Confessions of an officer

In the story of my friend, airborne officers passed through the hell of the New Year, from 1994 to 1995, storm severity, no memoirs of the falling snow, December and January's cold. "Why" — I thought. Winter in Chechnya — a test snow, drizzle, with a hot wind. And realize that for intelligence officers, intellectuals, the most painful torment in those days was not winter, and what he tells himself …


"We have served. Could have served as: honest, landing with fanaticism and devotion to the Motherland blue beret. Since the early 90s participated in virtually all erupted in Russia of ethnic conflicts (Transnistria, South and North Ossetia, Ingushetia). Received awards and medals, extraordinary titles, were growing up through the ranks. Bones lay down, if someone did not take on another combat mission. Losses actually was not.

We did not know what awaits us Chechnya.
Although in my heart I was growing concern … At the end of 1992, participating in the Ossetian-Ingush conflict, after the "triumph" of the countryside coming Chechen-Ingushetia, I stood at the airport, either in Mozdok, or in Beslan — and considered lined BMD-2 airborne battalion (our neighbors), more precisely what's left of it: a pile of iron soaked in blood and bone fragments 2-crew members. I began to realize that all is yet to come …

In 1993, one of the officers asked me, "Why do you have the personnel to do the exercises exercises dashes, and the climb of the ready for battle on the asphalt? It hurt terribly! The soldiers will hate you. " I said nothing. I had a presentiment of Chechnya …

About Severe storm in the New Year's Eve from 1994 to 1995 says a lot. But not so long ago in a book about the massacre, I read: "Eastern group, do not perform their intended target, was derived from the Terrible." It was a sad and bitter for the dead in those days.

"How do?" — I thought. Yes, the truth is often incinerates can humiliate, to deprive of illusion. But it is true, the only thing that remains in my memory of the old days and nights of Eastern military factions, slander in the book, the title of which — and this is true — not kept in mind.

Our troop unit flew to Mozdok first in December 1994. Billeted at the airport — in a remote part of it, and by ensuring the protection of the countryside, were preparing to carry out specific tasks. Perform scheduled classes were preparing for combat.

His first puzzle we received in the 20 days of December. We formed the so-called consolidated group became members of the armed formations, going to the stern. In our consolidated group aimed at the eastern direction, there were 25 scouts: officers and fighter. I commanded a group of fighter.

In groups, our similar, tasks on the paper were reconnaissance, sabotage. In fact we "cut" the cover features of the site, ensuring the safety of the command and execution of specific tasks.

December 25, 1994 we are in the convoy began to advance on the Mozdok — Tolstoy-Yurt — Argun. Spent the night in Tolstoy Yurt. Here stood about 20 "Grad" and "Hurricane." I remember to this day the eyes of the 1st of my fighter who rejoiced massive volley of rocket launchers, "Commander! Here is a salute "-" This is not a salute, Andrew — I said. — A first in your life war. The real ". I did not know that this war is for Andrew will be the last of his life, which was cut short after a certain number of days in the rebellious Chechen-Russian soil.

Having puzzle, December 26, we went out to the staging area for the Eastern group of Argun. This large mass of people and equipment consists of a non-organized, hungry masses. The new armored personnel carriers, artillery pieces side by side with crumpled and torn appliances. The soldiers, tortured, emaciated, randomly moved on "pure" in the middle of a field gathering inverse engineering, bristling barrels in a variety of directions. It was a swarm of people smeared in mud. They have long stood here: unwashed and not who ate large quantities of day. At times here flew helicopters picked up the dead and the wounded. And fly away. The worst thing occurred NIGHT MODE. Neither the 1st of the units do not have a place where to rest personnel: no fortifications, bunkers and dugouts. Only the trenches, freshly dug pits and craters from exploded Chechen mines and shells. Fighter was not protected and hiding or fighting machine, or was sitting in a trench, and the war — not just shooting from automatic weapons. Because I led my group to burrow into the ground. The whole day and evening my fighters constructed shelter in case of mortar attacks. People are tired, swearing, spitting, cursing me, but passively digging the ground. Did overlap, got a small stoves … By night the trenches were dug and ready.

For the whole day — rare shots. Yes roar of machinery. At night all has changed. From start-automatic cannon and machine-gun fire was bright as day or. The entire group shot … Where to? It is not clear.

My group, occupying a position included in the overall mechanism of the "firing". By midnight, having spent a lot of ammunition, it was clear that the fire on our group Chechens are on all sides, and not only from small tools. We worked on the Chechen artillery, and to the east of the Argun — at first it was surprisingly surprising — even "Grad". About teamwork, any management of our Eastern group is better not to remember … It did not exist.

