Chinese miners accidentally dug up the UFO …


In the village of Huang Jiangxi Province (China) by clearing the area for coal mine workers discovered a strange boulder — a disk with a small bulge in between. Began to dig further: out of the ground seemed another stone — ideally like the first one, then another …

Total miners pulled out ten identical blocks. Their diameter — about 3 meters, weight — 400 pounds. In Huang, archaeologists have already arrived, but so far they have no assumptions about the purpose of these artifacts, writes

One could assume that these disks by some cult objects of the ancient Chinese, if not earlier findings. In 1938 archaeological expeditions to the Tibetan border in the mountain range of the Bayan Har-Ula, found a strange cemetery — hundreds of caves carved into the rock, each of which lay in one body. Surprised no disposal route — in Tibet nearly half the population lives in natural or dug caves — and the fact that all the corpses growth did not exceed 115 inches.


In the expedition was an anthropologist, who determined that the mummified creature structurally different from the Chinese and the Tibetans, and the other people living in this part of Asia. Total scientists have found 716 graves. In each of them at the feet of the dead man was a small stone disc. On some of them on the ancient Chinese language has been written about some devices arriving to these places 12,000 years ago. Like, some people managed devices — drop. It was said about the other tribe — the ham. But neither the one nor the other in Chinese history are unknown.


When it came time to return, the archaeologists brought with them a dozen of these artifacts. But after already ongoing war with Japan, World War II and the "cultural revolution," the 60's, when Red Guards smashed institutes and museums, no disks have survived. Disappeared and the report of the expedition, which had been given the exact coordinates of the unusual cemetery. Believe every word in science is not accepted, so experts have long considered the story a myth. The more so because it is unclear where in the war-torn country, found the means to an expedition to the outback.

This was the case until 1994, when one of the Austrian engineers working under contract in China in a suburb of the museum of the ancient cities of China, Xi'an, found something suitable under the description "disk drop." Although these stones no characters, figures they clearly depict something cosmic. But there is no clear interpretation has still not appeared.

Now Chinese archaeologists will explore the stone disks found in the province of Jiangxi. They hope that they are under petrified crust that formed due to the local climate, may also be drawings or inscriptions telling the story of the mysterious loot.

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