Confessions of a Russian Orangemen in Ukraine. Repentance … and denial of liberalism

I do not know where to start … I'm sure, from the beginning, for those who do not like to read long, it is better not to start, in general, then, as I made sure enough smart people together, so I think that for many will be read in satisfaction. In our own little actual example, a segment in 7 years, I wish to show why, in the 2004 Orange Revolution fell defeated and why, and why no winners on either side.

I am a regular Russian boy, a citizen of Ukraine, I was now 26 years old. I remember the Russian Alliance kindergarten, lack of food, airplanes (that flew even in my little Berdyansk) and, surprisingly, by the highest moral culture, well, of course, then this I did not realize, but, remembering those years, and now I see the difference. Prior to 2004, I belonged to the Russian Federation warm and friendly, occasionally restrained and even positively or negatively, the latter, however, in rare cases, such as Tuzla peninsula, football, etc. The idea of "Russian World", the revival of the Soviet Union found support at times I really do not fanatically, and level: "Basically you can", "might", "should Slavic people stick together." But the concept of municipal education in Ukraine did its job out of school so I went out for himself a centrist who respects his country and still priklnny to the Russian Federation, the benefit of mass culture and the Russian media have migrated to us. Went to college at the Faculty of History …. And there began a leisurely progress of consciousness … I would not say that I was influenced a necessary use of the Ukrainian language in higher education, and even textbooks Canadian historians, and more people are alive, teachers with Russian names. This process was going slowly, almost in line with the same centrist, but with a slight right-leaning, almost imperceptible. At that time, Russia was in power Putin, who was his first time. Here in Ukraine, and not only in the South-East, and even in the central regions of Ukraine he called downright admiration, and by the way, I do too. Bridled separatism in Russia and brought back the prestige of the army (in comparison with the Ukraine, I know that for many in Russia, this is still not enough), has strengthened foreign policy. In short, Putin is also raved about, well, at the moment is normal. Approaching 2004 year

In 2003-2004 Ukrainian society has died down mentally, psychologically, from President Kuchma, a string of scandals and corruption (as it turns out, those were the flowers). The political and electoral campaign was sluggish until August 2004. Yet while it was not clear who the opposition is coming from, one thing was clear that Yanukovych — a continuation of Kuchma. Great hopes were pinned on Tigipko (lucky municipal and bank manager), who, incidentally, is also often flickered on the screens at the memorable time. Still, choice fell on Yanukovych government to which I and my family (mom and dad) was somehow violet. Closer to the end of summer 2004, the beginning of the electoral campaign in the literal sense, to enter the home, at work and in business. I'll start with the latter, because I have ancestors at that time were entrepreneurs, they had a surprise. In the tax authorities began to provoke the small business rate to pay more energetic and better "ahead"! In a personal conversation openly admitted that the election campaign of the power of "I". First rejection came. Second rejection also came immediately when we started to expel students at campaign rallies in support of the government, and the third, perhaps most importantly, for my father's military and me personally — it's two convictions of our brain already in the country, "I" and no a priori military service. Of course, you can ignore this and even writing off the mistakes of youth, but the problem is that due to the dark world remained, and Donetsk region differed across Ukraine de facto standard in the form of both appointees have strong guys strange appearance. At this time, the opposition put forward Yushchenko which, naturally perceived as "zapedenets", though born in the Sumy region. At that time nobody knew that he was more than a lecturer, museum worker than the manager euro type. All that beckoned to him — it was a western style of the election campaign, really direct meetings with voters, and not meeting precisely sleeves in "DK", and of course the 'promise' to go by the development of Poland and Eastern European states. Of course, the student is first rate, I realized that life, as in Europe, we will not, but that tempted — it is an opportunity of building a law of the country. Specifically for me, and in my environment: parents, students, teachers, and — it was at the forefront. Small business — a thirst for clear rules of the game, the intelligentsia — is the salvation of the criminalization of the country, well, hurray patriots — ukrainization etc. All layers and social groups are shrouded under Yushchenko, except the workers. Such an impression that Yanukovich himself was the technology of success for Yushchenko. It turns out that the Russian city of Berdyansk hundred thousand gave Yushchenko in 2004, 22%, and the adjacent working Mariupol, only 4%. Our city resort living thing and learning, like now pronounced, is a city network hamsters.

So call, write me my Russian friends of the Russian Federation, in particular classmate, who left for permanent residence in Moscow in 1997 and about the promise of all such: "Are you there to sell the U.S. with giblets, how to you get paid?" By the time I have already participated in the rallies. And what do I tell them? Imagine that the President of the Russian Federation, it is not the capital (Kiev as we do), and St. Petersburg (Kharkov as we do), and any "Kushchevskiy" (Enakievskiy, as we have now) a candidate, and meals. Nemtsov nominated him (Yushchenko), which at least in the army, and normally without notes reads and does not make mistakes! The usual choice, yes? So I had to go to "barricade", first in his own town, then in the regional center and, in the end, in the capital to defend, as it seemed the lesser evil. Yes, I will not hide — we were taken, and who himself was getting for their money. At the expense of hyped trend out there that everyone paid, then it is absurd. I know that many grieve, but I hope this resource people understand that the revolution of the 21st century are paid by the organizers, not the usual participants, and stupidly at each other face to peel the squares, and incriminate of selling U.S. Department of State. Simply, there are real difficulties in the country, with which we encounter every day, of course, can be gritting your teeth every day to overcome them to ignore, even when they were right in the forehead hurt oneself (major tragedy raider seizure of your business, which you yourself raised, etc.), but the openness of borders and the information gives other examples of the development of relations between society and the country.