I gave the team its own group of 12 fire fighter chaotic finish and work on the detection of enemy firing points — the good night vision we had.

By morning, all was quiet. We flew helicopters. Grouping again sinkers the wounded and dead. Gunners per night spent unimaginable amounts of ammunition. And fired a shot at finding the location of a possible enemy, and snarjadnye boxes took away from their infantry, and later we have to keep warm disguised campfire.

December 27 evening my group has been tasked to move out to the suburbs of Argun to identify the firing point and the real forces of the enemy. Having clarified the puzzle, combat units of the orders of our group who were standing in front of Argun, I divide the group into two parts, began to move. At the sound of cannon fire, moving slowly and carefully, we went out as if from a flaming bag, and immediately got into the trenches Airborne Company, which covered the grouping of the Argun. I walk along the trench, go and run into the Marine's corpse lying on the parapet, close lying machine. Pull together the body down — stirred "corpse". Although living man did not look like a fighter. From his incoherent mumbling, it became clear that in this trench, it is about 4 days and had not eaten, where the commander — does not know what in their task — do not remember. I walk along the trenches. Under fire. Here and there lay the corpse. Just died. Again go — dozing man. You start to bother — he is not able to think anything. In the dug dugout we found the commander — a young, scrubby lieutenant. "How are you?" — I asked him. "In no way, we shoot" — responds. I ask, "Then how to pass? How do I get to the Argun? "-" You do not, — says. — We are mines scattered around him. " I asked: "A scheme of minefields have?" — And realized that he asked in vain. Do not have them. From the story of Lieutenant followed that in the first day as they have placed all the mines and streamers, which were, between their positions and Argun. "And the spirit is mine?" — "Yes. They also sketched. "

The area between our group and the Eastern occupied by militants Argun was impassable in any circumstances. Within its boundaries, i
t was impossible to explore, to make ambushes. People are simply responding to fire, fire damage applied themselves.

Return to my group back — meant the failure puzzles. And I gave the order to fire lieutenant identified possible sites Chechens. After a few minutes of Argun, like a dragon, breathed into us volleys of Chechen artillery, tanks and light weapons. Sitting in the trenches, we were horrible on the number of breaks, fountains from enemy bullets.

Three of my watching, previously occupied the position to the left of us, figured out a few militants firing points …

We came back in the afternoon, leaving the trenches Airborne Company all that was with him from eating. A fighter with a fighter always share, and in war, and even more so. Grouping again collected dead, the wounded, the broken machine. Helicopters flew languid, caused fire damage. It is not clear where.

Grouping of days early to run for district Khankala. The upcoming battle over this fundamental Severe springboard for an assault. And in the rear remained Argun armed with about 600 fighters, gang with tanks and artillery. Argun take some reason did not. At the top was visible. Specifically Argun gunmen later, the first in January 1995, shot a first column of the wounded our group coming out of the Crucible. The entire column will be lost. But it will be later.

And then, 28 December 1994, "March" by Stern lasted slave "great" generals late 20th century. Generals once mighty country, winning in almost all the wars with external enemies, but for some reason completely forgotten the team experience of the last century, saturated with the blood of our fathers and grandfathers. Everything we have at the turn of 1994-1995, participated in, looked like a routine, practice march with live fire. History was to punish us, and she did it.

Leaving the Argun in the rear, we went to Khankala. Tightened the rest of the group. Took up positions. Was organized by the radial defense. All went to the gradual mastery of severity.

December 29, 1994 Eastern group represented the two rings in the center of defense and headquarters. Tanks approached, another languid technique artillery. And here my group put uncharacteristic our unit task — to identify incorrect, allegedly brunt Eastern groups in the town to fifteen kilometers from Khankala — to the south. Gave the order to get a group of existing worn heavy weapons: rocket launchers, flamethrowers, mnogokalibernye machine guns, grenades. This group to hit populated Fri and keep as much as we can. None of intelligence that there was, was not. Posed one problem: The shot and when to learn that there is no ability to hold more, having spent ammunition, we had to go two kilometers to the south-east, where at a certain point we had to pick up the reconnaissance Marines.

We are well aware that awaits us. I all the same managed to get some information on this Chechen population Fri There were up to eight artillery pieces, about 4 tanks, a good group, and I imagined what would have happened. For some Incidents reconnaissance airborne spread to other direction. Because the order was canceled. We got the best of magic.

