Conversations about the harmony of the world, or why inseparable opposites

In the "Book of Veles" is written: "God — one, and plural. And let no one shares of the set does not say that we have many gods. "
Everything that exists — only a small part. And He has a great variety of names.

(VSEBOZHYA unity and indivisibility of the three worlds)

Four of the world: the glory — the creative, right — formative, Nav — prototype, Jav — material.

Jav, Nav, right — I will go down together!

Let it be this world nerushimymym: in harmony, in the song, in the breath of wind, the roar of the surf, in the rustle of leaves in the acts, in conscience, in honor …. And so you can transfer indefinitely. Three persons of the Universe is truly indivisible! How could it be otherwise?

What the eye sees, feels the body ~ is real. What is here and now ~ manifested world, the material world, the world of form. All that we feel make us thoughts and emotions. Emotions ~ is, most often, something unconscious, associative, secret, that is, Nav, Neproyavlennnoe. It is not always a person is aware of cause ~ and-effect relationship between the event and emotional perception thereof. However, our subconscious is up and gives his reactions often cause us genuine surprise. A simple example: how many times it happened that, having met a person, we begin to experience hostility to him, although external prerequisites, like, are not available. And after some time, this man gives us trouble. Intuition? Yes. Only it can not feel his hands, to try on the tooth. It is, but not in shape. Something intangible, but bright, insistent. Just lay it on a different plane, and the perception and the five senses are usually not recorded, but it is (I do not take into account the psychics and people endowed with the nature of the acute sensitivity of perception, not so much, I'm talking about ordinary people). There you are, an example Navi Neproyavlennnogo world that is closely intertwined with the reality, as consciousness and subconsciousness.

Now try to explain the indivisibility of rights from the Navi and reality. The right ~ this Act. Law of the universe, the law of karma, the laws of development, again, the law of cause ~ effect relationship, that is, laws that impact, as a grain of sand, and to the entire universe as a whole. Man is an integral part of the Universe ~ Therefore, these laws apply to him, no less. Our evolving consciousness, connecting with the rules, generates code of honor, conscience, the concept of duty, responsibility, and to the extent that rules do not speak to our minds at the verbal level, in terms of ~ is, it speaks the language of symbols, and this is a delicate matter, it's subconscious, which is the language Na'vi. That's how it is intertwined with each other, that no separate or isolated from each other is impossible.

Man I'm an example of the drive to everything more clearly, clearly, less challenging questions, because in nature, everything is exactly the same, only more harmonious. The world of nature, as opposed to a man with his moral and social laws (which is a product of the mind), usually does not oppose instincts (ie, unconscious) consciousness, fully subject to the laws of the Universe. Although, man and nature as well separated from each other is not possible, as the three persons of Genesis. All are one! All manifestations are woven together, emerging from one another, and form beautiful in their uniqueness and diversity of pattern BEING. Consequently, all that seems oschuschaemo, chuvstvuemo, and what happens ~ all have equal parts of the Universe: the world of matter and form, the World unconscious and undeveloped and the law. Shew, Navi, and law.

However, I am constantly confronted with the separation of the three incarnations of Genesis. Many people reject some aspects of the universe, calling them dark, evil, malicious. And to the extent that in the Slavic pantheon of the gods are personified incarnation of the Universe, then, accordingly, rejected and the gods themselves. They are afraid, shy. But as an example the line of Veles book, written by our ancestors before the desecration (Christianization) Russ.

"There is also misguided to count the gods, thus sharing the Svarga. They will be rejected by Rod, because they do not heed the gods. Is Vyshen, Svarog and other ~ are sets? ~ For God, and the One and the Many. And let no one shares of the set does not say that we have many gods. "

How many incarnations of the Universe, so many faces it has: the gods of the Day and Night, Destiny, aides and advocates, legislators, and the Bringers … For every minute of our lives there is the watchful eye of our ancestors, which would support the right, give advice (if only to listen to the heart) . However, we are so nestled Christian dogma of the world of duality (good ~ evil, light ~ dark, black ~ white), the man returned to the faith of the soul of ancestors, can not get rid of the black and white tones ~ perception of the world. "Scarce son came to his father and said, pipsqueak: what is good and what is bad …" Let us not go down to the terminology of the kindergarten. Too oprimitivlivaem themselves. Lose the opportunity to express his thought more deeply and fully.

