Conversion to Ceausescu

Commenting on the recent events in Minsk Ukrainian analyst and columnist for Radio Liberty Vitaly Portnikava online K2K News.

Beaten and detained presidential candidates, the noise of the area, the blood at the Minsk snow … With a politician who flirts with Europe and suggests reforms that tries to resist Russian pressure, Alexander Lukashenko once again rapidly becoming the "last dictator" of the old continent. Judging by what happens in a different way to hold power he simply can not: a man claiming to be a special political role of the people's president, is afraid of his own people.

I do not know whether it is possible to wonder what is going on in the Belarusian capital on the day of the presidential election. In the end, and must, when, in the middle of Europe policy seeks to hold power indefinitely, changing laws for themselves and forcing citizens to vote for your own. And must, If the preservation of power Lukashenko — his only goal and the only goal of the powerful machine.

However, on Monday the device — if not all, then at least an important part of it — think about how much it is advisable to maintain the power of a dictator who is getting older and losing his grip. Dispersal of people on Independence Square and rigged elections Lukashenko once again took his own room for maneuver in its relations with Europe once again become hostage to Russian leaders who hate him. In Moscow, whenever Lukashenko loses the ability to maneuver, begin to actively work towards the dismantling of most of the Belarusian statehood and reduce the autonomy of the government. It is unprofitable to Lukashenko, but he maybe just have nowhere to go. And it is not profitable to anyone who is behind it, because none of these people do not want and do not will work in the administration of the Belarusian Federal District. Yes, there are still people who are willing to go out on the square — and these people few, all of them more. And among the these people more and more of those who grew up in Belarus — young people for whom it is Belarus — Motherland, not a mythical Soviet Union or neighboring Russia.

Oddly enough, any of the Belarusian elite on the road with these people. But Lukashenko — already out of the way. He can hold on to power for some time, but sooner or later face the embarrassing discovery: his hand over his. They are not beaten scum poet Nyaklyayeu or other opposition activists — the main threat to the "father". The opposition could hold it for honorable retirement. Their — quite capable to put him in a helicopter, which explodes somewhere under Zhlobin or deliver the president in place quickly, but just the people's court. Alexander Lukashenko, however, never believe in such a way. Nicolae Ceausescu did not believe in it until the last minute.

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