Crystal Skulls

For the first time this skull was found in 1927 in Central America, the expedition of the famous English archaeologist and explorer F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges. Preceded the discovery began in 1924 working on clearing the ancient Mayan city in the humid tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula (at the time — British Honduras, now — Belize). Thirty-three hectares of forest, which absorbed almost divined the old buildings, to facilitate excavation, it was decided to burn down.

When the smoke finally cleared, the expedition saw an amazing sight: the stone ruins of a pyramid, city walls and huge, thousands of spectators, the amphitheater. Lubaantun, "City of fallen stones" — a name with a light hand Mitchell-Hedges was assigned to the ancient settlement.

Three years passed, and once his expedition Mitchell-Hedges took young daughter Anna. Head of the excavation did not realize that it will be for all the lucky talisman. In April 1927, the day of his seventeenth birthday, Anna found in the rubble of an ancient altar amazing thing. It was made of transparent quartz and perfectly polished human skull in full size. True, he did not have the lower jaw, but after three months of literally tens of meters found she. It was found that the crystal piece is hung on a perfectly smooth joints and begins to move at the slightest touch. All is good, but to those who touched the skull of this begins to happen
strange things. For the first time this happened with the Anna. One night, she placed a surprising discovery near his bed. As usual, went to bed. All night she dreamed strange dreams. Waking up in the morning, Anna was able to tell all the details of what I saw. But she saw no less — the life of Indians thousands of years ago.

At first, it is not associated with these dreams skull. But strange dreams continued to visit a girl whenever crystal skull was next to her headboard. And every time it was the new details of the life of ancient Indians, including previously unknown to scientists. When the skull was removed for the night away, the dreams stopped. But as soon as finding back to the head, vibrant color and sound "movies" renewed. Anna again heard talk Indians watched their daily activity, with the rituals of sacrifice …

In the early 60's, after his father's death, Anna decided to submit the skull for research professionals: painfully he was perfect, even for such craftsmen as they were pre-Columbian Indian civilizations.

First took up the study of the skull art critic Frank Dordland. With careful examination, he found in it a system of lenses, prisms, and channels, creating unusual optical effects. Researcher was amazed that on a perfectly polished crystal even under a microscope to be seen the next. He decided to seek advice from the famous company "Hewlett-Packard", specialized at the time in the production of crystal oscillators and is considered the most authoritative on the examination of the quartz.

"Damn thing …"

The examination results are not only shocked the art. First, a study conducted in 1964 in a special laboratory by "Hewlett-Packard", showed that the skull had been made long before the first civilizations in this part of America. In addition, rock crystal of such high quality in these areas does not occur. And it is quite an amazing discovery — "antediluvian" skull, weighing 5.13 kg, while the size of 125.4 * 203.4 mm, machined from a single crystal. And contrary to all known laws of physics.

Here is what I have said, this is one of the best experts in the firm, the engineer L. Barre, "We studied the skull in three optical axes, and found that it consists of three or four splice … Analyzing aggregates, we found that the skull carved from a single piece of crystal with the lower jaw. Mohs rhinestone has high hardness, is seven (second only topaz, corundum and diamond), and nothing but the diamond cut is impossible. But ancient somehow managed to handle it. And not only the skull — they are cut from the same piece jaw and hinge on which it is hung. With such material hardness is more than mysterious, and here's why: in the crystals, if they consist of more than one splice, there are internal stresses. When you click on a crystal cutter head, then because of the strain it can split into pieces … But someone has produced the skull of one piece of crystal is so carefully, as though you did not touch him in the cutting process. We also found some kind of prism, cut in the back of the skull, at its base, so that any ray of light entering the eye socket, is reflected in them. Have a look in his eye socket, and you can see them in the room. "
Agree with the opinion of the expert and his colleagues. To the processing of the skull is not crumbled, needed an exact analytical techniques: cuts should be targeted to the axes of the crystal growth. However, the manufacturer finds a mysterious, this problem seems to be no worry — they worked skull, ignoring all laws and regulations. Professionals from the "Hewlett-Packard" and remained at a loss: "The damned thing simply should not exist. Those who have created it, have no idea of crystallography and fiber optics. They completely ignored the axis of symmetry, and this thing was bound to fall apart for new work. Why is this happening, is impossible to imagine. " However, the fact is called, is obvious: the Crystal Skull — the reality that in the Museum of the American Indian can see anyone.

And more. Technologists "Hewlett-Packard" confirmed that the skull does not have the slightest trace of machining — even microscopic scratches from polishing. Experts believe that this extremely well polished solid material needed for hundreds of years!