On the night of December 30, we will again put uncharacteristic puzzle — on hold right. My group on a self-propelled anti-aircraft armored personnel carriers were given installation and BMD-2 airborne battalion of. When management puts puzzle, is not accepted to ask again. Get puzzle is solved — prepyadstviya yours. Before the storm Khankala with 3 units of equipment and personnel I moved to the right flank and, as a gambler, rokiruya anti-aircraft guns, BMD-2 and my armored personnel carriers, though somehow put them. Still on the run I have learned that it represents anti-aircraft gun: she shoots, which its radius. Chose her place. Have buried the BMD-2 armored personnel carriers delivered. Right flank, as we thought with my assistant, we closed, ensuring the protection of the likely unsafe areas.

When we exhibited, by us constantly, like ants walking fighters wearing to discover boxes of ammunition of 5.45 mm. It was, as it turned out later, the separation of infantry signalers. They took up a position in a hollow in some places 30 meters north-east of us. Their position consists of a deep pit, where they nataschili boxes of ammunition.

We dig, scouts, troopers did not have time, but only blocked the possible approaches of the enemy. The whole area is in the area was dug up ditches, in which spirits came to our positions, fired them and went smoothly. It was impossible to get them: we have no mortars, nothing in such cases, the effective … In fact, it was impossible to make an ambush: walk the ditches we considered murdering. We did not sleep the third day. Used the pills for sleep: those likely were only with us.

Closer to midnight came what we do not even dare to think of. Those soldiers, signalers, which in our eyes moved to the valley, built there radial defense pozaryazhali all the ammo and began to lead a chaotic shooting in a circle — in all directions, including by us. Was conducted dense fire. I had about an hour to lie face in mud, eat it, snort shit. Automatic rifle fire from 30 meters to stop … Above you everything sparkles, flies … Where armored personnel carriers in the hole, where the ruins of … Shooting died down a bit. I finally figured out where it is. Put the puzzle to advance to the Deputy own signalers and understand what the problem there. He moved just 20 meters. Again shooting. Again, all lay. Our right flank was completely demoralized. A puzzle we could not do. To stand up and walk to the signalers was madness. Contact them too unrealistic. They did not work on any of the induced frequency.

Crawling and a half we moved the group to the valley's throw grenades. Began to shout. No shouting that we own, signalers did not stop. It seemed that they never run out of ammo. It was only after the danger zabrosaniya grenades firing ceased. It was not until disguise. Spectacle, with lighted torches, it was surreal. People were only a real embodiment of a nightmare. Crooked mouths. Red-hot machine guns, of which signalers-motorized infantry during this period of time is not released one box of ammunition. They are commanded by Sgt. The question: "What's the matter?" — He only made reply: "We are afraid! We're just afraid! We died commander, another officer wounded. I was left alone for eight people. We are afraid. "

— Did you know that we, the Marines out there?

— Know. But we are afraid. How do we know: do you or do not you? Night!

I wanted to smash their butts up in the morning, but at this time of the ditches we began to work on perfume, and we, the paratroopers had to take a position signalers. Waged war until the morning. Without loss. In this war the young, untrained boys ruled the nightmare and horror.

This went NIGHT MODE assault Khankala. He was successful. Hankala take much weight. Because a lot of people have lost. Began to carry out stripping. Experience in such events was not enough. Left in the rear of the peaceful, innocent inhabitants with shovels in hand nodes that NIGHT MODE transformed into machines, rocket-propelled grenades.

Sturm days are ended. On December 30, our unit has bypassed taken part Khankala airport and already in the group braked before a military town, which tightly adjoined to the bridge connecting to the outskirts of the Crucible.

Spent the night. At night from 30 th to December 31, posed little problem to storm severity. Our unit was ordered to: advancing in a convoy, covering her command with 2 armored personnel carriers — front and back. That itself: how we will attack with any borders, who confronts us in the harsh, we do not know. When I went to one of the senior
officers of the group and asked, "What have little problem?" — That he is a colonel in years, looked away and said, "Death." — "And be able to explain the nature of this difficulty — to die?" — "You know, lieutenant, I have for you is really saying that we task — to die. Since we represent a major blow to the entire group of Russian troops. We have to show the enemy exactly what the federal troops from the east will take the Terrible. "

I knew that there are still two areas for strikes — in the north, north-west. Eastern column, Command of the plan, was to enter into harsh, portray blow to envelop the maximum area available forces and means to move inside the Terrible, and later get out of town.

