Creativity heals

What is creativity? Why does a person starts something to paint, write, sculpt or sew? I am sure that, first of all, it is a state of mind. Something from deep breaks out in the form of poetic lines and delicate embroidery. I think you will immediately notice the things that are made with love. And not necessarily in this case to have a perfect technique of painting or poetic gift. If something is done from the heart, the piece you already live in the created your product.

Creativity heals

It is embedded not just equipment and paints, but also a piece of your thoughts, wishes, joy and hope. After all, when you are doing, you are tuned to a specific frequency, your thoughts are clear and friendly. And, of course, the product absorbs this attitude.

Is not by chance that manual labor, whether classes embroidery, furniture restoration, painting utensils, wood carving or painting, something like a meditation that releases energy preserved in numerous blocks produced in the body under stress. Experts assert that this energy helps produce hormones "happiness and pleasure", endorphins, which in turn sends a pulse to the "center of joy." Excitation of the nerve center gives us a sense of ease, a kind of euphoria and vigor, which, by the way, give many drugs.

That is why scientific studies in recent years show that handmade, dividing the palm of sports and sex, is a leader among the means to lift depression and stress. In the difficult moments of life, for you are not in a hurry to get depressed, cry into a pillow or soothing swallow pills. Get creative. Believe me, it works fine! First, you are distracted from your problem, think about what you want to create. And added to that other, more pleasant care — what colors, or thread, or words to use. Second, in the process, you do get the pleasure of creation. This is a kind of psychotherapy, meditation, even magic, if you like!

In addition, you can adjust the mood with color. If you're lonely, lonely — Take the orange. If you want to add "fire", lightness, joy — take the yellow. The red color will raise self-esteem, helps to make yourself as you are, without further soul-searching. Take the bright colors and paint, paint something! You say that the painter of you do not get? Wrong! Completely in your power to decorate ordinary flower pot or just a piece of paper. My old friend, who had never held any creativity during a difficult situation, as in the village of parents, picked up a piece of wood and began to cut a groove in it. This process drew her so that she became a tool for carving and began to cut a stunning patterns. And during the period of fasting before Easter had created a wooden icon of the Virgin. Woodcarving just saved my acquaintance from severe depression. Another friend, to escape from loneliness and depression, all of a sudden started making rag dolls, their supposed charms. Perhaps it really is some kind of magic, but when she made her two favorite dolls and mentally got married them, meet your soul mate and is now happily married.

No wonder even Winston Churchill 50 years ago said: "Painting — an ideal way of distraction. I do not know of anything else that would be more fully absorbed the mind without exhausting the body. Whatever the immediate concern or anxiety about the future, as soon as the picture started, they have no place in the mind. They go into the shadows and darkness. All the light is focused on a person's thoughts work. Time stands respectfully to the side. " Besides, knowing simple rules of building a harmonious composition and putting in drawing positive energy particle of light itself, can be simple art of doing live sketches — from the ordinary to create drawings oberezhnye.

Creativity heals

Painting — just an example. After it is possible to put the embroidery, knitting, pottery, etc. In addition to stress management, hand helps to keep the joints of hands and is an excellent tool in the fight against arthritis. Suffering from this disease known French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir in search of treatment intuitively took up modeling, sculpture and ceramics. This helped him to cope with the disease. Studying the impact of creativity on the theme of our body, and I found this interesting information. It turns out, learning new crafts or doing the old, we are bound to deploy the new, untouched in everyday life, areas of the cerebral cortex. These untapped cells, as well as to the muscles, apply the proverb «use it or lose it» (use — not to lose).

Every once in a process of understanding something new, we create new connections in the brain, thereby paving the "tracks" to clear thinking, which slows all processes of aging. For centuries handwork was required classes and queens, and peasants. In Ukrainian villages ability to embroider passed from generation to generation. To his adulthood girl grooming a dowry — a lot of embroidered towels, tablecloths, pillowcases, festive clothing and tens of meters of canvas, woven by hand. And men women embroidered handkerchiefs, pouches, made charms. Behind all this, in addition to practical use, was practical magic. Things made by hand, kept warm female hands, soaking house living energy, defense and "privorazhivaya" beloved. So why do not we take this long tradition — to create with their hands in my life?

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