — a lot of Christian denominations!

Personal contribution of Pope John Paul II in the process of unification was quite significant. Newly elected Pope should only keep those good beginnings and, of course, not easy to continue reconciliation. Analyzing the unprecedented steps the previous pontiff, can predict the future actions of the Roman Catholic Church towards the reunification of the main currents of Christianity.

The Bible — the holy book of all Christians, regardless of religious affiliation. Every nation has certain traditions and rituals, while the Bible remains unchanged since it was written. And it will serve as a factor that will unite the believers in a Christian community. It is therefore likely that in the near future will be revised solutions Church Councils that do not conform to the Scriptures. As an example of such inconsistency can remember solutions Laodicea 364, after the birth of Christ with respect to movement of a day of rest from Saturday, blessed by God from the creation of the world, on the first day of the week.

Who is even slightly familiar with the Bible, it may be noted that according to the biblical texts holy the Lord's Day is Saturday — the seventh day of the week. What prompted the members of Laodicea move a day of rest from Saturday to Sunday? For objective analysis is referred to the stories. At the beginning of IV century, the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. In an effort to unite the empire, he found the perfect solution. The common denominator to unite the empire could be Sunday. On Sunday, Christ rose from the dead. On Sunday, the pagans worshiped the sun god.

If Christians are united with the Gentiles to worship on Sunday, they will no longer be associated with the Jews who were persecuted by the Romans. If Christians take Sunday — for example, in honor of the resurrection — pagans gladly continue to worship on Sunday, as they have long been worshiped on this day the sun. It is logical to think it over, the Emperor Constantine in 321 AD, after the published the first Sunday law in history, in which he declared: "In the day of the Sun let the esteemed going all the judges, urban and artisans." Historian Arthur P. Stanley says: "Saving for a Sunday afternoon in the old pagan name of" day of the sun "(Dies solis) is largely attributable to mixing of pagan and Christian feelings with which the first day of the week was recommended by Constantine his subordinates as" highly esteemed day of the Sun '" ("History of the Eastern Church," page 184). The civil law of Constantine was ratified and adopted by the Roman Catholic Church for the first time at the Council of Laodicea.

Offer some comments from church sources. "Pagan day of the sun, dedicated to Balder, became the Christian Sunday afternoon, sacred to Jesus" (Catholic World, March 1894, page 809). "You may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and not find a single line, which would confirm the sanctity of Sunday. Scripture requires a religious respect for the Sabbath. If you want to observe the teaching of the Bible, worship on the Sabbath. But the Church says that the tradition is above the Bible, and we have established the resurrection. We have changed the day, according to the authority of the Church "(James Cardinal Gibbons," Faith of Our Fathers, "page 89).

As we see, the Roman Catholic Church officially recognizes that changed the day of worship. Since this change was long before 1054, when the church was divided into East and West, and the center of Christianity at the time was in Rome, the Pope owns the first right to correct a conflict that has existed for many centuries. Indeed, in the way of believers into a single modern progressive Christian community of the Roman Catholic Church may at any time revise the decisions of Laodicea, given the direct inconsistency with the position of the Holy Scriptures. Today, it is only a matter of time.

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