…We passed a military town, and started losing. Since the column consists of a longish snake. No combat shield — to ensure the right and the left. From time to time the helicopters passed over us. The column consists of a: in front of about 5, 6 tanks, armored personnel carriers, command post vehicles, the rest of technology. The column consisted only of units of the Ministry of Defence — no internal forces, nor the Interior Ministry. In the main infantry, artillery, tank crews. We scout troopers, in the middle of the column. Closing it, was a company of paratroopers on the BMD-2.

At the approach to the bridge we started to shoot from the mnogokalibernyh machine guns, right-fighters worked snipers. Our view was: first tank goes over the bridge, and his rake in some places with 7, the eight directions. In the cross. Lucky the first tank. Passed. Since the bridge is any unit, be it a tank or infantry fighting vehicle. Force is always alive in the armor, no one was sitting inside. The column was across the bridge, carrying a loss. After 10-12 people on each armor, can not do without a loss. The column has lost two armored personnel carriers were blown up tank and kosheemka. We, the scouts, were more or less successful: only two wounded. Bridge was not only a single company of Marines that we only learned later. Communication does not actually work. I have been hearing only between my with 2 armored personnel carriers and "Ural", but weak, constantly interrupted contact with the column. In connection was solid mess. Nobody mostly not represented: with someone who reads. Some call sign on the air, reports only about "two hundredth" and "three hundredth" — how many of those killed and the wounded. Airborne company, bringing up the rear, was not adopted. She cut off and shot — all. As later were in charge, the Chechens and the mercenaries finished off the wounded troopers shot in the head, and our column did not even know. Survived only warrant officer and soldier, who with utter difficulty, with broken legs crawled out of the military town where the column began to move. Crawled seriously wounded. Crawled. One such later died.

We went to the stern and immediately came under heavy fire — with virtually all of the places on all high-rise buildings, with all the fortifications. Just went to the city, the convoy slowed down. Here and there we stood, dismounted, not moved. During this hour we knocked out 5 tanks, six armored personnel carriers. The Chechens have been buried — one tower is visible — the T-72, which destroyed the entire vanguard of the column. Come on. Column, constantly struck by a bristling like a hedgehog, also firing back. The soldiers dismounted, ran — took up positions. Again sat on the armor, dismounted again fled. Conduct any act on the buildings occupied by the enemy, as it should be, as we were taught in military schools, as did our forefathers in 1941-1945, did not come out. The column was a snake through the city, leaving the rear of their own fighters, killing only what is destroyed. Dismount and lead the intelligence act was impossible because of the infinite behavior of infantry. In fact, in each unit in some places missing their commander was killed or wounded. Units in the main command of sergeants, corporals, who remained alive. Dough-boy, I do not want to humiliate the infantry, armored personnel carriers to jump off, push the trigger and automatic led up to that time, did not end until the horn, shooting around. Later again inserted the horn and … The Nightmare Before going on at the infantry was so strong that, dismounting, our group of paratroopers instead to lead the exploration, was obliged to lie. We have raised the head and lowered again, as adjacent imparted to the Marines again and again thrashed by us. In this chaos, it was simply impossible to go. But still I have posed little problem to identify targets and destroy them. Naturally, it was all through the mat, screaming, through the beating with rifle butts on the head of some infantrymen. For me, it was not the first military action. And for the main part of the fighter and some officers — first. We, the paratroopers found the enemy, destroying targets, but still had time to hide from their own.

I'm one of the observers reported that the house across the two gun emplacements. I put the puzzle for the nomination. Dismounts, moving out to this house well as taught. I do not want to boast — preparation of my men was very strong. Apparently it was obvious that my Marines truly a cut above the others. They came to the wall rushes home. 10 meters left, he heard a rumbling … I turned around. Came from behind our tank, sent directly to the wall of the barrel, near where we were, and fired. The wall began to fall on us. The house was a 5-storeys. Much as we could, we left, but got bruises, broken bones. At the 1st of fighter helmet flattened, like a wolf from the movie "Just you wait." Two others were shaking, shell-shocked. We moved away. The tank turned and rode on. No consistency. Again they all sat down on the armor continued to move. Revealed even firing points Chechens, braked, began to conduct fire. I was on the second armored personnel carriers with a group of fighter. We penetrated deeper into the town for three miles.

