Damn table Sheremetevskii estate


Alexander Grishaev, photo by the author

One of the most mysterious places in the Lipetsk region is considered to be the village Borka Terbunskij area and its surroundings. There are remains of the manor complex belonging to the XIX — XX centuries noblemen Sheremetiev.

In the center of the estate is the palace, reminiscent of medieval European castle. Looks like it is in the town of Ramon neighboring Voronezh region. According to legend, the two palaces existed mystical connection. Sorcerer, who treated the alleged mistress of the estate of Ramon — princess of Oldenburg, consulted the witch doctor who lived in Borkah. The place of consultation served situated in a forest near the palace "Devil's table." It is a huge, five-ton, boulder glacial period with a perfectly smooth "top" and the holes in it. Around the "table" is somewhat like someone sculpted from a smaller stone "chairs". Others talk about this place. But the name is explained simply: "It hurts heavy stones. Only an end to the power to raise them. " Someone is sure to "table" is based on negative energy. Above it is alleged, even the birds do not fly. However, local residents are happy to arrange a "devil's dining room" picnics. Do not believe in the dark power of a strange place, and the couple, wedding marking the stone interior.

According to geologists, in the vicinity of the old park passes a line of powerful tectonic fault. His so-called "provalische." Tourists repeatedly observed in this zone a variety of anomalous phenomena: UFOs, fireballs and wandering lights. And in the windows of an old castle, as they say, there is a ghost — a figure dressed in black clothes women.

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