"Plasticine" crystal?

This view is indirectly confirmed by one of the latest findings. About her in August 1996, told the magazine FATE. In winter 1994 the mistress ranch near Creston (Colorado, USA), circling the horse their possession, on the ground noticed a shiny object. Picked it up. It was a human skull made of transparent glass or crystal. But in what form? Crumpled and twisted, as if to solidify was very malleable. Where it came from and why it is mutilated, remains a mystery to this day. (An interesting fact: it is in this area of the U.S. state most frequently observed UFOs and recorded cases of unexplained cattle mutilations.)

Interested findings, historians and ethnographers began to look for anything that could shed on them any light. And soon, some traces were found in the ancient Indian tradition. For example, that there were thirteen crystal skulls "Goddess of Death" and that they are kept separate from each other under the watchful eye of the priests and special warriors.

Naturally, began their search. Soon, he gave the first results. Similar skulls were found in the vaults of some museums and private individuals. And not just in America (Mexico, Brazil, United States), and Europe (France) and Asia (Mongolia, Tibet). Skulls was much more than thirteen. But not everyone was as perfect as the "Mitchell-Hedges." Most of the skulls looked much rougher. It seems that it was the later and not very skillful attempt to create something like a perfect skull, which is believed to be used to give people the gods.

One of the most respected scholars of crystal skulls, Frank Joseph, interested: Was there a "prototype" the skull, "Mitchell-Hedges" and would look like the owner of this skull? For reasons of clarity this task assigned to two independent groups: the New York Police laboratory that specializes in the reconstruction of persons on the skull, and a group of psychics that are "connected" to the skull in a trance. And what happened? Both are independent of each other said "prototype" Crystal Skull was the skull of a young girl. Portraits obtained by the two groups were very similar.

However, not all the skulls can be firmly attributed to men. There are those (such as "Skull Maya" and "Alien Skull"), at which there is clearly inhuman traits. Maybe they were prototypes of the skull of extraterrestrial visitors, once visited Earth?
Hunters for skulls

In the course of searching Surprisingly another intriguing detail. It turned out that the ancient crystal skulls interest not only historians, but also some secret society. So, literally under the nose of archaeologists in Honduras disappeared so-called "Rose Quartz" — a masterpiece, not inferior to its perfection, "Mitchell-Hedges." He also had a detachable jaw. The investigation revealed that prior to the disappearance of his several attempts to steal the priests of a secret cult. Apparently, the last attempt failed.

It was also found that the crystal skulls were interested and serious state structures. So, in 1943, in Brazil after an attempted robbery of a local museum were detained by German company "Ahnenerbe." During interrogations, they showed that were brought to South America's secret ship Abwehr — yacht "pass" — with a special mission to find and "call" Crystal Skull "Goddess of Death." With the same purpose had been abandoned a few groups. And although many also arrested, it is possible that some success was achieved.

Why crystal skulls needed most secret agencies of Nazi Germany?

Those who are interested in the secret history of the "Third Reich", now know something about his mystical roots and the special secret purpose — to seize power in the world of the unseen, metaphysical. Also aware of the main research structure SS — elite Order "Ahnenerbe" ("Ancestral Heritage"), which was in the submission of more than fifty research institutes. Know about the "secret cardinal" of the mystical order — a descendant of the ancient magical kind support "knowledge Devil" SS Gruppenführer Carla Maria Villigute. Under the initiative Vaystara (alias Villiguta) emissaries "Ahnenerbe" scoured the world in search of ancient knowledge, archives and magical details of secret societies. (See "Mystery of Fascism")

They were especially interested in the magical practices of the priests of Atlantis. The Nazis hoped that this knowledge "progenitor of the Aryan race" will allow them to not only create a "superman", but with the help of magic to subdue the rest, "subhumans." In search of ancient magic knowledge "Ahnenerbe" organizes expeditions to the most remote corners of the globe: in Tibet, Central and South America, Antarctica … The last two continents was given special attention, as it is here expected to find traces of the ancient Atlanteans and their knowledge.

Today, some researchers have suggested that the obtained crystal skulls were made in Atlantis and only narrowly survived the disaster. If so, then it becomes clear why the "art" SS as active interest in them.

Wonders around skulls

And here we come to the most intriguing mystery skulls: what they were for?

