Chinas exploding watermelons


The Chinese authorities are investigating the circumstances under which the fields of the country exploding watermelons. It on Tuesday, May 17, the agency "Xinhua". A possible reason for the unusual phenomenon called excessive growth of farmers' use of the accelerator ferhlorfenurona and heavy rains.

Thus, the episodes are marked with an explosion of watermelons in eastern Jiangsu Province and in the south, in the city of Danyang. During the harvest of watermelons in Danyang since the beginning of May, farmers found the tainted products to almost 50 hectares of fields.

According to one of the local farmers, watermelons exploded on the day after the day before he sprayed them ferhlorfenuronom and supplements with calcium.

The Chinese authorities have inspected the farms in the village of Dala in Danyang County, which exploded about 67 percent of the crop of watermelons. At the same time, experts say, of the 10 tested their farms only one farmer used ferhlorfenuron. The most severe damage is marked on the fields in the lowlands, where, after heavy rains accumulated a large amount of water.

As explained by Professor of Nanjing Agricultural University Wang Lyantszyuy, that water was the main cause of the explosion of watermelons. Ferhlorfenuron also played a role, as farmers have miscalculated the time of application. Same with calcium supplements to crop damage have no relationship.

Lyantszyuy also said that to stimulate growth sufficiently ferhlorfenurona use a small amount, which is not harmful to humans.

Ferhlorfenuron approved for use not only in China but also in the U.S., where it is used to stimulate the growth of kiwi fruit and grapes.

The use of chemicals in food in China is not the first time attracted the attention of the public. In autumn 2008, the country broke the so-called "melamine" scandal when one of China's leading dairy producers Sanlu Group reported elevated levels of melamine in infant formula produced by him.

As a result of melamine poisoning, according to the authorities of the country, killing six children, and about 300,000 have chronic diseases. Defendants in the case of mass poisoning have received various prison sentences of up to life imprisonment. Two of the perpetrators of child poisoning was executed, reports

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