Communal paradise watch online

Communal paradise watch online
Documentary research communal life of St. Petersburg. Moviemakers spotted a unique archival documents, which you can trace the main stages of the history of "sealing" of the northern capital.
Most municipal apartment St. Petersburg is located behind the beautiful facade of a house in the center of town. 243 steps need to do to get around the corridors alone. Total area — 1067 square meters. Official number living rooms — 34, in fact, they are much more numerous because of the illegal partitions and walls. The apartment has 75 people registered, but number actual tenants no account can not be.
According to official data, in St. Petersburg, now 100 thousand communal apartments in which live 600 thousand people. So Makarov, in a communal lives of every eight from St. Petersburg. Although it would be more exact to say, not live, but exist. Hanging languid mist smoke, turn the toilet, shower schedule, neighbors, alcoholics, this lack of privacy … The police department of the town inundated tyschami allegations of conflicts in the communal kitchens.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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