We knew that coming new year 1995. In the mind of this was recorded as the date, that's all. There is such prazdnichek — New Year, and all …


Paratrooper officer for intelligence, consisting only of officers and warrant officers, officer-commando squad "Knight" Russian Interior Ministry troops, special forces officer group "grushnoy" brigade — are officers-men. These are the people who put Problem, and they have it in the teams are doing. Their philosophy is one …

I, the commander of a fighter has a different philosophy. I think of a brand new year, something about a third party — there is no power. In a combat situation you think only of subordinate fighters for you. Remember how you stood half a year back to their oath. Before you is a number of parents. For you bestow flowers, whispered in his ear: "Take care of her son." "Save fighter"- That's my philosophy. No such, you as the commander at the epicenter of the act itself're consuming, anything else is not thinking. Shoot when you need help, give targeting those who can not get into. Well, his hands are shaking fighter. Who should constantly be in your field of view? The 12-person group. If someone is missing, you need to stop and find all of it. Or take the infantry unit — there was chaos.

…I already had three of the wounded. Killed there. They went out to some area. Cinema. Open field between the houses. And in this space are dug into the ground concrete slabs. Specifically here, starting to incur substantial losses, under heavy fire fighters rushed Eastern group. In our TV sound only one thing: "two hundred, two hundred two hundredth" … Journeying around infantry armored personnel carriers, and on the inside, and some of their corpses. All killed.

We are coming into place between dug into the earth plates. If there is no overall control all the game it looked like the kid with toy cars when all the silly little chap in the chaos … The tank could crash into our armored personnel carriers, to lead the barrel and squeeze my communicator. Pripechatat fighter, an indentation in the armor. Do fighter splattered blood from the ears. It all turned white. I had to jump on the tank. Under enemy fire to knock on the hatch, which is not disclosed, and when got up, I put in the machine hatch. It was the desire to shoot. A certain threshold has been crossed. From the tank got jacked fight fighter. Spread his hands trembling lips said, "What have I done … I'm burned. There is no connection! "In the column were stuffed with electronics T-80 tanks. And the electronics were burned with inexpert actions of the crews. No communication, nothing. Work could only turn on the tower and to the shooting. Tank crew removed the tower. My fighter was still breathing. They took off his armor with armored personnel carriers.

Somehow all raspihali. It took a radial defense. My group cut off one third of the square, which is girt with concrete slabs. We used the hollow. After taking the defense, again began to identify targets and destroy them. Collected the wounded of their own killed. Engaged in arrangement. And all under the fire of the Chechens. The desire was not just to survive as cattle, huddled somewhere. The main task and to do it to survive. Personnel were dispersed to all tasked. Signalman, ground down the barrel of the tank, was placed on the board. He could not move. Could hardly breathe. Not counting the shots promedola, we are no longer able to ease his suffering. Our ambulances and crews have been destroyed by militants still at the entrance to the stern. Honey is no help. Exclusively in the side pocket of the jacket was a camouflage bag with promedolom, bandage in the butt machine, rewind the tourniquet — a standard set. And apart from how to embed promedol a wounded man in the thigh or arm, we could not. My signalman survived. Throughout the night away, pull the body armor, he continued some of the fighter. On duty, not for one moment without throwing, so it is not something that should not perish, but in order not to miss this moment. At any moment something even promote. What? It is not understood. But paratrooper reconnaissance done correctly puzzle. Changing, lay next to him and "kept" him, listening to the pulse on the neck and arm.

Suddenly someone came before us infantry division in eight armored personnel carriers and BMP-2. Braked at the front in the 100 meters and fifty of us. Under heavy fire from Chechen rebel fighters equipment jumped and ran towards us. All personnel. And, like peas, fell down to us in the trenches. It was a taciturn bulk demoralized people … Runs fighter throws a gun and dives for you into the trench as the water. Out who these crazed with fear infantry commander, was virtually impossible. After catching the first available fighter, I have a hard headed for everyone over. He pointed to the man who fell to the concrete slab cast machine, covered his head in his hands and his helmet was sitting, motionless. I crawled over and asked him the title. He was a major. He turned to me. I'm all camouflaged, already with a beard. Looks like a spirit. And he did not realize who she was. But my vest, though dirty, brought it back to consciousness. The question: "What the f … you throw technique and came running here? "- he said:" We were driving. We're lost. Litsezreem afar, paratroopers … We threw a technique to run to you, because no one, not counting the Marines, can not escape. All others will shoot! ". I scream: "A technique? Technique! Pozhgut it! Right now. " The man was quite inadequate. Could not command. Just huddled in a corner and shaking. To persuade his men to return to the technique was unimaginable. I gave my team — throw infantry in the trenches! Maybe it was not correct. Maybe these people would have to help out. But the technique covered my entire review. Already a subsequent moment she could be burned opponent. Then, under the cover of flaming infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers spirits would go with me to the rapprochement — have stormed. While in front of me was spotless field, the Chechens could not come. And now they have the opportunity appeared. How to build strength, we threw infantry in the trenches. You could say fought off their butts and fists, tossed them over yourself. They clung to us dead tenacious. Clutching their guns. Could begin confrontation … So motorized infantry were left lying in our trenches. It took some positions. I gathered them all on the left flank. Within half an hour, all eight units of armored infantry were burned Chechens. Of course, they came from the adjoining houses, entrenched behind this lame technique. In fact, in front of me.