Who said that Svarog, Perun, Yarylo, Alive ~ this is good, this day, this light, but Marin, Wii, Koschei, Pestilence and other gods Navi ~ this is bad. There is nothing but good, or just wrong! All these concepts are much more complex and ambiguous than the child "good ~ bad." I get the feeling that Christianity (the religion of slaves and the poor, not burdened with intelligence) only in words replaced paganism, another name, but the essence remains the same with some changes in the ritual part. That is, instead of one of the Trinity in heaven was more of the gods, and the Devil has bred and multiplied in Navi. In fact, the entire balance of power is the same as in Christianity. ~ He is God in heaven, in heaven, and there is the devil, he's under the ground, in the thick of. And what about the covenant of ancestors that God is one, and sets? You might as well say that the right side of the body ~ is good, but the left ~ opposite, evil. Let's try to imagine walking right half bodies. Do not go? I ~ too. The left half of the body is necessary for human life as well as the right. And exactly the same is needed!

Why we do not think about the conditions that Mother Nature has created ~ certain things? We are labeled subjectively determine the value of things, completely oblivious to the fact that the thing itself, and sometimes, no matter our perception that it exists on its own, regardless of our estimates. What does a sun, we, the people, think of it? It shines and shines itself. And even when the face of the earth people disappear (probably destroying themselves with their kindergarten wars), it will continue to be emitted from the warmth and light.

However, the same person is so constructed that it can not take part (at least in their estimates) in the natural course of things. We have taught ourselves over the centuries of Christian expansion to think that we are the crown of creation and the center of the universe at the same time, so our thoughts and supervaluation for Creation. We believe in it, it has come into our flesh and blood, it was as natural as breathing. A quiet gods laugh at our bloated egos. You bet! It would not be the person nenravitsya cold, and the winter is still occur. My shift at night, people are born and die, suffer and rejoice. And this is the ultimate harmony of the world ~ the presence of all the necessary aspects of life.

With your permission, I will make a digression from the main point. I promise I will come back later to it. While writing, she also discusses with them. In fact, people are not as passive creature, and on his actions and thoughts, too many of which depend. Important that its influence was not going to cut with Nature. Recall the global warming due to our actions, the project of Siberian rivers to the south, in short, everything that the tomb world in which we live. They themselves own, the crown of creation, worse than we do! Nature rebels. Cataclysms sbesivshayasya element, dramatic climate change ~ it's all the work of our hands, that we are eating their works.

So back to the main topic of our conversation. It was a manifestation of harmony of the universe. Let us try to imagine the day without night, no shadows, only light: bright, all-pervading, warm, and hot. Ardent rays dry up the ground, no rain, as the clouds ~ is already a shadow on Earth. And behold, the land is no longer give birth. Burned alive by ardent love of light.

So, we need night with its cool, stay for all life, with its balancing darkness. Luminary also need to rest in our eyes. Otherwise we, forever dissatisfied with something Dazhdbogovy grandchildren, come to enjoy sun, stop loving him, jaded by its light. And, as a result, once more become murmur. Perhaps even swapped values, and people will perceive the sun as an enemy.

By the way! Since my last words is not agreed. Here is another point of view. I do not claim to own the truth of the words, so choose what you prefer. After all, I express my thoughts, it is not imposing them on anyone. So:

"In addition, there are Day and Night, at least, dusk or dawn (from me: that is, the Shadow). But the constant day ~ it's not so bad. It is quite possible to imagine a life where the day gives way to dusk (as white nights), followed by the dawn and again in the afternoon, but it was not the night. And anyway, I do not deny the motion and change, dynamics, but because they may be less clear and grotesque, less contrast, but barely perceptible, smooth. And in this true harmony!

And day and night ~ it is not good and evil. Night and Day ~ this is in any way good, because there is a movement of change and constancy ~ simultaneously. A light can sicken people ~ only vegetable that is worse than an animal! Creative and looking for people will always find new and without a way to change themselves and the world, to adapt and to abide! "

That's it. And this is a correct view of the world, a little different than mine, but, nevertheless, is also true. However, if I started this whole conversation, then let me continue it and express his thought through. Here is another contrasting example, in order to show you how necessary to the harmony of the World opposite manifestations of different aspects of life.