Some scientists believe that the ancients used them in medical and psychotherapeutic purposes. For this opinion is the base. So, Joan Park, inherited the Crystal Skull "Max" from a Tibetan monk, says that the latter is very successfully used for the treatment of human skull. Observation and questioning witnesses researchers have shown that crystal skulls really somehow affect those close to him. And different people — in different ways. Some people feel uncomfortable and weird fears. Some even fainted and briefly lose their memory. Others, on the contrary, a strange calm and even fall into a blissful state. There are people who, after "communication" with the skull, "Mitchell-Hedges" cured of serious illnesses. And the owner of "Alien Skull" jockey background Ditan assures her that the swelling of the brain, to the surprise of doctors, have resolved itself, gone thanks to crystal skull.
There is a strong opinion that crystal skulls are also mystical properties. This is indicated by many of the "contactees". Thus, it became clear that something similar to what I saw in his dreams, Anna Mitchell-Hedges, experienced the researchers and other so-called "British Crystal Skull."

Psychics and highly sensitive people together assure that the skull evoke them special, almost hypnotic state, accompanied by unusual smells, sounds and vivid visual hallucinations. Sometimes, especially in moments of deep trance, it was "strange visions from the past, and perhaps of the future."

However, not only the most sensitive, but also ordinary people would argue that at times saw the skull in the dark light up or filled with "white mist", and then in it a "mysterious images of people, as well as mountains, forests, temples" .. . of darkness. " What is this — the memory of past events, forever imprinted in the crystal? Special resonance properties of crystal skulls? Or maybe both? ..

Revelation survivors near the skulls of such mystical experiences led historians closer look at the ancient legends. Especially the ones who talked about the strange rituals associated with crystal skulls. For example, about this. Thirteen priests in different places at the same time had to look into "his" skull. Tradition says that the way the priests could see any secrets — not only what is happening in other places, but also the past and the future, until the end of the world. And legend has it that devoted to behold in turtles day return of the gods, including most of Kukulkan — bearded Caucasians "god of the planet Venus," which used to be, "in the time full of darkness", descended from heaven, and gave the Indians knowledge: writing, mathematics, astronomy, learning how to build a city, use the calendar, to grow rich crops …

Engineers and technicians also found something interesting. It turned out that in the depth of the eye sockets in some of the cranium are very skillfully made lenses and prisms, and if the skull light up a candle below, then streamed out of their sockets thin rays of light.

Not only that, it turned out that if the long look into the eye socket, they can see the amazing pictures. Said Frank us Dordland claims that he and his staff, for seven years, working with the skull, "Mitchell-Hedges", saw in him a lot, "the other skull, bony fingers, rocks, distorted faces and mountains." Moreover, Dordland admitted that while working with the skull he often heard the mysterious sounds, "the sound of silver bells, quiet but clear … voices in unison singing strange songs in a strange language … whispering and tapping different. " Dordland and told about a mysterious incident that occurred when he once brought home a skull. At night, he and his wife were awakened by the outcome is not clear from growls and screams jaguars — sacred animals of the ancient Maya.
Again aliens?

Recent times have hypothesized that crystal skull once served as a kind of transceivers. But it is not common, and working in a range of mental energy and mental images. And for them there is no distance or time barriers. Also suggest that they were used for secret communication between initiates, are at a great distance from each other — not only on different continents, but even on different planets. Moreover, the claim that the skulls are operational today.

The well-known psychic Star Johnson said that with the Crystal Skull "Max" (Joan inherited the park from a Tibetan monk) he was able to join the "telepathic communication with an extraterrestrial civilization," and that this skull mysteriously causes a phenomenon xenoglossy — speaking in tongues. Indeed, during his session "cosmic connection" Johnson often start to speak in some unknown language, as recorded on the tape. Psychic says it is the language in which communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations of ancient Atlantis.

And it is quite the mystical properties of the crystal skull known researcher Joshua Shapiro in 1990 in Las Vegas, told someone Indikez Jose. This respectable and very wealthy gentleman said that in his youth in the ruins of the ancient Mayan city found a crystal skull carved with strange symbols on it. Nakhodka he kept all his life, saying that it not only as a relic, but as a magic talisman. The fact that Indikez accidentally discovered amazing property skull: if his clenched in his hand and at the same time to articulate their desire — it is necessarily true. It's like someone getting "application" in the subtle world organizes its execution. Exactly Indikez achieved in life everything you wish for. Three years after this conversation Indikez dead, but miraculous skull heirs never received, he mysteriously disappeared …

Mysterious vision turtles due to some inomernymi beings, information and assistance "from above" — all this makes for a fresh look at things. For example, the findings in medieval France, near Marseille. As reported by the chronicle, in 1601 in the town cemetery in Aix-en-Provence, the chaplain of Archbishop discovered a strange object — "obscure glass apparatus consisting of three cubes, none of those present did not know what it is." Amazingly, this unit showed a non-existent thing: "forests, castles, colorful rainbow …". We present a good level of equipment of the era, and understand that such a device could not be created by official science XVII century. But then, who belonged to this current device? The ancient civilizations of the earth? One of the secret societies, to keep secret unique technology? Some of the people got it as a gift from higher beings? Aliens? Aliens from the future? ..