On the front, 100 meters to the right, was the Chechen dot — something like a brick house, where the fire was carried out continuous mnogokalibernogo machine gun. It was unrealistic to raise his head. Our column came randomly. Because even at the farm immediately to find an unused grenade launcher or flamethrower was very hard. I put this puzzle. To find. And sometimes fought fire from rocket-propelled grenades on the Chechen bunker. Embark on a knee or lying aim was very unsafe. After fire on us was conducted not only from the bunker, and one of those scorched armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. We have been deprived of the ability to conduct aimed fire. I had to get out of the shelters, to crawl to a small hill to get to escape them, such as lying down or from the side, shooting, kill Chechen gunner, entrenched in DotA, and more precisely in the dugout — a very, very small, to get in which was sverhzatrudnitelno. To my right lay my deputy, like me, Lieutenant. I remember … There was a voice from behind: "Commander, I crawled». I turned around. Lies fighter-infantryman from those who come to us in the trenches, as a frog jumped. Shouts: "I am ready to kill him!" — "What?" — I say. He had a flamethrower "Bumblebee". Lying lips trembling and reported: "Only aim I can not." I yell, "How can you not?". In response to: "Torn all. There are only a pipe. " Sights were shot down. In appearance flamethrower was in working order. I gave the command: "Crawl to my deputy. — He was in a good position. — Shoot lying! ". To my surprise, he crawled. I was in the 5-meters of 7. Motostrelok, despite the fire of the enemy, crawled. I told him quite correctly explained to all: "… shoot or lying down, or standing on his knee a bit." He got on one knee. I lay there and beheld what he brings to the target pipe flamethrower, as has been discussed. But I look at the side and see how he is aiming, suddenly lowers the "Bumblebee" down, right in front of him. I still had to click his own deputy, "close your ears! Rolls back! ". There was a fight. He did not hear. I remember my first time in his life raised above the ground. I flew out to right. Bumped his head in a helmet in the concrete wall and fell into someone's shit. In the eyes of the stars, reddish scales. Later, the world around us has any contours. In the place was a funnel. Soldier lying with bloody hand — crazy, wounded. My deputy was bleeding from the ears. He was completely shell-shocked. Until now experiencing pain contusion, is fighting a war in a dream. That shot the officer was incapacitated. He is now a staff activity.

Crawled up my sergeant scout. He asked me for permission to fire a rocket-propelled grenade, got on one knee, under fire Chechens brought a grenade launcher at t
he target, and a handsome man, just got into the embrasure pillbox. Blew it like a house of cards. At this time, with the Chechen positions of scorched armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, we went on the order of 20, 20 5 militants in camouflage snow-white robe. Went, as the Germans, a psychological attack. Before us, he had 50 yards. Went dashes. When the dot was destroyed, they were in an open field with no cover. Consuming, we have focused only on them. Eighty percent of the attacking Chechens were destroyed. Gone, who had … Brightest, reddish flare, torn robe, cries, screams …

Darkness fell. On New Year's, when reminded of it, we were crawled tankers brought alcohol. Spilled. Say … Communications on their left Chechens. On them, tankistskoy, wave uttered: "Well, John, mark the New Year 10 minutes. And later on the newest … "Without 10 minutes to midnight December 31, 1994 up to 5 minutes of the first in January 1995 was a break. Upset a little alcohol. And then began a massive bombardment. From other types of guns you can escape. Falling minutes — no. Hopefully by fate.

The bombardment lasted two hours. Absolutely demoralized, we still held their ground. The Chechens were unable to get through to us, even showering mines. We brought all the equipment for direct fire. And she shot directions, without goals. Two hours of such confrontation! Mortars are finished consuming. Let's go shoot. Apparently, there was a rearrangement of the Chechen forces and equipment. Began to work our and Chechen snipers. So until the morning.