Let's ongoing celebration of life. There is no death. All breeds and multiplies. The fauna and flora rampage, growing to full flower. And now the Earth go concourse of people, animals, and they come in a geometric progression, is growing, is born, and did not have enough space to put a foot down without stepping on somebody and not injuring him. (Death is not, so poor creatures will be in pain, and if the damage is very strong Yes and what about food for carnivores? If no factor of the termination of life-supporting functions, how the predator will eat their prey to damage organs and tissues the victim will not be compatible with life? turns out that in the stomach of the victim will be someone squeak of pain, without an end. This is sadism, built in nth degree!) … In short, life gushes. Land of such violence of the manifestations of life, in the end, exhausted, its fertile resources Istana will be exhausted without finding natural recharge (just cycle in nature). Famine. Yes, we will start to hate life itself! However, Mother Nature took care of ~ us, his foolish child. She created the Beginning and the End, the birth and death cycles, spring and autumn (flowering and decay), and it has found rest. And it was good.

Me again, do not agree, "It can not even imagine! If life will gush forth, then it will change accordingly, much faster. Come out of the cradle of the old laws and can be reasonable and limit their dangerous growth, or continue its expansion into other worlds and realities. And death is not good ~ but only a necessity, rather the need at this stage. This is the law, which did may not have, and in the future, perhaps, and it will not And death, as such, no. There is only the loss of the energy of matter and information, and death, it seems only undeveloped and ignorant of our mind. "

Here's a hypothesis, as opposed to my equivalent. Although we agree in one. ~ Death is not evil. ~ This transformation, which means that the movement, hence, under the concept of evil does not fall in any case.

In fact, the universe is built on contrasts, and every step balances the previous one. This is what we perceive contrasts, as the struggle began, though, in fact, the struggle is interaction. One principle without the other simply can not exist (at least, this is true with respect to ~ Mother Earth, and that there is in the universe ~ then we still do not knows, and we live here …), so that the scales of the Universe is always balanced .

But let's get back to the Slavic gods, everything VSEBOZHYU, because the basic idea with which I speak to you ~ this is actually an explanation of various incarnations of the gods of the world. And in particular, Navih gods that unfairly push into the shadows, and bypass the doxology, which fear and wrongly understood, contrary to Pocono!

If you parse each deity in his hypostases, one finds that in any of them laid down as the giver, and the principle of vengeance. For example, four incarnation of the Sun: Yarylo, Dazhdbog, Light Horse and where Yarylo and god of fertility and life, and at the same time the leader of the wolf ~ (!) In his hand and a sheaf of wheat, and the skull of death ~ winter spirits, winter and snow Dazhdbog … ~ god of the summer sun, light, goodness, rain, nature, care, wealth, and at the same time is the guardian of the laws Vsebozhya. (And the one who observes, that and punishes wrongdoing! ..). Next is a light-ice wolf ~ heavenly space, the autumn sun god, a fighter with the curve; someone who claims a legal right. Besides, he is also a warrior god ~ battle and victory, and the god of the harvest of grain. Finally, Horse ~ god of the winter sun, cold, protector of cattle, the god of thunder, sacrificial hypostasis Svarog (annual sacrifices himself to himself.)

You see how all is not unique! And it was a conversation like as the gods Reveal. One more example. This Svarozhich: Fire of Life ~ Life Explicit world. He embodies three principles of fire: Destruction, Control, Creation. (Even here you can see how the effect of one god is distributed in three levels of Being, being present is not passive).

At the same time, Lada, one of Rozhanitsy, patroness of fertility, harvest, marriage is one of the quantities of Mary, the Mother of the Gods. (Lada ~ in Reveal, Marin ~ in Navi, and the deity that one! ..). In one incarnation this female Anima manages reality and gives life, and in his Navneet incarnation is not only the goddess of winter and death, but also vershitelnitsey trial transgressed Pocono (along with the other gods Reveal, Navi and the Government!)

Here are three striking example that I'm trying to show that the strict separation VSEBOZHYA on the right, and Nav Reality ~ unreal. Hypostasis of the same divinity is present in all the three worlds under different names, in different forms. Therefore, the distinction between light and dark very, very conventional. Each of the gods laid harmony of the universe and entering into all levels of being. And all of them are very far from what can be called "evil in its purest form."