Very revealing and quite modern history.

October 14, 1988 in the U.S. via E-PBS were shown recording an interview with two U.S. intelligence officials, hiding under pseudonyms Sokol (Falcon) and Condor. Both claimed that on the instructions of the U.S. government's work program related to UFOs and aliens. Unfamiliar with each other, these people told about very similar things …

Interview caused a sensation, and a thorough investigation in the early 19%, the British magazine "Inkaunters", which published detailed records of conversations with the Falcon and Condor, said: "Following a thorough check of all the materials of n documents revealed that the person who gave testimony are in fact who they say they are, Mr. consisted primarily in the service of the U.S. government. They did have access to the documents, films and photographs, and other information related to the aliens, as well as "under study objects" (UFOs, aliens, and the bodies of the living representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations) and areas of detection … All the evidence supported the original documents prepared by senior officials of the U.S. government … "

According to the Falcon and Condor, very small circle of the U.S. government for many years in contact with aliens, and already has some idea of their anatomy, psychology, technical capabilities, but we will focus only on one part, mentioned in passing Falcon as a tool of the U.S. government many years of contact with aliens, and already has some idea of their anatomy, psychology, technical capabilities, but we will focus only on one part, mentioned in passing as a tool Falcon "dalnovideniya" aliens use octahedral crystal clear when the alien holds it in his hand, in crystal having amazing images it can be landscapes of his native planet, and there may be a picture of the distant past of our Earth.

Remember that crystals

Is it possible to put forward at least some hypotheses to explain the strange properties of crystals and crystal skulls in particular? It seems so.

Crystals have a remarkable property of the thriving biological objects, they have their own memory. This is largely due to the fact that the crystals have a rigid structure. Each mineral — has its own, very individual space lattice, and that it defines its basic physical and "magical" properties. Arrangement of the particles within this grid though fairly stable, but not perfect and is not stable against external influences, they can move, and this lattice, like a phonograph record, gets a unique shape. And in fact, "remembers" external influences, so it's a kind of chronicle of the events that occurred during the formation and growth of crystals and if there was a "record player", on which you can play back the recorded, the "Chronicle" succumbed to decoding is to say "geometric" way of writing.

Besides him, there is another — Energy — by switching the particles in the crystal in a different energy state. The simplest energy storage crystals us demonstrates the effect of luminescence, which is the ability of the crystal under the influence of the excitation light to the external energy. Returning from an excited state to a normal, particles emit photons of light, as if telling the backstory "We are excited!". The duration of the glow varies. If the radiation (in fact — playing records) continues only during the irradiation of a crystal — is fluorescence. If longer (from milliseconds to a few days) — phosphorescence.

Because of the "geometric" and "energy" memory crystals in the structure containing the vast number of atoms capable of long time to keep a fantastic amount of information. (For example, in one cubic centimeter of a single crystal of salt is about 4.5 * 022 atoms. To somehow represent this incredible amount, I will give a simple calculation, if the atoms in this small cube, start counting one million pieces per second , that in a million years, we recount them only one-thousandth).

And now let us ask whether the crystals do not have the memory and the "thin" range? In other words, do they have the ability to store and radiate "fine" ("bio field", emotional and mental) information that is the property of "psy-lyuminestseniii?

The question is not idle. If this effect occurs (and this seems to be the case), then we can talk about the ability of crystals to "shine" and "thin" range. And "light" in two ways. The first way — "psy-fluorescence" — allows you to store, amplify, and immediately give the newly acquired information. Such crystals are good for clairvoyance — as amplifiers mental images emitted by the pineal gland ("third eye"), a person who is close by (see: Top Secret. 2002. № 2). In the second case ("psy-phosphorescence") crystal plays the role of "tape". Under the influence of "thin" human radiation crystal is excited, strengthens and gives the outside has long made it a record.

Vitaly Pravdivtsev. Top Secret, № 3

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