Of Severe we again went column. Went snake. I do not know where, what was the command. Nobody put puzzles. We just circled by severity. Struck — there, there. And we fired. Column acted like separate outbreaks. The column could shoot for a passenger car, traveling three hundred meters away from us. No one, by the way, could not get into this car — the people were so overworked.

And the column began to wind down, to go away. The infantry came out lumpy, irregularly. On this day, we, the Marines did not receive any puzzles. But I realized that no one infantry, not including us, do not cover up. All the others were just not able to. Part of my people and cargo, and the other led to the shooting areas — covered the retreat. We went out last.

When leaving the city, and again passed that damned bridge pillar stood. I have a machine from mud, nabivsheysya the stores of ammunition, jammed. And here the voice, "Take mine." I looked down into the open hatch armored personnel carriers — there lay badly wounded lieutenant, my friend. He, as he could, gave me a gun. I picked up and dropped his own inside flap. Once started shelling our units from several directions. We were sitting, leaning to the armor, were shot as they could … Bleeding Ensign fitted out the empty shops bullets and gave them to me. I gave orders to shoot. Ensign remained in the ranks. He was white from a large loss of blood, but still fitting out shops and always whispered, 'We're all still go out … "

At this point, do not want to breathe. It seemed a few hundred meters, and we extirpate ourselves from this fiery boiler, but the column was like a longish, a large target that by shredding pieces of bullets and shells Chechen guns.

We went out on January 1. There was a chaotic collection of desperate people. To all gather at the collection site, such was not. Walked, walked. Later still put the puzzle. Began to collect the wounded. Rapidly deployed field hospital.

At the sight of my entourage escaped some armored personnel carriers. Just broke away and raced towards our column. No identification symbols. No nothing. He was shot at close range by our tank crews. In some places, with 100 yards, 100 of fifty. Our our own shot. In shreds. Three tanks smashed the armored personnel carriers.

Corpses and the wounded were so many that the doctors have deployed a field hospital on the organ acts had neither the strength nor the time!

My paratroopers who had a splinter in his thigh, one in the ass, one in the hand, unwilling to hospital. Leads them leave. After 5 minutes, they are back in the division, again in line. "I, — says — I will not go back. There's only so cut! Dig it! Blood, pus everywhere. Where no pain, where as … ".

Come calculations. Very many people left there, in the harsh, many abandoned on the battlefield. I took out all his own, to the same part of the foot-soldiers, who have time. Others? Was thrown a lot of people. Eastern column through suffering, and it's …

I do not own the wounded returned. The choice was: or wait until the evening spinner — was to come. Or column went to the dead and the wounded part in trucks. Perfectly aware that in the rear, we were rebels, I gave the wounded, and waited for the helicopter. Although languid were …

And so it happened. First column with ranennmi under Argun was completely destroyed. Shot by gunmen. In the evening came turntables, loaded the wounded, killed, unaccompanied. And gone … My simply refused to evacuate the wounded, remained in the unit. Our consolidated group of officers and fighter was actually unfit for combat: two killed, three seriously the wounded, the other shell-shocked, just wounded.

Grouping, as it could, entrenched, a sample of a small mix of people. As later states in the harsh eastern colonies lost about sixty percent of the personnel killed only.

Firing is not much, but for a long time. We moved away for a few kilometers. 3rd January 1995 at a special connection, I was ordered to return to the group of Tolstoy Yurt replaced. There we expect other divisions of our parts.


When we went to Mozdok not wounded officers were assigned to 10 accompanied by not so long ago fallen officers and soldiers of one of the companies our part. We flew to Rostov-on-Don. There, in the future Center for the dead, just put the first tent.

Flying. Corpses in foil twisted, lying on a stretcher. Later, it was necessary to find their own. Identify. Some of the victims have some days were in tents. The soldiers, assigned to the treatment of bodies, were sitting on vodka. In another rehneshsya. The officers are sometimes not maintained. Healthy-looking men fainted. They asked me: "Go! Identify the mine. "

This was not my first war. He was a tent that is recognized. I accompanied Ensign our part. A decent man. He is survived by only the head and body. Arms, legs were cut off. I had not depart from him, that no one confused … Identified, and the soldiers refused to wear my ensign. In our custom amphibious assault victim should be dressed to vest … Well, all that should be: shorts, camouflage … Takes to be on top of the coffin. Fighters refuses to wear the torn body. I had to take a stick and force people. Dressed along with them … What is left … Still dressed. Laid in a coffin. I have long moved away from him, so as not to confuse. After all, I drove mother — offspring fighters.