By the way, the question of Evil. I'll try to show you that this principle is an entirely different plane than the pantheon of Slavic gods, and the gods of the more Navim has absolutely nothing to do, because of their qualitative difference from them. At the time, I myself have been thinking, what is the absolute evil, and it is there at all. Yes, it is. For myself, I answered this question in the following way. Imagine the scale. In one of the bowls ~ Light, and all manifestations of evolution, and on the other ~ Darkness involutive spiral and all their attributes. It seems that they are totally opposed to each other. There are different evolutions did not stand each other (discovered during a long association with them, or rather some of them, but both sides ~ by the way, is awesome and unique experience (!) ~ And at the same time, in their own skin ~ for errors !). However, if they are able to avoid confrontation and do not communicate with each other, then they will choose, I assure you, the second, that is, the lack of interaction prefer confrontation in any form. So, the scales constantly fluctuate, but are still in the balance, because if one principle is amplified, then immediately activated and the other. And while the balance tremble, catching shades game principles they live. But if you disturb the equilibrium, and one of the principles completely overwhelm the other, the balance will stop. That is, they will die. (If one chalice is overloaded, and the other is empty, where to get the traffic. Statics here!) Will cause the cancellation of a complete stop, and it alone is the true death ~ cessation of existence on all levels of being. One that, while there is movement, there is life, even different, are not always clear or fun, but … life. Hence, the true evil is not the ~ dark principle, namely, (!) Lack of interaction. Stop. Statics. When nothing, nothing, nowhere and never seeks and does not move, so that the Universe simply ceases to exist! And it is not nothing great, but it was the lack of existence …

Thus Navih gods can not be called evil. They ~ harmonious part of the Universe. Simply, they are the wrong side of our eyes. They speak to us of the language of the subconscious, while the bright gods Yavi appeals to our conscience, to what we used to call honor, conscience, duty, that we have acquired in the process of socialization. Nav also appeals to our deepest instincts, to the fundamentals, to the things that lie beyond the mind, and that we do not always clearly understand, but often feel unable to explain them. Man, however, is set up so that if he does not understand the nature of any things that are usually inclined to take it with hostility. And the reasons are many. This fear of appearing incompetent, thus dropping his dignity, and the fear of being less strong or smart ~ in this case suffers from self-esteem, and the herd instinct, when completely rejected any manifestation of otherness and alien … So, misunderstandings breeds fear, and fear, in turn, ~ distrust, and as a result, rejection, hostility, aggression and intransigence.

But, really, our ancestors were smarter than we are, entirely educated children of the Enlightenment and the technological revolution, split the atom and fly in space? It turns out to be. They were more spiritual, not separate themselves from nature, communication with the gods harmoniously intertwined with the care of their daily bread. In their hearts and minds is a place for every manifestation of Being. They did not reject the Nav not to hang her shortcuts. Our ancestors respected Navih gods, worshiped and praised no less than others, and sometimes or more. Otherwise, why would Nij, god ~ judge god of fate and Rock belongs Navi? Why Velez was (and is!) Highly esteemed by our ancestors, and he is not only responsible for fertility, wisdom, protection, witchcraft, but at the same time, he is a judge and host ~ souls of the dead to the Veles meadows, punishing the unjust on the Court the other world, that is in Navi? So that dualistic and divisive approach to the realization Vsebozhya is a terrible mistake!

World, it is not black and white ~ it ~ bright, colorful, amazingly complex in its splendid diversity. And we, the people, distinguishing color nuances difficult seven basic colors of the spectrum, we have no right to deprive yourself of this riot of colors. Although, if you sue, even these contrasting colors: black and white, embody so many shades that sometimes they can distinguish between just our soul, but certainly not coarse flesh. And when you consider that the darkness thickens to the limit is on the border between light and darkness, and the further the light and clear about is (remember the Buddhist symbol of yin yang ~ where darkness and light are inseparable, and where the black ~ white drop, and on the contrary, that once again shows the continuity and indivisibility diametrically opposite aspects of Genesis), it is not right for us, calling darkness light and shade? ..

PS So let us genuinely enjoy the presence and view of this wonderful world, which has become home to us, accepting and respecting each of its manifestations, with admiration contemplating a full panorama of Genesis, let's aspire to harmony with ourselves and with all of creation, to no longer oppose to the world, and finally, become natural and rewarding good, part of it.

Be sincere in your heart!

Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

Authors — Vedmara and Svetoslav

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