CIS observers were guided by Belarusian standards

CIS observers found no evidence that would cast doubt on the legitimacy of the presidential elections in Belarus. Such a conclusion was made today by the head of the mission, CIS Executive Secretary Sergey Lebedev.
During the election campaign saw 336 representatives from all states of the Commonwealth, with the exception of Moldova and Belarus. They based their assessment solely of the Belarusian electoral legislation — said Sergei Lebedevin:
"During the observations, we were guided, of course, the election laws of the Republic of Belarus. As well as regulations of the Central Commission. This unshakable rule of our observation. We believe the legislation of the country in which we carry out surveillance."
Observers noted only a few flaws that, in their opinion, could affect the election results. So, Mr. Lebedev said:
"We note that compared to previous election campaigns were included representatives of the opposition parties. But few of them. And we can ascertain."
However, further citing unnamed chairmen of election commissions of the CIS mission notes that the opposition itself refused to send their people to the commission. The representative of the BPF Galina Semdyanova calls such assertions juggling of facts and denies them the example of Minsk:
"There have been 78 complaints of our friends are not included in the commission. And it's 413 people, as it does not include what is called batches. Regarding the territorial commissions, the authorities here have made tricky. Several years ago, changed the law on political parties. And Party may be registered in residential apartments, but only to the offices. And thus Registered deprived many of the structures. A push of the parties can only registered structure. So it happened that, in their view, there is little people were highlighted.
But we are a significant part of our activists have put forward and through the collection of signatures. However, the authorities knew that they were party members, and did not include the commissions. Therefore, this manipulation of facts, this is not true. "
Sergei Lebedev said that the mission of the official report will not express its attitude to events that occurred after, as voting ended at the sections: "We have expressed their opposition to such forms of protest verbally, but will not make it into the final report of the mission" — said her head.

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