A soldier of the communicator, who has pressed the barrel of the tank — he was introduced to the medal "For Courage" — and not bestowed. Since the headquarters of the group wrote to him that the injury is not obtained as a result of the fighting. Such bureaucratic, nasty curls. This is the flip side of war. As the problem of retiring to war property. This is not handed down to Chechnya millions of funds have swung either stuck in Moscow. The reverse side of the war on the conscience of those who sits in jackets and ties, and not those who wage war.

It's sad, because you have been taught for years at a military school and later taught you with fanaticism "science win" the staff of a private company, believed in the invincibilit
y of our strategy of warfare in the ways of survival, graft us on special exercises serve, proud of his native troops — and all in vain. In this war we just did the meat. As the song says: "… I do not need meat to make of us, and after finding the perpetrators. We fundamentally, that sounded right order, and no doubt the soldiers. "

All of us — from private to general — done to give us orders. Eastern group solved puzzle, trampling all the rules (written in blood) fighting in the town. She portrayed a powerful punch and confusing federal forces quickly became severe, held as she could, and torn, the defeated, and quickly went out of town. And in some places quite close to that time had come to ruin another group, much less strength — "Maikop brigade", set in the city from a different direction.

A supreme command of — the graduates of academies? They knew how to wage war. They knew that the city is taken from house to house, from a piece to piece. Won by a nose. So take Berlin. By severity, most likely, on top was a tough order — focused only on the time interval. Like, you have to take it tomorrow, another day after tomorrow. Do not retreat, hold on. Take. Tough assignment of tasks on command put people in the unlawful war for the frame. What is the time factor? This location has to be taken by 5 o'clock! And on the whole logic of fighting this order is not feasible to implement. During the scheduled time could only prepare, focus means to explore, understand the puzzle, to assess the situation, put the puzzle, to give military orders, to make coherence units, radio, radio, understand the dynamics of the action, finding escape routes … At this time of the storming of the Terrible was given. Now while no one recognizes this crime … But the man in uniform was great to sin — against their conscience, against their morals, ruining the life of soldiers and officers. Madness. What did it for the command was? As for the management of the operation?

And if we talk about the infantry … Back in Mozdok soldier came up to me, and seeing the three stars on the lieutenant's uniform, asked how to connect to a machine shop? From this option, you can make harsh conclusions. And generally do not read anything more. Fighter is not suitable to their own commander, and seeing paratrooper officer, asks how to connect: one way or the other?

At the time of the outbreak of hostilities in Chechnya army already degraded. It was not a fighter not only theoretical, practical abilities. Most do not have the competency of mechanical action when a fighter collects, parses the machine with closed eyes, can do simple exercises. For example, a manufacturer for shooting prone … He did not have to think — how? Everything has to be performed mechanically. And he … erratic and ill-considered actions that I beheld, and survived the assault at a New Year's harsh. Creepy, some half-crazy infantry movement, and in the hands of the gun, ejecting the lead, which are killed by his own soldiers …

Regarding our paratroopers, now we're going for a day airborne, August 2. Suitable fighters, thanks. "For what?" — I ask. "Thank you for being two in the morning we were crawling on the asphalt, for the fact that the exercises did not go on the road, like the others, and crawling through the creeks and fell in gryazyuka, ran a few 10 km s. Thank you for it. Then, before the war, we could not stand you. Fiercely hated. Clenched fists in the ranks. Were ready to … Would rejoice — whether that something was wrong with you. And when they came out of the stern and almost all were alive, uttered "thank you."

I remembered them bloody, matured over a number of days of fighting face. Yes, grizzled, angry, shell-shocked and wounded, but still alive then, in 1995, the scouts paratroopers read as me, "Thank you." And I was happy that they are alive.

Call now … ".

The severity of the memoirs did not lose paratrooper officer at the bottom of the prose. After passing the first Chechen campaign, having made her own conclusions, he was again at war with the spirits, destroys mercenaries in the mountains. Does what is very good at. Behind his head Ichkeria militants promise a lot of money, but the mother's prayers keep this Russian fighters as ever believes in justice … and in combat training, without which the army — not the army, and the gathering of people condemned to death.

One of the many thousands of officers, by which Our homeland is not vanished, it is imperceptible to the masses in the capital's subway. And this is his advantage. Without demanding anything from the Fatherland, the idea of confessing: "Who's signed up," the officer — for the responsibility for the country's ability to ask those who are authorized to strategic decisions. Neither the country nor friends, nor he will not ask the bride love. But — will claim it for those who died for Russia.

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