Here disappointing sovereign Putin. It is clear that the geopolitical judgments Yushchenko is not suitable for the Russian government. But support for the opening of "gangster", "I" only worsens its authority in Ukraine. It turns out, for example, we have to vote, at least for the "pig"? But just as he organized Russian control? Next, the situation is only getting worse.

With the advent of Yushchenko as annoying though it may sound, it has not improved, however, it became even worse. Reform a la Poland, Slovakia, Georgia — was not followed. Instead, we got the verbiage in the media and oligarchic chaos, with the uttermost. You can even recall the words of Yeltsin, "Take as much freedom a
s you can carry (take)." We now have around because in Russia in the 90s.

But back to the "basics". As a result, country turned into a big museum in memory of anything and everything. No one disputes the need to revive the national memory, it is normal for each country. But Yushchenko was brought to a complete idiocy, and for some reason our homeland became the main enemy. Instead of the basic reforms of the economy and law in general, 5 years in a row rewrote the history books in the country. The questions people wholeheartedly left on Independence Square in 2004, he says, will begin when the same change, why only the history and culture of where the economy and the courts are independent? We met in a philosophical mockingly: "Without an understanding of the past, no future." All bored and instantly remembered for Pan Kuchma, who was a statesman, as now in Russia Putin! Yanukovych still did not want t.k.ego surrounded oligarchs even steeper — "Donetsk", but he came back. As a result, Ukraine has to be a de facto state, signs that she even had a terrible 90's, because then the power is kept "red directors" headed by Kuchma. Ukraine turned into the area for making large capital funds. As can be seen, segodnyaschy power, not interested in the integration process as with the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the EU. In general for the moment unclear. What course is the country? And no! For example, even the idea of the Customs Union, our elite sees, in the best case, the mysterious formula "3 +1". We turned into JSC "Ukraine". At the moment, again, there will be elections in Ukraine. But the real choice of two. The first option to vote for the people who brought Yushchenko to power, either for Yanukovych to its preservation, the degradation of the country? Thinking person in the country who to vote for! As for the communists, so …. I will swear, better not say anything. If you want to feel the fullness of corruption today's communists, come to Ukraine. Neither the Moldovan Voronin, nor Russian Zyuganov, not even close to worth it.

Now the most important thing. Of course, we can all be attributed to the lack of democratic traditions, historical memory, and statehood. And again and again to try to synthesize the latest liberal-patriotic elite that we will not if the European Alliance, the legal government on the principles of building a civilian society. Because in 2010, remembering those memorable days of orange, I sincerely hope pinned on the blockade of the Ukrainian power from the West to the aid of the West, etc. Watched closely for the emergence of new political forces, but dimmed the political life in Ukraine, and I decided to tend their own view of the world as a whole, we now have over there? The benefit of disk imaging rather, from the Web and TV, up to a dozen relatives arriving on earnings in Europe. Here and difficulties began in my liberal mind. I could not understand why 90% of those who vorachivalsya of there, responded skeptically and critically about the West? I have long not small, and realize that there is not at all sweet life, and also need to spin. But all the discussion boiled down to, perhaps, to the main idea: "Living there, you do not feel like the owner lives, homes, jobs, cars and part of the family." How is the age-old right to personal property and personal life? How annoying would it sounds, America, I did not discover myself, I knew before, but did not betray the values of such things as: a bank loan and rental homes. The whole philosophy and model of the Western way of life "is the life of a loan, the life of a lease." How is freedom, where is she? Stop, they will crush fierce, as it turns out? I was especially morally destroyed housing reform in Ukraine, according to which (if you believe the media), as a result of non-payment of a long, really long, can take the house (apartment) in court without notice to the debtor, even if it is privatized! My cousin is not a joke, but seriously says about the benefits of private sector and the village, where for non-payment can only cut off communication, and there, at least take the stove and warm up. I thought about it, but for the final fracture in my liberal mind was clear enough. Just think, that this disgusting to live in the West, in a rented house for 49 years ahead? A lot of work, the highest employment, and at least some unemployment benefit in any more of our coolest Ukrainian wages and sufficient for living in their own "corner" of the working area, but London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, etc. We, too, can achieve this, if only to change the elite!

