Clavyanskoe education

Raising children in the Slavic tradition. Lighter (Nevolina NA)
Country: Russia
Year: 2007
Genre: Rodnoverie
Publisher: House of Crafts Zhukovskaya

Author: Clear, Nevolina NA

Zhukovskaya Chamber of Crafts presents a series of "Ancestral Heritage" published in the form of talking books, video lectures, discussions and workshops. This series will be of interest to all who care about the native Slavic culture.
Extension of type — duty of every Slavic family. But not enough to extend their family, most importantly the right to bring up children, to help them become decent people, to instill a love for their culture and their land, right values and ideals. Slavs! If you do not educate their children, they were brought up by someone else!
Proper upbringing of a child — a priority and we owe it to Rod. We should not be ashamed of their children.
Video lecture "Educating children in the Slavic tradition," will help you understand the basic issues of education of children from 0 to 12, to prepare for the great joy and great responsibility to become parents.

Old Slavic traditions in shaping blagodeyatelnogo offspring: birth, education, training, preparation for the formation of their own family. That of the age-old traditions are still preserved, and what was lost … and eradication?
Teacher tells Slavic community "Grandchildren Svarog" lighter Nevolina.

Slavic education, Part 2. Continuing the theme of tradition and heritage in the education of offspring blagodeyatelnogo Russ … Answers to the questions: What qualities should have these (in terms of the Slavs), men and women?
Questions answered by the Slavic educator community "Grandchildren Svarog" lighter Nevolina.

Slavic Parenting ch.3.Prodolzhenie theme begun in Part 1 and Part 2. Answers to questions: Conception, birth and nurturing of children … What does the presence of the father in the birth of offspring? How to achieve the frets in the family? What are the criteria of truth? What is the normal life expectancy of a healthy person? These and many other questions are answered by a representative of the Slavic community "Grandchildren Svarog" lighter Nevolina

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