Chinese girl memorized on 300 digits of pi


Little resident of Changchun, Jilin Province at the age of 2.5 godika could already memorized 300 digits of the name "pi" after the decimal point.

According to the Chinese edition of "New Culture" Dong Lujanen, which is currently 3.5 years, first demonstrated his abilities at his uncle's wedding a year ago. 3.22 per minute in the same breath she accurately called 300 digits of "pi" after the decimal point.

Shao Litsyuan, Mother of girl with a phenomenal memory, said that her daughter from the very beginning was not indifferent to the figures. When the figures were present in children's songs, she loved to sing.

Little Dong Lujanen can also recite the book of Confucius "Di Ji Gui" ("Rules of good behavior for children and students"), which consists of 1080 characters.

Many use the number "pi" for memory training.

So, in 2005, Lu Chao, a student located in the province of Shaanxi University of Northwest Sci-Tech University of Agriculture and Forestry, 24 hours and 4 minutes without errors reproduced by rote 67890 digits of the number "pi" after the decimal point.

A 60-year-old Japanese man from the city of Kisarazu named Yuan Kouchzhen in 2006 for 16 hours reproduced by rote 83431 digit number "pi" after the decimal point, the article says.

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