Soon came the second blow to my liberalism. Libya. I will not stay for a long time, here everything is understood. The first time was not even a high-quality information coloring. Yes, what can be the colors, when the world's media discussed what the oil companies in France and England Libyan oil will be pumped! If in Iraq the Western media in 2003 read as anything from a chemical weapons to human rights violations, the Libyan company in the media topic of oil held between 30% and 50% of the time! Masks were removed, however, many of our liberals so far out of habit or specifically do not want to admit it. In what was a shock for me? As such a strong shock was not just really does not cover what was "scoops" (I confess) on the forums and in conversations. Inside I found the internal conflict.

Third hit and control over my liberal thinking at the end of 2011 caused even the project "Russian world", and not the club a la "Slavic Union" and caused financial pyramid MMM-2011. To it can be treated differently, I personally believe it or gamble, or deliberate fraud. But the essence is not in it, and not the money. For the first time in his own conscious adult life, I was mentally, consciously at the same frequency with the occupant of Vladivostok, Astana, Minsk, Riga, etc. of the former Russian Union. The fact that politicians have failed to do, made a horizontal communication social network connected by one goal. As a result, many of which vyznat the financial structure of the world and behind the scenes, puppeteers. Naturally, I would like the kind previously knew that the U.S. prints bucks, and there is Freemasonry, and even watched the documentary films. But all this is somehow perceived marginal and partial right to exist per se version. Why does this strike was for me the reference? Since the last two combined impact on my perception and outlook: credit life style and the Libyan military campaign of the West. Lined up a whole mosaic — the world use, the locomotive which is West. It was the first time in their lives to realize that under what authority, in the Ukraine, will never be a decent income and GDP in Western Europe, since it is not enough to be 100% foreign part of the world Baksova pyramid, as we will go down and play by their rules. We will never rule the country as in the West. Since the basis of their legal culture is Anglo-Saxon law, which, in turn, is based on their common mental-economic way of life, with all its attendant economic relationships. And what is the matter? Again, the same loan to loan, rent everything. And that is alien to us and our land! To become a part of Western civilization, it is necessary to check out and dissolve it, or destroy themselves spiritually! The Liberals have at the moment I have made an objection, and I'd previously shouted, "Hey, Scoop, as well Slavic Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and the former sots.respubliki etc.?" One moment, I do not want to raise a religious and cultural nuance, just They have already made one the other side in some places after the 14th century and still, their limit — is 500-1000 euros in revenue, will no longer give. still taken away, when the hour "X" to pay the bills.

And now, vorachivayas to liberalism in the CIS, remember one
cartoon (ad will not give), which states: "it is impossible to defeat in a game where the rules change constantly and you do not invent them, and you do not change them!" Unfortunately, liberalism as a phenomenon in our lands — is a chimera, an empty shell, tool development, just as you like, but this is not the force that leads to prosperity and development of the society. Well, in the world as a whole. Simply, we are mentally stronger than it is torn away, for sure, because we have a particle of the East. (That's my personal opinion).

What is the solution? As I mentioned, you can do a dozen clubs and public organizations and forums with a generous title: "Russia", "Soviet Union", "Slavic Union", "Eurasian Union", and the effect on ordinary people will be close to zero. We live in our own worries and troubles. Need a social interactive mediavirus that can come out from the world of the web in real life that will get people to ask questions and inspire the actions of creation, within the framework of the law is obvious. Need social thought, which will grind the ideas and beliefs that will not look like with all due respect to the past (1917), and, of course, not a sect. Something that once I connect voedinyzhdy Berdyansk with Vladivostok, Astana and Minsk. By the way, vorachivayas to the sad experience of the MMM, I would say that our enemies at once appreciated the danger, the authorities of the Baltic states, aggressive, responsive, curious as to what their harsh rhetoric is not reduced to the Belarusian scenario: "smash speculators", and to prevent mad Russian thought: " Russian economic intervention to stop, "and even a descent can not remember, it seems ideological. (For reference purposes MMM were the Venus Project, the elimination of dollar / media, etc.)

So Makar, we wish we like it or not, but liberals do not stop working with Uralvagonzavod, and the movement "Nashi", etc. They are creative, active, and are convinced that fighting for a just cause: the courts are independent, freedom of speech, democracy and economic prosperity. And in their realization — is the traditional Western model. Similarly, I thought. Because the Liberals can only look back in Russian, Russian, generous, just as you like, people. As I turned myself. Do not need any money pyramids, etc. I see only a sketch of the output. It will be revealed when each citizen sees that his actions arise from the result, which in turn changes the society, business people and, eventually, the country. Abstract? I agree. To understand such a simple example: a mass Saturday. But the organizers of it — that's us. Or, for example: a meeting on the border of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia — is alive chain, circle, etc. Unfortunately, these examples — is part of what has not yet invented. It is clear that for themselves on their shares will be few and ineffective. Need a rod engine …

And the last. My classmate from Moscow, who in 2004 accused me of selling out the United States for his role in the events of "orange" in the network laid out their winter masterpieces from the Swamp … As we see, with the fate of the more dramatic.

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